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Everyone agreed, he's too perfect.

So he's nice only to senpai now?


>How do you feel?

No wonder people mistake him for a teenage girl


>A moody twink and a Chad too perfect for the plebs
Naisu kappuru

What kind of gay ass drama was this. Also was the brother implying something lewd here?

I still haven't picked this show up yet, but I know from looking at him that this boy needs to be raped.

Definitely. He's a cute piece of shit.

is this violet evergarden

>start watching
>boy with the cutest design isn't a main character

I'm upset

I hope they get a ton of lewds together.

Painfully boring taste.

I like my vanilla.

This. I keep watching for have a glance of him.

>integrating someone into your friendship group when they hate 3 of you
W e w

Some of the male side characters are more handsome than the main cast for some reason.

>wants a gyaru gf

Our guy

He's like that girl you only need to deal with because your friend is dating her.

>Draw a girl
>Give her long neck
>call it a boy

He's voiced by a siscon so he needs a girly boyfriend.

This, but with the soccer guy instead

He just need a good dicking.

What is it about boys who need the attitude beaten and/or dicked out of them that makes them so good?

I cant believe the presidents fucking dead

He wants to fuck.

Fuck prancing la-la fairy men, why won't they leave me alone.

>eats macarons angrily in my room

So what is this show about?

Merchandising, and being a faggot.

Homosexuals should be put to death

Don't be ashamed of your hobbies, also please buy Sanrio goods.


>daily fuck sessions after archary
Now thats something i can get into

Basically bronies but with hello kitty characters

Jesus Christ.

That's goddamn adorable

Should I watch this if I'm gay?

Sanrio accepts all sexualities. Buy Sanrio.

Homosexuality is fine as long as you buy Sanrio.

We know you do OP

Can we all agree that Twin stars is worst boy?

Yes. Hello Kitty wasn't even this bad.

Hellow Kitty was just autistic and I think his VA wasn't that good at the drama scenes. He's fine now at least.

>just autistic
Autism can be charming. He took it to full retard levels.

What a cute heterosexual couple.

Someone should send this pic to their girlfriends.

>Yuu hugging Hello Kitty
The cutest couple in the show

Yeah, his VA wasn't great at the drama scenes, but I find Twin Stars' VA the worst and his drama was shitty too. It was drama for the sake of drama.

Pompompurin, My Melody and Cinnamoroll's casting made sense. I don't get why they went with the other two.

They are allowed to do these extra gay illustrations because it's an otome after all, all hope was lost front the start

Kouta is so underrated.

You should watch it especially if you are gay

so now that all the boys have been introduced and accept their god sanrio, will it get better?

Yes, from now on the show will turn into a magical boy show and the Sanrio boys will fight their archnemesis: the Commie boys. The Commie boys don't have gods, they don't have cute hobbies either. They want to turn cuteness itself into public property and rule it to rule the people. Viva la revolucion!

It will only get gayer. And I'm fine with it.

Only if they have a beach or onsen episode similar to Binan's toothbrush episode.


I mean, is anyone who doesn't like the gay even watching it. I know some anons are kinda dumb and end up watching shows for fujo only to complain about the homoposting, but come on.

>His Line handler is "Senpai"?

Which Sanrio has the biggest penis?

>tfw I wanted to slap him for being a cunt to his senpai in front of his mom
I almost stopped watching. Twin Stars is 99% Tsun.

He'll become a better person with the help of the other Sanrio Boys.

They're adorable. I'm glad they were able to add Pompom into their threesome so smoothly.

>I mean, is anyone who doesn't like the gay even watching it
i don't even know why they'd waste their time

Did Keroppi-sensei appear already?
I wont catch up unless he is.

im more then ready

I am repulsed by an actual penis entering an anus but I watch it

He's not in any anime marketing, I don't think he's going to appear. Maybe if it gets a season 2.

>I am repulsed by an actual penis entering an anus


i herd somewhere that him and the badmatzu guy are in it, just coming in later

I've only just started watching Episode 5 and I'm already disappointed that Cinnamoroll stopped MyMelo before he could beat the shit out TwinStars. I'm still amazed that MyMelo has turned out to be the best boy by a mile.

Yeah they already got VAs.

I hate this little shit so much I'd build a rape dungeon just so I can sodomize him with a red hot iron stick every weekend.

Have you ever had a penis enter your anus? How did it feel?

They'll appear eventually.


This story happened to me when I was a kid. One day I found a ring (or was it a key?) under the building I lived in, I was with my brother and we decided to place it in a visible place near where we found it, so that its owner could see it.
Some days later my neighbour, an old lady, knocked on my door to tell me that she saw what happened that day, and gave me a My Melody case, which has been locked up in my drawer until today.
I love how this anime brought back this specific memory.

Try topping?

>doesn't want to be treated like a girl
>continues to wear his hair and clothes in the most feminine way possible that still counts as male-appropriate
>behaves like a girl no matter what kind of mood he's in
TwinStars is truly a shit

>No one has done Hand Ruby Hello Kitty yet

Indeed. I'm usually attracted to his type but this one in particular I wouldn't touch with a ten feet pole. Holy shit.

>being so angry about your boner that you yell at your crush in front of your mom

when i was a kid, mcdonalds had sanrio toys in their happy meals for a while. i got a cheep plastic my melody figure from it and i ended up really liking it. i have no idea where it is, but i kinda want it back now

>Cinnamoroll is best Sanrio
>Best Sanrio Danshi favors Cinnamoroll

Really makes you think

What does President see in him?


A soft plush to shake hands with.

Maybe he doesn't know he can do better.

warm soft hands, perfect for handshakes and jerking off the president

Preview of next episode.

You're kidding. Man, I hoped he'd actually be a secretly fun character.

The fate of side and secondary characters.

Personally prefer Tsucchi and Macchi myself. That one of them likes Gudetama is a plus.

But that's just his arc. Isn't the point that he grows out of this in some way?

He's not that perfect, he has bad taste in guys.

>years later
>Cinnamoroll is in an abusive relationship with Twin Stars
>Pompompurin keeps trying to help but is brushed off
>he doesn't hit me that hard, I'm bigger than him, says Cinnamoroll
>Pompompurin can only watch as Cinnamoroll becomes more distant

I'd watch that

On top of needless drama, you actually want Twin Stars to be some overemotional cunt?

I just want to see him develop or get over himself. He doesn't have to be satisfied being treated like some cute thing but it would he nice to get him to keep his hobbies and be able to reach his goal.

In the melodrama lies the comedy, user

This show is literally funnier than any deliberate comedy I've ever watched

Sounds much more amusing than TwinStars going full girl-with-a-penis BL protag and becoming his blushing tsundere girlfriend.