Is this the pinnacle of Isekai?

Is this the pinnacle of Isekai?

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I dont think so, but it was a nice Monster Hunter Frontier propaganda.

It's at least a lot funnier than konosuba. Mariandele a fucking best

Last one I enjoyed.

>not enjoying all isekai, even smartphone

Fran is great.


I like this one, but I wish the translations were faster.

>Girl reincarnated as the villainess
>Immediately makes efforts to not end up on that route
>Somehow ends up on the route toward becoming the Demon Lord instead


demons are fucking retards in this isekai

why the fuck did he go for the arms instead of smashing her head through and through?

Duh. He obviously wanted to make her suffer first.
Don't you know anything about what evil strong beings want to do to cute little girls?


Instant kill in world where even a goblin has a fatal hit protection item is overrated.

is this the new isekai thread?

How can it be a good isekai if the only girl in it is shit?

is it as charming and funny as bakarina? or edgy like eliza?


Maybe a bit in the middle? It's not all fluffy and there are some serious stuff to it, but the MC girl is nice and I find it amusing how she's ending up on a way crazier path than the one she wanted to avoid.

Guys, guys.

Isekai plot but with a twist: it uses the Buddy Complex time travel plot where one of the people from the isekai world meets up with the man who gets isekai'd.

>Interested in the series
>last chapter hints another isekai'd person being the villain


what is Mushoku Tensei

Wrong, this guy is the only Isekai person in the series.

nobody questions that user, but there's a point where we have to discuss other stuff

Best isekai is Goblin Slayer, fuck yeah.

not posting best girl

Already exists, it's called my pet is the holy maiden.

i never saw a mushoku thread here

>expecting Sup Forums not to have shittaste

>Not digimon
Shit taste senpai

We had a lot a long time ago back when it was still being translated. LN/WN was discussed to death and back in those days then some people went and said "shouldn't this be in /lit/" or some shit, I forgot. I mean at the time, reincarnation to a different world WN style wasn't exactly discussed that much back then. Mushoku Tensei was pretty much the king since he's a kid with the mind of an adult (with some fetishes here and there like lusting for his loli niece and shit) and the entire "get hit by truck-sama".

Of course, once people found out Oersted was more of the protagonist while Rudeus became a supporting role instead, interest kind of dwindled a bit.

Mushoku is old, we had plenty threads already.
We have to discuss cool new stuff for young cats like us, see Smartphone Isekai or Death March

Yep , the whole Orsted thing made me drop the series .

Name a cool isekai game in less than 10 seconds.

Protip: You can't

Wait, did either one of them go back to their original world and the chick ended up being a bird again?

But that game not isekai though. Chihaya was literally born on the day when he saved that loli miko girl (whose name I forgot) and the flashbacks he had (the entire internet, latest fashion, etc) was from previous iterations of the world Nyarlthotep pulled off since she liked resetting things over and over. Chihaya wasn't supposed to exist because Chihaya is the will of the world. Did you not get the true ending yet?


I conquered everything except Brittannia. Haven't really ended the game yet. Game is fapable tho


>dropping when the best character appeared

some cucks you are

Don't forget there's a normal and a true ending. The true endingis the spoiler reveal.

highly underrated show

I didn't drop it but others did.

>We have to discuss cool new stuff for young cats like us, see Smartphone Isekai or Death March
Death March was self-published only a few months after Mushoku Tensei.
Also, Death March as an anime is horrifyingly bad. They're leaving out all of the interesting bits that give the story life.

>Of course, once people found out Oersted was more of the protagonist while Rudeus became a supporting role instead, interest kind of dwindled a bit.
I didn't necessarily mind the Orsted thing. What I minded was that the REAL story is being skipped. It's about Rudi's kid and not Rudi himself. It's also about the other chick that got there instead of Rudi. Those points just take so much away from the story for me.

It's basically set up so that Rudeus is responsible for laying down the foundations to help the hero defeat Hitogami, but Rudeus doesn't get to do it. Which probably ticked off some people since Rudeus does have a bone to pick with the guy for nearly making him kill Roxy (and did in one timeline).

Remember that Dina is behind everything. But that doesn't mean she's bad.

If you want another silly reincarnated villainess, check out 'What should a villainess noble girl do again?'. MC has only basic knowledge of otoge reincarnation stories, and trying to avoid bad endings massively overdoes it.

It ticks me off because it's a main character letting go. He just accepts that there are things he can't do. That's not what you expect from a main character.

No, it's the best video game anime.

I really like isekais where the MC stars as a baby and his father is actually competent.


why was Dina calling people NPCs if she hasnt been isekai'd?

Anyone that can read JP know which of Lufasu's subordinates are the pink haired angel, the guy with two swords, and the black haired girl at the top left are?

Spear hero new chapter here:

She's the Avatar of the Goddess.

Fuck. I meant to quote

ares, libra, etc

I'm not a degenerate weeb who wastes time learning useless shit

a relatively meh series with a fat asocial ikkikomori who becomes socially skilled and motivated enough to stay fit genius magician once being trucked and reincarnated (with a rapist father)

>learning another language
found the american


>rapist father

what is speedreading you absolute retard

Yeah I know those, hence why I didn't ask about them.

do you know where you are

Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio iirc.

reading LNs is for bad people, manga is enough

He's not raping anybody, you dumb faggot. He's just banging the maid. Like most men who have maids.

the absolute state of Sup Forums

Thanks, that makes sense.

>reading LNs is for bad people

Really gets your noggin joggin'

The rest should be Venus aka Dina , Demon king son, His gf, Demon king, New Hero and Capricorn

Yeah I recognized Capricorn.

Capricorn is bottom left, right?

shit series tho so who cares

Capricorn is the old man butler next to Lufasu.

really fires up the neurons

Cool, guess the goatee should have clued me in.

Where are the fluffy and cute sheep girls? Why are there so many disgusting cats and lizards?

Why not Yuru Camp Isekai?
Any work with this theme or comfy?

Maybe the hotsprings one or the cooking one

Oh wow, new gate went for the tear jerker with this last fight eh?

>new gate
Thats another shit series

Not my fault faraway paladin didn't get translated user, i just read what's out there.
There are more characters here.


Thanks, user.

The website only has the first and the 4th episode, for that series to get picked it needs someone to waste his money in a subscription

I wonder why Pollux is up at the top rather than with the rest of the zodiac. She's one of the two Gemini twins after all.

Probably because she is also another avatar of the goddess. Leo likely too is also at the top since he isn't a Rufas follower.

I thought it was Castor that was possessed by the Goddess? I mean there are two Gemini right? Or is it some split personality symbolized by the hair pin changing places.

>tfw a LN taught me that the twins in gemini are actually Castor and Pollux
You can learn new things in the most unexpected places.

It was Pollux. I think it happened around pic related event. No idea about the hair pin though.

>cooking isekai
>still hasn't cooked anything

>mc is chosen one with powers
>turned out others can become empowered too
>only used his powers once in the beginning to hammer someone in his ball
>talks his way out pissing everyone off in most situations
>just wants his dick wet
>doesnt happen
It was truly ahead of its time, thats not saying much considering how much we regressed in isekai

>come in expecting an active Ixion Saga thread
>it's just isekai shit in general


you enjoying the monstergirl isekai?

if you want i can try and find some others.

Lets be fair he would have killed her if the sword didn't block the next hit and instantly healed her.

>I had my first experience forcefully taken by him


Fuck you, I got traumatized from the chomp.gif because people keep recommending this shit