>coping mechanisms

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I love Mei!

Mei Mei is gay gay.



Why did they change the end of this scene so much?

Thanks my man.

>Yuzu's mom is a construction worker
Do you think she whistles and flirts with cute girls that pass by?

A pleasure. Incest bike is next, I guess.

There was already another thread up.

I don't post in ShiN's shitposting Harumin threads.

I look for you every week. I sadly don't have the time to make the webms and sometimes too busy to watch the show (and when I do I cba to make the webms). So I do appreciate it. Don't think there was anything of note last week? The ear lick? I dunno if I saved that one.

You're just fragmenting discussion, which Citrus on Sup Forums doesn't have the activity to maintain more than one thread without them seeming empty.

Incest bike, a staple.

You need to start ignoring his threads.

Probably sometimes hit on students passing by.

I think I've finally confirmed why I like the show. It's the eyes. They're so shiny and are nice colours.

>tfw no doujins of Yuzu x Her Mom
>tfw no doujins of her mom teaching her how to do things with Mei
>tfw no doujins of her mom finding the incest mangas and seducing Yuzu and telling her that 'it's not really incest if you fuck Mei, let's do it properly'
>tfw no doujins of Mei watching this happen and schlicking

Why was I born such a talentless drawing hack?

I think Ume being a constuction worker was confirmed somewhere.

You'll get doujins with faceless fat man and that's it.

Incest bike with sound.

meant for



Well it is to be expected that waifufag neckbeards get butthurt over cute dykes.

You know Yuzu would've gone along with it if Mei didn't say anything.


>anime #1
>lots of girls
>yuri is subtext
>dozens of doujins

>anime #2
>lots of girls
>yuri isn't subtexted
>maybe one or two

Then again, LWA basically got more futa than yuri so who knows.

Dangerously close.

You can pinpoint the exact moment Mei realizes she's in love.

In the show?

Manga. Maybe in a special chapter?

It was only confirmed this episode. It was never shown in the manga.

She obviously touched the outside, but didn't penetrate. Perhaps just the clitoral hood.

Nah don't think it was ever shown in the manga. Could be wrong though, not read it for ages and I kinda stopped.

No, it wasn't. I've read all the chapters and bonuses and such a thing was never in any of them.

Maybe I dreamed about it. Are we sure it's not mentioned?

Harumin is absolutely based
I wish Yuzu would just btfo Mei for her instead

Canon pairings in general rarely get many fanarts/doujins, unless they're from a mainstream series where there's lots of fanart in general.

Y-Yuzu......b-be gentle

kek, jesus christ. Look at Himeko.

Yes, anime only scene. The amount of things people misremember from the manga is amazing.

That's true, but we have great artists at least.

Lots of Darling in the wathever then??


Anime has added plenty of details not shown in the manga. Like Harumin's grandma's house and mentioning that only herself and her grandmother live there.

That's because it's anime original.

Isn't that a rather mainstream series? Trigger attracts lots of normalfags.

This has to be one of the worst animes so far. Pop Team Epic is better than this trash in every way.

Back to MaL/ANN you go.

Looks like plenty of people don't like Matsuri's Japanese voice.

Go back to your darlitrash container.

Matsuri is jealous because Yuzu has a new imouto now. Not memeing.

This scene was great, they're so cute. Best couple of the season.

Where, in Japan? I haven't seen particular complaints on nip twitter.

Agreed, most the anons here have shit taste. Let's start with animes that are objectively better than Citrus.
Steins; Gate

Maybe unpopular, but I didn't mind that there was no saliva trail.

Citrus challenges today's anime standards by introducing interesting topics like "How cringy can character dialogue become in an anime until I drop it?" and "Is it sexual assault if I kiss my step sister without consent...and get away with it?"

This is by far the worst anime I've seen this year and I'm just 6 episodes in. Dialogue doesn't feel natural at all, exposition is thrown in my face every second and characters don't make any sense.

The pacing of Citrus is way too fast and we never get any real sense of knowing how to feel about a moment. There is a scene where Mei kisses her sister in the first epiosde without her consent and it feels super uncomfortable but next episode, the main character pretends like this thing was super romantic, not literally, but this is what it feels like.

Animation is also something we should talk about. It commendable that the director actually changes the clothes of the main character multiple times, which isn't done as often as you might think, but the actual animation is piss poor and the art still suffers from time to time. It's also sad that nothing about this animation seems to have any personality.

Now on to the topic of Gay bait. Is this show some gay bait for people that browse through tumblr and twitter 24/7? Yes. Yes it is. Instead of developing a genuine, natural romance between two highschool students that happen to be girls, we get some of the most rapey, uncomfortable Yuri scenes I had the displeasure to watch. It is amazing how people are willing to justify abusive and toxic romance as long as it's gay.

If you want to watch a shitty gay Telenovela in anime form, then boy, is Citrus the anime for you.

Anyone who enjoys this anime is literally the embodiment of why Hayao Miyazaki said modern anime is trash

mei clearly doesn't know anything about sex, what would have she done if yuzu accepted her advances?

The English watchers are complaining about it.

This MAL past has gotten stale.

You mean anyone who enjoys Darlishit.

Probably because for quite a few people, Citrus appears to be this seasons "This is my first anime/watching subs heehee :)", so they aren't gonna be used to the fact half the girls sound like helium filled toddlers.

Try to mimic Yuzu's yuri manga since Mei has perfect memory of everything she reads.

I thought you were hospitalized, gramps.

I don't get what's so bad about it. It's an improvement from the drama CD.

>help me Studio Ghibli's founder says I have shit taste
>m-m-my anime isn't bad yours is!
You only enforce the opinions Miyazaki has of today's anime.

>defending darlishit

I'd say it's anime onlys and people who read the manga and it sounded different in their head are the ones complaining about it.

Citrus is meh-tier. A great example of good yuri manga is The real her. Damn most yuri manga nowadays are trash. I miss the old gold age of yuri.

Now synch it with eurobeat.


I hate this hippy cunt.

>"yo sis u k? soz about ur dad"
>"Hmm, quite. I'm gonna fuck you now"
>"Whatever you need si-huh?"

I can't tell which of the two is more romantically retarded, so I guess they're a good match.

Her voice is way to squeaky.
Even if I didn't read the manga I hate this kind of voices in anime.

please someone do it


they complement each other perfectly t b h

If no one does it, I will.

The saliva was all here.

What did you think of the Drama CD's VA?

>maybe it would be easier if i had to?

what? submitted? to what?

Does the anime staff think this is funny? It looks like they drew a saliva smilely face on Mei's tongue.

Doesn't look like that to me. Yuzu has done a lot for Mei, but I don't remember Mei ever doing anything for Yuzu.

>It looks like they drew a saliva smilely face on Mei's tongue.
I don't see it.

Matsuri's voice is great. You guys need to wait until she's saying lewd horrible shit in that innocent voice until you decide its bad

Mei doesn't start doing things for Yuzu until they start dating, so beginning with her encouraging Yuzu in volume 5 about both the election and keeping her hair color.

So it seems one of the staffers at the series is an actual gyaru?

It obviously looks like two eyes and a mouth.

Her voice would suit Sara much better.

Sara will be voiced by the VA for Haru from Akuma no Riddle, so it will be unbearable.

>one of the staffers at the series is an actual gyaru
Absolutely based.

>Papa is voiced by the fucking manager from Blend-S


>not watching Citrus

What a fag.

That's a big bed.

>The real her
That was actually decent and I'm sad it was so short.

Well Yuzu seems to have almost completely dropped being a gyaru by this point, all she has is a messy uniform.

Haven't heard it.. is it really that bad?
Cam you post an example?

it's thevsame in the manga, she's less flashy.