Why couldn't they just kiss in the end? Why did it end with blueballing the MC?

Why couldn't they just kiss in the end? Why did it end with blueballing the MC?

It was never a love story. It was about Shouya's reemergence from his shell.

Why the fuck would they kiss? It's not a romance.

She still fell in love with him.

not really, it starts as a path/way to redemption, but then, in the manga, MC saves her from committing suicide, and its honestly some bullshit at that point how she does not want to kiss him.

I feel really bad for people like you who can't enjoy a work that concerns different types of relationships between people without a kiss or some other symbol representing a romantic relationship at the end. It's childish.

The MC feels too guilty for what he has done to the girl. Even if she's in love with him the only thing he can think of is guilt and sadness, in fact at the start of the movie he wants to kill himself.
He doesn't stay with deaf girl because of love or because he actually wants to be friends, he does it because he wants to redeem himself.
However, now that he seems to be staring to get better he could actually fall in love

>girl confesses her love to him
>tries to kill herself because she felt rejected
>ending is literally them holding hands

He deserves to suffer more.

The MC wasn't blue-balled
we were
Within the confines of the story universe, they probably eventually would kiss or have sex
But because the story ends, we feel that they never do, because we aren't inside of the universe

Shouya will end up with Ueno anyways.

I was angry too. After all it's her who confessed first and the topic was ignored later. The ending while good overall felt a little dissapointing for me. Sure he changed and got friends but at the festival he was walking alone and everyone was at festival with friends/family.

I've just finished this manga after watching the movie and this one hit me particularly hard.
I agree. I wish there was more to it. I feel there could be more. I feel they should've fleshed out the main characters' relationship instead of focusing so much on some of their bullshit friends. In fact that's why I wanted to read the manga, to see if it was more complete on that front, but I was wrong unfortunately.

Also, I never thought a deaf girl could be so adorable. I actually wanted to protect Shoko's smile.
I also think sign language is awesome now.

>It's not a romance.
Except she confessed to him despite being very shy and by the end of the manga he was obviously in love with her. Not wanting her to leave, always finding excused to be with her, etc.


You guys fooled me thinking that shit was in the manga. Shame on you and shame on me.

I was pissed at first too, but as this user said, it was coming of age manga with some bits of romance to bait the readers.


How did he get blueballed? He pretty much had her at that point, but the focus is on him not the romance

Is this legit or a doujin?

Someone did read the extras.

Didn't of course, I am awful.

It's a doujin.

Where is this from? Reverse search yields no results.

Who doesn't like the moon?

movie ending >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> manga ending

Ordinarily I'd agree but Koe no Katachi doesn't benefit from telling that kind of story.