Screw you guys! This show was great. Better than the first

Screw you guys! This show was great. Better than the first.

it was ok but certainly not better than the first

This literal josei drama? Come on.

The first was good, but I thought the story in the second intertwined more with the characters.
Nina was a fantastic. Her character had nice development, while her flaws as a person were not like Favaro's. If looked at, in her own light she was a lovable character for all her selfishness.

Nothing wrong with that, my dude.

t. womyn

>t. woman


really? i stopped watching the first because i got busy then forgot where i left off, remember liking it

The first was good. Dragged on a little longer than the story warranted. But hey, Favaro fun isn't a bad thing.
Which is a big reason people don't like the second. They wanted more FAVARO!

I also enjoyed it more, but that's probably because I didn't like the protagonists of the first show, so them getting completely fucked over didn't matter that much to me.

This shit gave me PTSD.

What did you dislike about it?

>turning an adventure featuring two likeable bros into a shoujo/josei romantic comedy show

Someone's got to die for this.

Almost everything. The writing was pure ass, the characters were garbage and for some reason it hated the source material.

It sold better, at least.

It's a sad world we live in.

It was one of the worst sequels I've ever watched. The story didn't make any sense, the new characters were insufferable and they shat on all of the old characters.
You must have brain damage, OP.

>Favaro got sidelined hard for the entirety of the show
>Kaisar got reset back at what he was at the beginning of S1, dies in a retarded way but not really
>Azazel turns into a fucking joke and fails at everything, but not in the good way
>Jeanne gets shit on even worse than S1
>rest of the show is a love story between Not-Amina and Hitler
I really wanted to like the show, but after the first cour it was clear it was going to be a disappointment.


The story had plenty of great parts. Like when Azazel was foiled at the parade due to Ninas indifference to his cause. Teen Jesus being stabbed by Judas.
It had way more Kaiser development too.

Yes it is. Amira does basically nothing the last couple of episodes.

I keep hearing this Hitler comparison and I am questioning what yall now about Hitler and his time as Fuhrer.

I always wonder why S2 isn't more popular on Sup Forums considering many anons believe Hitler dindu nuffin wrong unironically. Maybe it's the shoujo style