Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san

Start of a new era. It's Chi's turn now.

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>It's Chi's turn now
Isn't chi the daughter from the "not canon" spin-of?

Chi herself is "canon" as she appeared in the main series. Also this spin off or one shot is by the original author.

Chi was in canon chapter.

Oh, this is Chi. Damn, I thought it was Takagi and was wondering what you were talking about.

I forgot, was Chi named in the previous future chapter or was she only named in the spin-off?


>it's reverse takagi


Is there a list of the future chapters?

There's only two, this one and 31 IIRC.

But Chi wants to marry daddy. She said that herself




>It's Takagi tries to tease classmate but she's actually Nishikata
Good god, author is a genius, someone give him the Nobel

That was preschooler Chi, this is middle school Chi.

All little girls say that at one point. They usually grow out of it.


>Takagi and Nishikata are growing older and someday they will die

And yet she's going after a classmate who looks so like him some people thought this was Takagi and Nishikata


I thought that was actually Takagi-san for a second. Goddamn they grow up too fast.


>When you think you're good enough to be a pro, but it turns out that your local competition just sucked
I know that feel, Chi.


God, Chi is just Takagi with Nishikata's brain problems.



So she’s perfect then?


This is all Nishikata's fault somehow.

For a second I thought this was NTR.

>nearly though this was Takagi if not for her facial expressions



Takagi spinoff where she uses the day of the dead to tease her descendants while Nishikata's just happy it's the one day she goes easy on him when?

>This is all Nishikata's fault somehow.
for letting another man impregnate his wife

And that's it. While Chi is indeed just Takagi with Nishitaka's personality, the guy isn't just a male version of Takagi. He doesn't go overboard teasing her and you can clearly see his affection towards Chi as opposed to Takagi where we only saw her blush once.

There's a difference between going for someone similar and going for incest.
She knows how happy her parents are together, so she's going to instinctively seek someone with similar qualities: Just because you also want, say, someone that's good with kids, hardworking and has a good sense of humor doesn't mean you want specifically-your-parent.

I'm pretty sure her having Nishikata's cockiness and boneheadedness proves that it's Nishikata's kid.

>Nishikata and Takagi is a perfect couple, they said
Nishikata just corrupted Takagi's gene pool and gave birth to Chi

>ntrfags still at it
You guys will never let it go will you?

We can only hope that in those ten years Takagi's gotten two or three more kids out of Nishitaka's pushups.

Are we ever going to learn the given name of all the main characters?!
Nishikata who? Takagi who? Nishikata Chi-who?!

How letting another man impregnate his wife can result in a girl who inherited almost all of his genetic flaws? Explain this to me.

>and you can clearly see his affection towards Chi as opposed to Takagi
dude, Takagi makes it so fucking obvious she likes him to everyone including him but for the fact that he's so hung up on beating her he doesn't see it.

They grow up so fast.

Takagi doesn't have it painted on her face with blush, though.

She's gonna be so sad when she realizes she thought she was a Takagi in search of her Nishikata when it turns out she's a Nishikata in need of her own Takagi.

I just want too see how their wedding was like.

If digits then the science is right and Chi is not the daughter of Takagi

how is it possible to be so dense? your page there is the one that proves "if only nishikata were your daddy"

>Nishikata just corrupted Takagi's gene pool and gave birth to Chi
That's so fucking lewd, forever tainting the smugenes with his'. The final irreversible victory he was looking for. The dick man, it truly can't be beaten.

To be honest I would have rather gotten Takagi and Nishitaka in High School.

>ntrcucks seething

Sad no. Wanting to hide her head in the sand, yes.

>as opposed to Takagi where we only saw her blush once
Pretty sure it was more than that. Maybe 2-3 times.

>Nishikata's cute reactions

And it just keeps going, they must be a sloberring mess by now.

>Reverse Takagi

Fucking Genius.

You mean gender-bent Nishikata

Atleast her romance is going smoother than her parent's.
>Call me by my name.
>Not 'You'...
>I... I'll do that next time...
>Well... there's a condition to that.
>What a shameless loser...
>Call me by my name too...
>Alright, Nishikata.
>Nishikata... What's your first name again?
>Hah!? You don't know!?
>I just know that it have a 'Chi'...

>that article
guess genetic freaks exist since my mum is as dumb as a loaf of bread yet i have a phd


I do wish the author would finish the original series before all this spin off's popped up. I'm genuinely curious how Nishitaka and Takagai started an actual romance.

he doesn't look like nishikata at all tho

No one in Japan knows how that shit happens either, it's why their stories always work around that

this so much

Do you think Nishikata would be overprotective of Chi?

Probably. Every father is going to naturally be overprotective of their daughter when it comes to other boys. Though now I want to see Takagi teasing this kid.

What the fuck is wrong with her hair

It's because romance is a foreign concept to Japs. Why do you think their birthrate is so low?

Read the spinoff

Imagine being such a beta cuck you actually end up marrying a terrible girl like Takagi.


It's almost like europeans forgetting how to use concrete after the roman empire crumbled, an entire culture just forgetting a pretty important and useful piece of knowledge.

Wait what???

Does that mean the main plot is over or is this just another spin off?

>terrible girl like Takagi
She's a good mom and wife. Take that back.

It's just another timeskip chapter

>she's going after a classmate who looks so like him
You're blind.

>Why do you think their birthrate is so low?
Because these miserable fucks are working 60h a week in a shitty jobs and don't have time nor energy to go socialize.


We're starting to see the effects of that lifestyle here in the US as well. Japan's been at it way longer, but it's devastating their population and fucking up their social safety nets.

Knowing such a future makes Mitch McConnell's throatpouch hard.

How is baby formed?

>Am not eating in four days because walmart claims my hours weren't real work and now feel dizzy and tired. Am I pregnat?

Stop it now, I don't want to see Takagi as an old woman

shes a housewife who just happened to get knocked up and even after doing virtually nothing all day she still cant get herself to leave her husband alone after a long and stressful day. on top of that she isnt even committed to her role as a tomboy and sports longhair instead of the usual short hair. wouldnt surprise me if they didnt actually fuck, but instead takagi tricked him into giving her his semen for "scientific research" or something along those lines.

At this point Takagi is still a DFC milf. She won't actually get old until Chi is in college.

>Not loving someone even after their youthful good looks have gone

In what world is she a tomboy?

>reverse takagi

>Here, Chi, let mommy show you how a pro does it
Yes, please.

Is that guy the son of the other couple?

That's a plausible theory. I wouldn't be surprised if he was.

Oh snap! He looks exactly like Nishikata's best friend

Same. :(

Looks like he's the son of this guy