Is she autistic?

Is she autistic?

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just best girl

The boy x boy lover is the best, you tastelet.


No, just extreme OCD

I'll sue.

She's not the Hiki !

anime was so shit compared to source

Atleast until S4 you mean.

It's been 9 years user, it's time to move on

Don't open it

579 days since the countdown ended!
Only 90 more days until we reach 669,
the day the countdown started from.

Never! Shaft wants it, too!
It's all just a matter of time and money!


This pains me greatly.

you're not a man of culture.

1977 days remaining for the next livestream.

Ringo > Rumba > Bure

Bure > Rumba > Ringo > Going > Private Lesson > LillyCure > Rumba Rap

She is communist.

>Rumba rap that low
It's just as good as rumba