Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

Wow, I'm enlightened.
Do you agree with him Sup Forums?

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well there's nothing appealing about a gal who's just bones

This is just too much

My dick agrees

He's wrong. In general women should focus less on purely being skinny and more on muscle. Not roid tier musculature, but just working on some natural musculature. If fashion models were more /fit/, the world would be a better place.

It's just such a shame women have begun to see weakness as a desirable trait.

Women can tolerate being fatter better than men though and I think they also need some fat to stay healthy.

>Women can tolerate being fatter better than men though
They can tolerate higher fat levels, not "being fatter" mate. A woman at 15% bodymass fat is comparable to a man at 10% bodymass fat for example.

>I think they also need some fat to stay healthy
They have higher bodyfat as a percentage of their total bodymass so they can support pregnancies better. That's literally it. A woman can easily stay at 15% bodyfat with no problems.

He's right but these kind of arguments are used by landwhales to justify their diet being anything but "healthy"

Fat girls just look better than twigs.

Shut up and post more thicc.

At the end of the day, fat is just hotter.

Typical fat excuses, don't believe their lies. Eat healthy, exercise regularly.

He is talking about Japanese women and their tendency towards unhealthy diets that lead to being underweight and anemic, not american landwhales.

But that's exactly what he's saying

Can someone post that picture (non elf-san related) of a skeleton saying something like "ara-ara you wanna do lewd things" with her butt turned to us? Or she might be saying something like "i'm just big boned" and blushing. I can't really remember, it's been a while since I last saw it here.

t. sticc woman
Stop being jealous thicc is mainstream now.

thigg bih


I'll be that faggot and say that those thighs are getting a little out of hand.


It reminds me of squidward in that one episode.
This on the other hand is true heaven.
GOD, why is skin dentation so FUCKING GOOD MY DICK.