Is Hiro going to die?

Is Hiro going to die?

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Hiro will die, but his soul will choose to go back in time, the time when he was happiest, and he will be back at season 1 episode 1. Ichigo, who also loves Hiro, wants to be with him too, and wants to be in a time when he would love her, but since he already loves Zero Two, she'll go back in time to before Hiro was born and become his mother.

No. He is adapting.

Title of the episode: your thorn (horn), my badge.
Frame fits so nicely, eh?

Was this the best episode thus far?

I would say yes, I really appreciate the character interactions.

Who cares when he can rides with 02?

I care because I'm just starting to warm up to him.


I wish I was a cute girl.

No but your mom yes

Yes, 3 rides you’re out.

75% chance of kill.

Why did it rain

I honestly think fatbro's gonna die and put araara-chan into despair. it's like she was made for it.


This episode was interesting in that it is clearly forcasting that someone is definitely probably gonna die next episode. I think it would be a neat swerve if they did kill him off but I wouldn't like it. What's likely going to happen is that he really does start becoming the blue Oni.

My biggest concern right now is 02 being kind of bonkers

It was Papa’s will.

Feels like every episode gets better than the last

>honestly think fatbro's gonna die
This is also what I'm thinking. This is why they said "Pay attention to Kokoro and Mitsuru's interactions". There's a reason why these two are the only ones not in their assigned pair to have any real scenes other than Hiro and Ichigo

Lots of effort put into every last detail.
However, it's a set up episodes. Whatever comes afterwards is going to decide just how good it really was in preparing the groundwork for it.

I mean it's not like he has a choice. He can't pilot with anyone else, and they have already shown that parasites who can't pilot get disposed.
Apparently they don't get to grow old enough to become adults anyway.
If you're dead either away might as well ride the oni.

I can tell what it is from the link. Stop spamming your shit video, you fucking furfag.

I don't know
Since he's the MC he'll probably become Shrek like 02

'02 is in love with Hiro and cares about him' they said

>from the link
>he doesn't have 4chanx
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Sounds like a fucked up version of Steins;Gate

Get outta here Phos

Did you miss the part where they said he's having the opposite reaction to all the other stamen? They got drained of their life force. Pic fucking related.

>Apparently they don't get to grow old enough to become adults anyway.

Nana and Hachi seem to be exactly that. Grown up parasites.



You don't pilot with crazy and hope to survive~


This was a very good scene.

t. can't get subtext.
She's spent years having her expectations torn to shreds because no-one can keep up with her, and she's worried that Hiro's going to die on his third ride with her. That's why she's so happy in the last scene, because not only has he told her he's fine with dying if he gets to pilot with her but she also knows he's not suffering from the same degeneration as all the other stamen. I don't know if she actually knows what's up, but she knows it's different.

Man, crew of the 26'th got beat to shit.
I wonder what they ran into that kicked their ass so hard.
Can't wait to see their bland identical FranXX units though. Might even find them more interesting than the Idol Crew shits.

This. It’s all growing pains. They want us to think Hiro is gonna die, when actually it will be Goro or Fat fuck.

They mean they don't get to live in the city still I'm pretty sure. Notice how all the "adults" never show their faces, they keep themselves totally wrapped up at all times. They're cutting themselves off from the world, it's why 02 called it a sterile city with no life. They've cut themselves off from anything remotely natural and she's basically been quoting Darwinism, it's a pretty big theme.

>every day. every day I come back to the plantation and my faggot pistil greets me with this shit eating grin on her face.

Hiro will die but still has his plot armour.
The blue infestation takes control of him and gives him a power-up in exchange for saving everybody.
But it'll be an implicit transformation; few changes on the surface initially.

Goro needs to hit his despair event horizon first, I don't think he'll go yet. I'd be mad if he did, because he's great.

You misunderstand, Hiro is having the opposite reaction. Zero Two death incoming. I hope you are ready for Kamina 2.0

Yes, this episode had plenty of very well animated scenes, in a subtle way.

Maybe. He's exhibiting signs present to people who have ridden 02 before, his only difference(and hopefully the clearest sign of compatibility) is the polar opposite response he's exhibiting vs. the others who have read 02.

But they're the only two you see. The other team didnt even have supervisors.

>I wonder what they ran into that kicked their ass so hard.

APE was talking about an overall increase in huge kyoryu sightings. Plantation 13 people only survived this far because Strelitzia was on hand to save their ass thrice by now.

Same here, I usually prefer uniform robot design.


>It seems you arent special after all and riding Oni does this to you
>Still calmly accepting certain death to go into battle once more and save your people
Well sure they made Hiro look like a faggot couple of times, but in the end he turned out to be true samurai.

>But they're the only two you see. The other team didnt even have supervisors.

They probably do, you just don't see them because production.

>this cancer is killing you but its beautiful
>will you still ride me?
>I will.
What the fucking fuck?

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

>animation not shit
>animation total shit

>shit story
>no story at all

Also Hiro not dying.
Hes getting "infected" with 002 klaxosaurs blood, and since hes the prodigy/special MC he will overcome this and become ever stronger. Problem is, he will lose his humanity in the process.
He whole show will be about "what makes us human" aka names, relationships, etc.


But it's so boring and monotone and cliche garbage.

Yellow blood cells = nanomachines


Why didn't you protect her smile?

Steins;Gate author is writing this.

>one is suicidal, or at least has no self preservation wishes
>other is just fucking nuts
Made for each other. Yes, that was kino.

Either he dies in some body horror fashion and gives us a preview of transformation that won't be relevant again until later, or he survives and powers up. I'm genuinely not sure.

What I do know is:

>Kokoro likes Mitsuru
>Goro is into Ichigo but doesn't get it
>02 wants her darling to succeed but knows it might kill him
>All these love triangles forming with the beta cast
>Naomi is still in the mix, that's been foreshadowed by her not coming back
>Hiro is a legend for some reason

This episode was full of plot seeds.

Happy strawberry is cute.

>02 literally gives STDs

Well, he is only a human dildo to zero Two, which she named him darling.

>blue tumor growing and make him stronger.

This is somewhat familiar.

The higher ups know about his state and still let him pilot in the next mission. He is accepting the corrosion instead of being devoured by it like 002 previous partners.

Why was that homo Goro blushing while thinking of Hiro?

Why would I save shit, when the drain is just a flush away?

There's still the potential of them possibly getting through the Klaxoasaur attack, but team 2 leader attempting to avenge his partner at the end of it, assuming Hiro lives but is weakened.

Endure the pain and become a real man

No u.

Hiro is only getting stronger, thank God.

Noticing all the blood in the OP now?

Wait seriously? This is going to be a rough fucking ride then.

he becomes blue oni

When is the ED single coming out again?

>but team 2 leader attempting to avenge his partner at the end of it
>Hiro completes his transformation into the blue oni after he kills some dude
It's like poetry.

What was all that about children not reaching adulthood?

Literally getting stronger

>blue tumor
>yellow blood cells increasing in number
What did they mean by this?

>inb4 it starts changing to blue

I like how Ichigo was repeatedly framed with the covered side of her face towards the camera, this have been in the other episodes too, but I only really noticed it in this one.

They all die before they could make it.


>When you realize this isn't 1-cour and there's still another 19 episodes

He and Ichigo really had some great moments this past episode. I'm really hoping they start getting together and bonding over their shared misery soon.

Route A - No, he turns into blue Oni.
Route B - Yes, Ichigo is the real MC,

I predict him falling dead at the and of battle, and Oni surprisingly for herself finding that she cant calmly bear death of this particular stamen. They will reanimate him later of course, but this will be important development.
Trust me, I'm mostly predicted what we found out about her in this episode.

It could be that Hiro appears dead and team 26 takes that as their cue for payback.

>Route B - Yes, Ichigo is the real MC,

She looks so happy when she's bantering with Hiro ;_;

I just want all the girls to be happy, is this too much to ask for?

Either they all die before they grow up, they never grow up because of stunted aging, they never become "adults" because they're a different social class entirely or they thought it was a double entendre and 13 is the only group who weren't taught about sex, as a joke.

That dude who kept shopping blue horns onto Hiro last week must be having fun.

What if she's imitating 02/Hiro only to improve their sync rate? She seems to genuinely care about Mitsuru though

Not like she doesn't have the experience of being a MC.

I'm gonna be betting on spoiler

Seeing Goro suddenly realise he's feeling something but not what it was when Ichigo was breaking down in front of him was depressing as fuck. Someone needs to teach him how hugs work so he can give Ichigo a big one.

We are supposed to thing that they imply knowing about ponos and vagoo, but it will turned out to be some dark dystopian shit. Adults are all faceless and uniformed for a reason.

says how they dont reach adult.. then how are the childrens born?

>She seems to genuinely care about Mitsuru though
that pisses me off. she's too good for him.

what anime is this the plot of? it's like on the tip of my brain, but i can't remember