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When are we going to get an anime girl who is in constant back pain because of her unrealistically large breasts?

Make her crying in pain for 13 episodes. Sup Forums will eat it up

No such thing.
Of course that pedo would think that.

My regular prostitute has tits that big. That's why she's my regular.

Looks creepy without areola.

You jumped too early OP.


There is so many amazing women, but for some reason Kenya focuses on the ugly hag Titsy. Do more MAM or SIS, you hack.


I wished the author continued with the series instead of all this "bonus" pages, I guess that's what happens when you have no obligation for your work.

how do you know it's a pedo thing what I posted? I think you enjoy it. Fucking pedo


This is the same country that made an anime in the 80's about an adolescent girl who would model nude for her father's artwork on a daily basis. When did they get so worked up over girl nipples?


So what's up with this shit? Is she Galko, or a whore, or what? Why her tits on full display when Galko is such a fucking prude?

She's Titsy Morgan, a former nun and pornstar that exists in the Galkoverse. Based on Chesty Morgan, I suppose.

Boobs are too big compared to the hips and butt, disgusting.

What was it called?

Jesus christ

Where is your Lucoa now

>Areola slip
You have my attention

This isn't a special chapter, it's a card he will sell at his booth.

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Isn't she like Galko's idol or something? Also post more of her.

What's this from? I hardly think it's from Galko.

It's from Galko.

She is just an actress Galko likes.

I don't remember. I think she's just completely unrelated to the story and Kenya just wanted to draw more tits.

There's also another porn star that looks like Galko in the comic, and the boys wonder if it's Galko or Galko's sister since she obscures her face. Otaku manages to clear Galko and Galko's sisters names. It turns out to be a woman who takes the same train as Galko every morbing and based her gyaru porn star look on Galko.

Deep lore.

morning of course


Titsy hasn't made a proper appearance in the manga, she was only featured in a dream sequence and dvd cover.

So much better than uggo Titsy

I want to sensually massage them, make her squirm with pleasure.

>ywn have one of these

Looks like her proportions are off. The distance from her waist ti neck is too long.

Goddamn, I just want to suck on some huge tits so badly. What does it feel like to have a hard nipple in your mouth with a big boobie squishing into your face?

Anyone have a folder of officially drawn galko tiddy? I don't feel like going through the artists Twitter

But they smell.

They won't when I've finished pampering them.

Big nipples feels like sucking on a boneless finger.

Galko should get royalties from that bitch.

Jus marathon-ed the anime and was pleasantly surprised by it. Wasnt excepting it to be so realistic with stuff. Might pick up the manga too, but I was wondering how the whole gyaru thing works, since it seems like shes a 'natural' gyaru as apposed to one that does it for the counter-culture/protest angle of it. Is she still really a gyaru or is the term just that general?

I don't understand why Sup Forums goes to Comiket but never lines up at Galko's author's booth.

Is it because his stuff becomes out of stock that fast or what?

Also, what sucks is that this guy creates so many posts and bonus illustrations but nobody in Japan ever manages to scan and upload them in high quality without that SAMPLE crap pasted across the image.

He should consider releasing a Galko artbook or something.

Anyone else unironically like Galko's tastes in men? Makes her hotter imo

You mean black men?
So you are a cuck?

Okay, this is getting out of hand. Bad.

>Not enjoying the challenge of fighting and securing a hot piece of ass despite the odds being stacked against you.
Yeah, user sure sounds like a cuck...



It seems the author sells some of his original artwork on Yahoo Auctions


Is Sup Forums going to bid on it? It's done with water color and already framed and the author recommends not to put it under direct sunlight.

Titsy has always been that big though.

Nikuko a best.

It's ok, I don't see how it makes it hotter.

Where is the lewd art of the best girls like Otako and shark loli?

>tfw poorfag
Just will wait for someone generous to get them and scan them.

People actually like this design? Its fucking gross. I like big tits but at some point they do get too big.

>too big
There's those words again that don't make any sense.

Last time I bid on one of his works it ended up selling for over $800. I got money to burn but not that kind of money.

user keeps going on with the fag talk. Might as well tell everyone how he can't stop sucking cocks.



long & tapering > big

>Galko's tastes in men


Esper Mani, by the author of Doraemon

You'll get fanservice of them when the author starts liking flat chests.


Can't the author please sympathize with my likes a bit too?

This one's coming out at Comitia. I'm gonna try to get it one way or another

Yeah, she likes spics who are known for their high stamina and work hard to dedicate their finances for the their family.


What the fuck is happening with the tits in this series

I couldn't find this one in my folder. Thanks for posting it.

you're welcome user

Author just likes to draw Titsy Morgan a lot(150cm).
I think that the girl with the biggest boobs(non Titsy) is the JAV girl(108), Galko-nee must be between that and 100 and Galko is definitely a 9x.

This. Pure girls deserve pure men.

More galko when?
Is the translation dead?

>Is she still really a gyaru or is the term just that general?
The term isnt that general but if you read the manga it shows Galko just likes the fashion commonly associated with Gyarus, after her older sister who truly is one, Otako was the one who nicknamed Galko thinking she was a typical slutty Gyaru but Galko humbled her into seeing past someone's looks. Galko's rep as a great person is spread around but some people still think she is an actual class case Gyaru, a slutty teen who sleeps around.

Gotta wait volume 5.

Galko is for shota, you nerds


Dead because there's no point since the series is officially licensed, and the official release has caught the attention of seasoned Comic rippers like Danke who delved into ripping official manga as well, so you just wait till around August till Volume 5 pops up and Danke rips it.

Fuck off /ss/, the shota is going towardshis classmate nowin the manga, Kenya put you faggots in your place.

we'll see fag

Christ that poor woman must have the core of a power lifter

Yeah we will see your tears of loss.

>Sup Forums threw a shitfit over this.
moot was right, Sup Forums became the worst board by far.

>her sister is dating Otako's brother

Not yet, they are still blooming.

I was waiting for this

>REEEE no no no no you can't mod my mod!
Schwig is a retarded hypocrite, variety is the spice of life my friend
A fucking fur faggot fetishizing someone else's IP doesn't get to cry when people tailor it to their preference

We are still waiting for it, but the author is too busy drawing more Titsy.

Galko and her sister double teaming a shota when?

Kenya delievers colored chapters every fucking week man (mostly 4 pages still) and still posts stuff on twitter, he is fine.

I want to lick Galko's canonically hairy asshole

me too


How can titlets even compete?

Why do they dress like that?

Breasts get warm easily.

Galko is just at home being comfy and nee-san is a model so she simply dress that way on a regular basis.