Miyazaki VS Kon




who wins

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anime doesn't, at least

Miyazaki is still alive. He wins by default.

Kon could punch his shit in, Miyazaki's just a frail old fucker.


>zombie Kon punches Miyazaki

Are we talking about normal Miyazaki, 100% power Miyazaki or Rikudou Sennin with Zanpakuto Miyazaki?

Obviously based Miyazaki. I mean who else allows you to punch 2 gay cripple brothers and get away with it?


what is the meaning of this

Kon was better.

Influence and importance: Miyazaki
Technical understanding of animation: Miyazaki
Better films: You decide. The stories they tell are very different.

>Darren Aronofsky VS Walt Disney
whoever is alive

Kon already dead.

>technical undestanding of animation: miyazaki
how ?


Miyazaki’s a bad director

You're a moron.

Kon is not an animator.

Not really.

>Darren Aronofsky
fucking plagiarist scum

Honestly, they're both so good it's scary. You can't place the creator of Paprika in one corner and the creator of Moving Castle in the other and expect me to pick.

Miyazaki is a fantastic director, but a terrible writer since he doesn't actually use scripts. Get your facts straight desu

Kon made Tokyo Godfathers

I love that movie.

well unless miyazaki died and there waiting to announce it then hes probally the default winner.

> unless miyazaki died and there waiting to announce it
It won't be announced

Kon is an overrated fucking hack. Only gets any recognition today because he died abruptly.

Both do nothing but bring in normalfags so are shit by default.

Came to say this.

watching it right now

Kosovo is independent


Kon. Became famous from just a couple fucking movies. Fucker isn’t even alive anymore but made a pretty damn lasting impression.

I personally enjoy Kon's films much more than Miyazaki's films. I actually did my senior project on his films. My personal favorite is Millennium Actress.

Both are good.