Post good armor designs.

Hard mode:post only non-sexualized armors

I have a better design for you.

>no helmet

Where is this from?Artbook?

If you need a helmet while doomslaying you're doing something wrong.


Guide me to the scans senpai.

Post more Mamika webms.


Actually, keep posting them but I don't want to lead you on. They don't exist from what I know. I've got some of the designs with my 2007 tier scanner but that's about it.


I like to imagine it was "The Heart". Kubo was such a goof

Did you do the Altair v2.0?

Nope, I couldn't scan that. She was way too small and sketchy compared to the others and was too close to the binding for me to get a decent scan.

What the fuck do you think armor is for? It’s to protect you when something goes wrong.

TYPE MOON can do good work when they aren't waifubaiting its fans (95% of the time)

Thankfully her hair is made out of steel.

Albedo's armor in the manga and light novel of Overlord.


The anime went with this version.

>The anime went with this version.
Not the pic intended, but okay.



Best armor, with best protection.

Was that supposed to be her original design before they decided to spare the animators?



>PC release only at the end of the year
Fuck everything.

Why not just take a pic with your phone?

If they went with og designs selesia herself could kill half of the staff. Even Magane got the anime treatment, she lost her eyeshadows along the way.

Yes, and they were all simplified, Mamika lost her original cupcake motif for example.

i like this one more

They simplified them, but they kept Altair's mop?

Altair also lost details all around, including her armored skirt, boots spur, red tips on the hair and the hat chin strap.

Should I watch recreators? It looks fun.

Mop is just the beginning. There is 2 different layers of detail that went away for everything they kept.

Sure, I enjoyed it. But if you don't like the first episodes just drop it instead of watching all of it and then complaining it didn't fulfill the potential perfect story you would do with the setting in your head.

It isn't.

This It's the best thing ever for me but I can see what people can be upset with. It's carried by the characters and the dialogue than the plot so if you don't think it's engaging to you don't force yourself to watch it.