My boku no hero academya thread

What scene are you most looking forward to in season 3?

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Tokoyami's stand going berserk is a big one for me. And of course the Kamino Ward battle, if it gets that far.

The training/ambush arc is pretty weak. Seeing the fight at Kamino will be cool.

Will definitely happen: AM vs AFO, Bakugou exploding into Shigaraki's face, Muscular vs Deku
Might not happen but I want to see animated most: Bakugou vs Deku


>Bakugou is the only one of the boys to walk around naked
>Mina is the only one of the girls to walk around naked
What did Hori mean by this?

You just know they will put all the budget for Deku vs Muscular and All Might vs AfO and let the rest suffer like berserk birb.

Does anyone itt think the anime is better than the manga and if so, which fights/scenes were done better to you guys?

>that title
is that a jab at the faggots who search by "boku no hero" instead of the more logical "hero academia"?

He wants us to know that they're a perfect couple. They even sleep the same way.

why is the noose fucking censored


That's the way confident overachievers sleep

Muscular vs Deku. Mostly because Muscular is probably my favorite villain, even though he had so very, very little time in the manga.

Say something nice about Eri

She doesn't deserve Mirio

All Might vs All for One is no-brainer

this whole fight
but QUALITY being prevalent is my biggest fear


Season 2 when?

I want to see how they're going to animate his quirk. It seems like it'd take a lot of cash to animate his muscles convulsing and moving around a bunch.

keeping any sort of expectations below low is what im doing

I think introductionary chapters look better in anime but it's probably because animators had the advantage of hindsight.

I mean the Nomou fight and Endevor was great

Satou never rescued anyone

Is La Brava the correct translation?

How can he still be attractive when his quirk is pretty grotesque body horror?

You're a plot device, but at least you're a cute plot device.

top tier eugenics+equal muscle distribution

Bakumina didn't have to be so patrician.

Cute plot device are the best plot device.

Perfect girl, how can lolis even compete

Bakugou is Kirishima's bro. He would not cuck him.

My boy Shouji's fifteen minutes of fame

You are a very tough girl

Same. I'm at a point where I expect the anime to be at a 7/10 or something, only held afloat by the source material.

it's not cucking if they share

I need an Ochako in my life so badly.

I think one of the smarter decisions the anime made was split up the first chapter into two, really made the whole payoff at the end more emotional.
That was honestly badass. Really liked the Endy screentime.
This guy gets it.

There is no way they can animate the first cour well and still have a budget for the license shit

This picture makes no sense

I am purely interested in Eugenics, please do not factor in shipping. Thank You. This message brought to you by Friends of Endeavor.

I'll be honest here, I'll take anybody who has breasts and a natural vagina and isn't a total shitbag.

Hell yeah.

Mirio's future wife. Look at the way he's eyeing her.

Add class 1-B to the list. Bakugo and Kendou kid would be able to make huge explosions.

So apparently according to the LN Bakugou is sensitive to loud noises.
inb4 they'll do the thing they did in S2 and have Bakugou vs Deku 2 at a really low animation quality so they can already start adapting Deku vs Overhaul.

I'm on it

Iida and Sero = Engine boosted Spiderman.

When Mina described her ideal guy, she described Kirishima. Bakugo has none of those qualities. Actually, I'm pretty sure all the girls except Ochako agreed that Bakugo is not attractive.

Sero and Kaminari together could create a quirk that could produce barbwire with tape texture.
On that note, holy shit, Ojiro is probably the most unlucky guy for eugenics. Literally a fucking tail. Jesus Christ.

They definitely agreed that despite how good he is that they couldn´t stand his attitude enough.

Iida and Ochaco. A living jetpack.

I think the manga is the better of the two though USJ was handled really well in the anime.

I feel like the most effective way to do this is starting going through each result you get out of one girl with all of the guys, then after through with these we can start working on the impossible results due to gender.

>not wanting six tails each capable of fucking launching an average sized man

Deku and Ochako
>if the kid inherits Inko's genes we get a psychic with telekinesis
>if it gets Deku's dad's genes we get a kid with pyrokinesis

Tsuyu and Ojiro
>physically strong and has both the tongue and the tail to smack or grab shit

Sero and Mineta
>extra sticky tape hair

Mina and Tsuyu
>poisonous acidic frog

All Might vs Nomu was really cool in the anime I agree. Other than that I enjoy the manga way, way more. Shame that the manga can't be voiced by the VAs.
>tfw Ojiro and Shouji could literally produce a Kyubi-like creature
Is this the peak mutant quirk?

Fixed that for you

>>sensitive to loud noises

His quirk is fucking explosions.

And Ibara said she wants to heal Endeavor's soul, EndyxIbara confirmed

So the only people who significantly improved their quirks throughout the manga were Deku and Kirishima, right? I know a lot of students got new techniques and got better at battling, but I don't think their quirks improved a lot
We need to have another camping training desu

The anime is a kind of a meh adaptation, but at least it covers all the shit that got offscreened in the manga.

>sensitive to loud noises
>quirk is explosions

Breed Mt.Lady with Muscular for a Colossus Titan. OFA Deku for giant smashes. Tetsux4 for Iron Giant.
Breed Inasa with all females for the unstoppable Immortal Yoarashi Clan
Breed Endeavor with someone that has a ultra regenerative quirk to have a FIRE PUNCH

All Might vs. Noumu was better in the anime as well but I was thinking about the attention Shiggy's quirk got. It felt so much more terrifying in the anime , especially when best girl was about to get decayed.

Maybe that's why he is angry all the time

>Tooru and Bakugou = Invisible explosions that leave no smoke.

Froppy and kacchan sitting in a tree


Unironically Ojiro + Tooru

You get a tail slap to the face and you'll never see it coming

Villain combos: Shiggy and Bakugo= Killer Queen

True. Just thinking about all the shit that they will add in the third season (Magne vs Tiger, the 1B scare tour)... that's gonna save it from the meh state really.
That is true. I should rewatch the anime but I don't want to subject myself to the flashbacks of the first season.

>The anime is a kind of a meh adaptation

It's one of the better ones. Did you expect some OPM tier adaption or something?

Bakugou +tsuyu= frog form with explosive mucous

More like Overhaul and Bakugo

>It's one of the better ones.
Maybe compared to the completely unwatchable dogshit that Jump manga usually get for anime.

One for All and All Might teaming up against Dark Consumed Pepsiman will be pretty good.

la creatura...


no idea why this makes me laugh every time

Given bakugou can explode his sweat at will, it's more versatile than you'd think

Imagine slathering that shit across a door frame, or a long corridor and waiting for a villain to come around.

>ywn be rescued by Toshi

I've just finished the arc with Overhaul and I can't understand what the hell his quirk was.
First he evaporated some dudes (ok), then he was able to control the ground (?), then he fucking fused with his underling and turned into a monster (???).

The animation quality isn't the problem, far from it. S1 and S2 are both extremely well-produced anime.
But to me the problem lies in the fact that it's a too faithful adaptation that goes literally panel-by-panel whenever it can, and it saps my enjoyment. I expect S3 to have the same problem and this is why I resigned myself to the fact the manga will prevail superior regardless of the stellar voice cast.
OPM had the same problem of being too faithful throughout most of its course, except the one scene where they made the genius move to pan random background shots while Genos talks about his life.

Hiryu Rin is a boy, user.

>One Punch Man's adaption

His quirk is essentially Alchemy from FMA without much of a downside.

Ojiro/Shouji should be in unproducable category, no?

New and improved Seal of Eugenic Approval (Seems putting that in the background messed up with the names.)

>Manga + Momo
Quirk: Asspull
You can use effect of any other Quirk you can think of as long as nobody around you expects it. You can use any Quirk this way only once in your lifetime.

You forgot Iida and Ochaco that an user posted.

Unstoppable flying jetpack.

>One Punch Man's adaptation

You are underestimating this tail.

I much rather have them stay as faithful as possible to the source material. When they do things on their own it's usually complete fucking shit. The only one in recent memory that has been great while also doing its own thing is Koi wa Ameagari no You ni and that's mostly because the director is one of the few ones in anime that obviously knows what he's doing.

He was a low tier reality bender. He had full control over any object he touched, to the point where he could destroy it, reconstruct it, or combine it with other objects at will.

Literally the only thing it could have done better is the soundtrack. The rest was great. It's pretty unbelievable they were able to make a manga with Murata's level of art into such a great adaption.

Can´t believe i haven´t seen this one before.

>sensitive to loud noises
>despite being the most loudest and having a quirk that causes loud noises The dude has never had a problem being loud or making big explosions.
Then again it’s LN, so no need to take anything written there seriously. Was the the writer high when they wrote this?

Deku tying her to his back with Mirio's cape was such a cool touch

I want to know who was it. Was it mom or the dad who fucked a mutant causing the pic related. Was it a cult meeting or actual romance? We will never know.