Does lewd ruin anime?

Does anyone else think that panty shots and bouncy boobs (that are better animated than the rest of the anime) cheapens it? Not a faggot, I like it in clearly stylized or anime where it was intended from the start like Kakegurui, but there's a lot of anime that COULD be mainstream and great, but feel dragged down by fan service.

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Like anything else, fanservice can be out of place and spoil the mood of a scene. But that's rare. In every other case it's a good thing.

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Someone post Gennai trying to rape Sora in digimon Tri.

OP does have a point, though. Fanservice it's understandable when the show aims directly for it. But when there's an actual plot and decent writing suddenly interrupted by a hit scene or some fanservice comedy gag it feels incredibly shoehorned. As if the staff isn't confident enough in the strength of the story they're doing and feel the need to show a pair of panties to keep the audience.

In the wrong show fanservice can be perceived as a sign of weakness.

Op is either a fag or a SJW. Most likely a faggy SJW

Give one example.

High school of the dead is a good example of this. It was fun but the fanservice wasn't even that good in the show.

Fate/Stay Night. It was completely gratuitous and unnecessary. Zero also had a couple lewd scenes but they had an actual purpose to the story and were used sparingly. Didn't watched UBW but since it was from the same people that did Zero I'm gonna assume they also improved their conscious use of fanservice there.

What would be the benefit of going mainstream though? AAA games are mainstream and most of them are still shit.

Fate can't be ruined by anything because it's already shit.

>mainstream and great
Literally impossible in every imaginable context

This seriously happens? Almost makes me want to pick up Tri again

Yeah sometimes. Depends on the series.

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dude, you watch anime. you expecting to have a life changing experience with this shit?

that scene was a poor attempt to copy casca's rape from berserk

To me lewd improve shitty plots when done good.


I can't find the original one, but the spic vid talks for itself

It depends. Most of the time it's not that bothersome, but sometimes it can get into fan-fiction territory, where they have to set something up just so convenient for it to happen.It gets aggravating there.

This scene was just retarded doujin bait.

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What does homosexuality have to do with liking fanservice or not? OP is just neutral about it.

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OP here. Well, I am a girl, so maybe I feel differently about it than most guys.

Although I don't know why I feel like bringing it up today. I usually ghost on boards as a guy, because I just get tits or gtfo responses otherwise.

naa, I knew more than a few normies who watches it because it was softcore porn

fate/stay night is unironically a masterpiece of literature, especially compared to the likes of harry potter and lord of the rings. grow up

I unironically think it's one of the worst things about anime


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How else are we going to keep the SJWs and Normies away from it?

I'm always wondering what kind of panties the girls are wearing, so it's a nice fanservice when they show it with panty shots. This is an important aspect of anime for me.

I guess I meant more 'generally agreed upon as good' than mainstream.

No, it just helps me jack off later. It's only annoying if it's bad fan service/shoe-horned in, then it breaks immersion.

Do Japanese people really give a shit about fan service?

Aren't they all incredibly repressed sexually though?

If they don't care, then it's not really an issue. It's just foreigners trying to impose their own cultural mores onto them, which naturally they're going to scoff at.

This image is pretty retarded. Like they don't have their own equivalent to feminists.

I also find it funny how hypocritical westerners are when anime has always had way more powerful female characters and gay characters in its media. It's quite humorous.

>I also find it funny how hypocritical westerners are when anime has always had way more powerful female characters and gay characters in its media. It's quite humorous.

This is true but there seems to be a difference in the intentions behind including such characters. With strong female characters its an excuse to allow cute girls to fill in roles that men could and in some cases should. This way you can collapse the fan service and action characters into one.

Wtih queer characters its more for their novelty and in some cases the portrayals aren't necessarily flattering like the case of Kamatari in Rurouni Kenshin and Jakotsu in Inuyasha.

It ruins some anime
It doesnt ruin others
It depends exclusively on the genre, I dont expect ass shots in my dramas, I want to look detailed backgrounds

We need more elf rape.

No. Lewd that doesn't go all the way ruins anime (like your pic OP, bastard didn't get to slip a finger in before being kirito'd)

Yes, otaku pandering is a real plus for anime in japan

What the fuck did you expect? It's catered to sad retards. If you want interesting character development and a fleshed out story without random shots of bouncing breasts or panty shots you should read manga. The fuckers at those anime studios can't just add an ass shot of a girl because you're reading the source material as the author intended

If the intended audience likes it, then I don't see why they should change it.

not your user, but if I were to argue that case, there are one million and one examples I could use. Mostly from shounen and actiony seinen like Bleach of that Magical Index thing that exists to this day somehow. Heck, even something aimed at man-lesbians like Dragon Maid, which has plenty of plot about affection, has random boob gags that even so feel like they came from the anime handbook and are somehow out of place.

But I wont argue the case, because if OP was watching something with random out of nowhere upskirt and boobgags in it, then the show can't have been all that good in the first place.

Uh, I don't know, you seem to imply that High School of the Dead had something of merit other than the absurdly well drawn sex appeal.

Don't get me wrong here, it's trashy as fuck and I didn't enjoy watching it anywhere near as much as I thought I would have, but it serves it's fans with stupid sex appeal; meaning to go on as it began.

I agree, nothing ruins immersion more than the male gaze camera creepily leering at a woman's breasts and crotch. Even worst, is that it is starting to spread to games and other medium.

But manga also has unnecessary fanservice. What series doesn't

Most of the time, as awkwardly implemented in modern shows, it does.
The very name betrays its flaw: it's service to the fans rather than to the plot.

It definitely brings it down. Most noticeable for me was Konosuba. That was a pretty damn good comedy but the second season went so far downhill because of lazy fanservice jokes

Lewds are good, but when you are covering up your poor work with lewds then you have a problem. Gunbuster, for example, is full of lewds, but is great anyways - it is just nice eye candy that works with the attitude of the show - but it would still be a great work even without seeing Noriko's tits flopping around all the time. They also don't really pause the plot to focus on it at all - it just kind of happens here and there passively.

The root cause is that they give Darkness a line of dialogue. It's like a train of vulgar thought from there on.

a tank with a fetish for masochism isn't a bad premise, but god did it get old fast. Not to mention it was way better when Kazuma wasn't into it. Also I swear in the first season her tits weren't triple D's

or when it derails the plot. Soul Eater is the worst offender for me. I swear a third of the episode is just the two main characters failing to kill the "witch" cause of the size of her breasts. Like holy shit, leave it to the hentai artists

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