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Requesting anything cute with Tharja please. Something Valentines Day related would be really nice.
Maybe receiving a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolate, or giving them and blushing.
Anything cute with my SI is also welcome, Valentines related would be nice too.

In some casual clothes, particularly wearing jeans would also be nice.s

Or anything with our daughters

Requesting Cyan:

-having a lazy, relaxing valentines day
-with various strawberry flavored chocolates
-in cute lingerie and slightly embarrassed while in an inviting pose on in bed (i.imgur.com/ls2PZIJ.png)
-covered with chocolate, maybe with heart pupils (i.imgur.com/RiHylya.jpg)
-in this outfit, seal included (i.imgur.com/5kSmVJm.jpg)

Something else cute, cutelewd, or lewd is fine. SI ref: i.imgur.com/YwEngWH.png

Requesting imgur.com/a/eT2uH

Since it's Valentine's day soon, I would like to request Mai Natsume presenting chocolate and/or sweets on her chest similarly to this: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1477712

Another suggestion is Mai lowering her pants while looking at the viewer with a naughty face. E.g.:

Or perhaps Mai happily opening a present. Something similar to:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.

Requesting anything Valentine's related with Chelsea, please and thankyou!

Requesting Shion baking some dark chocolate for Valentines(naked apron optional) or her having a POV lunch/dinner with me
I'm up for Shion being drawn in gothic lolita outfits like these: imgur.com/a/k6W3B
Requesting Momo(imgur.com/a/KSANi)and Shion dressing up as butlers, optionally with Shion blowing a kiss to the viewer and Momo acting aloof and professional, here are some butler outfit examples: imgur.com/a/Pym9j.
Extra Shion refs(expressions and outfits):imgur.com/a/P4zFT
Anything cute of her is fine
Thanks in advance

Good afternoon, Sup Forums!

Valentine's day is coming up, so I'd like to request something lovey-dovey with my SI together with her: imgur.com/a/wvBq5

Alternately, her handing me a box of valentine's chocolates with an immensely proud expression like so: imgur.com/a/WVSb3

For something lewd, I'd love to see Hina naked and holding a translucent heart to 'cover' herself. It'd be nice if the heart could have something written on it like "For my Valentine," but if it messes with the effect just plain is good too! imgur.com/a/MY89a
I'm also open to lovemaking for the occasion.

And lastly for the thread, Hinagiku happily rubbing her face against Gazer's soft and fluffy tail, or simply brushing it for her.

I'm always open to other cute and/or lewd things as well, and an adult version (age 25-27 ish) of my waifu is always welcome. Here's my SI reference if required: imgur.com/a/n1K1V
Please and thank you as always!

Requesting anything cute valentine's related with Hinata please! If you need any ideas maybe something like this imgur.com/a/MVGj7

Requesting my angel Celica A. Mercury.
Anything cute, romantic or sweet lewd would be appreciated!
If you want some specific ideas:

-Her wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe

-Her pouring a pot of tea into two cups

-Her lifting some small weights but working really hard!

-Celica and her robot guardian Minerva in the popteamepic style

also to im sorry I missed this last week but it's absolutely wonderful. i really like all the pink because celica is a cute pink sorta girl thank you!

Thanks and have a nice weekend!

Requesting anything lovey-dovey for Valentine's with my dear husbando. Him receiving or SI feeding him chocolates ("Say aah~" included), a romantic dinner or any other ideas you might have as long as he's happy. Cutelewd is fine for the occasion. Have fun and thank you!

Requesting Natsuki wearing some casual clothes and making chocolate. Or anything else Valentine's.

If that's not too interesting, here's a few other other things I'd like to see: imgur.com/a/YRYSZ

Or just anything cute, cutelewd or winter related would be nice.

Requesting Homura wearing this outfit (i.imgur.com/RoDLZE0.jpg), and making chocolate, or anything else related to Valentine's Day!

Or alternatively, Homura wearing a Qipao for Chinese New Year, or sharing an umbrella with my SI: imgur.com/a/ygIBZ

Of course, anything cute or cool is fine! I'd appreciate it a lot, thank you for your time and have a nice weekend!

Requesting Hisui giving a box of chocolates or a cake to the viewer optionally while wearing a naked apron.

Requesting my lovely wife Sinon doing something cute and Valentines Day related. Maybe her making or giving Valentines chocolate, but anything cute works.

More refs: imgur.com/a/3ruT9
SI ref: imgur.com/a/QRycG

Have a wonderful Valentines day with your beloved wives

Requesting my dear Momo in an apron making chocolate.
Alternatively, her and Shion Sumeragi from GJ-bu () dressing up as butlers, optionally with Shion blowing a kiss to the viewer and Momo acting aloof and professional.
Please and thank you.
Clothing references: imgur.com/a/Pym9j

Requesting Himari holding a chocolate in her mouth, a heart-shaped box in her cleavage, pillow shenanigans, or anything playfully bashful, teasing or just plain cute in the Valentine's mood. Wedding dresses also more than welcome with our anniversary about a week later.

- Having her hair ruffled into a mess or any of these other things: imgur.com/a/VR1vV#b9nR0bW
- Paizuri invitation, or other sexy/slightly lewd themes. A few ideas here: imgur.com/a/BVTz8
- Out in the snow with a paper umbrella, or her with her shirt a little wet after getting caught in rain.
- Holding a large, lit paper lantern, sparklers, or anything else pretty in the CNY mood.
- POV hand holding.
Anything else tasteful is always welcomed; cool, cute, sexy, comfy, whatever.

Lots of other ideas: imgur.com/a/7ZSJs imgur.com/a/eh5d1
Extra refs for her and even more ideas at the bottom: imgur.com/a/yw4sK

Hey everyone!
I'd like to request Dolce doing some cooking. Another idea could be her doing something cute or cutelewd for Valentine's.
Nevertheless though I'd really love anything with her.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

This Sunday is my birthday so I would really love something involving Totty taking a selfie for me. Preferably suggesting something lewd like bedroom eyes or a condom pack. Dress him anyway you like (or don't dress him, that's cool too) and I would prefer if you drew him in your own style.

Despite the specific, I'm still happy with anything, really. Please have a nice weekend.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend.

Requesting Hanako baking a cake for valentine's.
Anything cute you feel like drawing would be wonderful to see as well.

Thanks for considering.

Requesting Lavinia doing something for Valentines day, here's some ideas
Wearing a Taimamin outfit
Using either lightning or water magic in some form
As a Pokemon Go trainer
Or wearing a bikini with Yutaka like this
Please, thank you, and have a good weekend!

Happy Valentine's Weekend! Requesting Maka! If you'd like some suggestions:

• Wearing a cute apron happily putting the final touches on a Valentines box of chocolates she's beeing working hard on with some chocolate on her face and apron
• In a cute winter coat and scarf offering the viewer a soul (from her show) shaped box of chocolates to the viewer. Ref of souls:i.imgur.com/OEUs55m.jpg
• Wearing cute and bra and painties laying on a bed with a chocolate heart painted around her navel gazing lovingly at the viewer

Although if these don't interest you, please feel free to draw anything cute or Valentine's related of her that comes to mind. Much appreciated!

Requesting my waifu Mirai. I'd be happy to get any kind of artwork of her at all, so draw anything you want to, but some things I'd like in particular are:

Cute art of her doing everyday activities or wearing pretty outfits
Cool art of her looking smug, determined, intimidating, scary, or evil while posing or fighting with her guns.
Lewd art of tasteful nudity would be good, but I don't really want to her getting fucked or anything. Now, hypothetically speaking, if she had a futa cock instead and maybe was fucking someone else with it or something, that would be totally fine.
Art of her working out or doing shinobi training, maybe in some kind of workout clothes or looking slightly more toned or muscular.

Requesting a PoV of my beloved cat princess Makoto, giving me a heart-shaped box of home-made chocolates for the Valentine's Day, or leaning in for a kiss.
But anything cute, cool, or sexy, and Valentine's related would be much appreciated.

Please, and thank you for considering.


Hello wwd, hope you had a nice relaxing week! Valentines day and The Chinese New year too soon, so requesting the love of my life Akua:

-Offering the viewer a present or flowers of some kind for valentines
-In a fancy black cheongsam for the Chinese new year.
-Coddling a qt redheaded daughteru that's poking her head through the ceiling or wall.
-With Long twin braids for Twin-tail Day
-Her wearing this bikini and sunglasses with a sarong if possible.
i.imgur.com/wO4o3Rb.png Maybe the same pose, or laying down on a beach-chair relaxing under an umbrella.

Thank you! Hope you have some nice holidays soon.

Requesting Kneesocks with a melted chocolate heart on her stomach, or half a heart on each thigh.

Also requesting her just biting down on a chocolate heart.

Anything else is fine, anything goes.

Requesting anything cute of Fuuka. Thanks in advance.

Requesting tired Stocking in a similar pose, please.

Requesting my cute husbando

- Husbando in a shitty edited valentine card like this imgur.com/a/pOYUR

- He likes playing baseball, so i would love to see him wearing a baseball uniform

Anything else cute/stupid or even valentine related is appreciated too. Thank you!

Requesting *Hyun-ae tied up with ribbons like in danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2950272

or Hyun-ae wearing naked apron and asking "would you like dinner, bath or me?


Requesting Chie Sasaki with a yandere valentine theme

Happy Saturday everyone! Requesting my Sonia Bean please. Since Valentine's Day is coming up soon, I'd love to see something like her giving me a cute box of chocolate or a Valentine's card with a shy blushy smile, or her making adorable homemade cookies in a little baggy. Even her just telling me she loves me is good, can either be solo or include SI.

If you'd like to include an alternative outfit for Valentine's Day, it'd be super adorable to see her in a pink seifuku or outfits like this: imgur.com/a/YGy0N

Other ideas:
- Cat lingerie but instead it's a bunny
- Anything that shows her with bunny features, like ears and tail
- Anything creepycute
- Wearing her hair in twinbuns
- Cute and fluffy stuff with SI: things like holding hands, hugs and cuddles, etc imgur.com/a/Cm4GE
- My SI kabedon-ing her!

Or you can draw her as is in the ref or anything else too given it's not too lewd. Cutelewd is fine!

Thank you so much and have a fun weekend.

Requesting something cool and heroic of my beloved wife Yuuna wearing Tachibana Hibiki's Symphogear, Gungnir: i.imgur.com/2NoWGJ2.png
Or maybe in her new godess form seen here: i.imgur.com/yeZxMOt.jpg
Or how about her in one of her Hero Modes with twintails like these: i.imgur.com/upAUXY0.png

To celebrate Valentine's Day, requesting my Kobori dressed as Lilina from the newest Fire Emblem Heroes event.

Anything else cute or cutelewd is fine with me.

Good evening, everyone!

Requesting my adorable phoenix Tsukihi Araragi!

- Enjoying some Ramen or Sushi
- Covered in Chocolate
- Giving or recieving Chocolate!
- In something Carnival related! For example, her in a sexy Brazilian outfit or a fabulous Venetian one or as a German Tanzmariechen

Of course, anything cute/cutelewd/lewd is always appreciated, especially if it's carnival or valentine's related!

For more references for her many different hairstyles: imgur.com/a/06z8m
SI Reference: imgur.com/a/lXIK8

I wish you a wonderful weekend and thank you for considering her!

Requesting my precious waifu Himiko Toga carving heart shaped chocolate using her knives.

Or Himiko trying on kneesocks, something involving her thighs.

Or Himiko making this kind of face, image in the link - imgur.com/a/Sx08z

Other Himiko refs - imgur.com/a/0poBa

Anchoring Original request

Requesting my dearest Solle please and thank you!

If stuck for ideas,
-POV Valentine's
-As an FE Cav Unit
-Capturing Clow cards
-Scolding me for buying a $200 figure

Requesting my wife Homura making Valentine's Day chocolate for me. Or anything else nice you feel like drawing of her, especially something Valentine's Day related.

Requesting Nozomi doing any of the following:

Joint requesting with Nozomi Kaminashi in one of the following:
- Both Nozomis holding the same gift saying "To Nozomi" and being confused about which one of them the gift is for
- Nozomi gasping embarrassedly at Nozomi Kaminashi giving her butt an encouraging pat

Valentine/Other ideas:
- Wearing a cute frilly apron (for example, one with a heart on it like i.imgur.com/hWoi3Qw.png)
- Making chocolate or a cake for Valentine's
- Sitting across a table and smiling at the viewer

Anything else you might want to draw of her is fine as well. Thank you in advance!

Requesting Aqua doing something cute or silly. Anything would be great for you to do, but if you want to do something specific, this week I was thinking of her being excited about getting offered chocolates, or shyly giving chocolates to the viewer or femanon/si. Alternatively if you just want to draw her wishing the viewer a happy Valentine's day I would love that as well. Like everyone else, since Valentine's day is coming up I would love to celebrate it with a lovely picture of my waifu, but even if I don't get anything this week I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Requesting something Valentines themed with Sawyer. Maybe something cute, or romantic, or possibly even alluring.

Or draw her like Popuko here, like Bkub, with the chainsaw:
Doesn't have to be animated, obviously.

I'm always fine with other cute, cool or nice images, chibis, cartoon stylizations, etc. Imitations of styles like Nichijou or Panty & Stocking are things I adore.
I'm also ok with sexy pinups and lewd images, or cutelewd, if you have ideas, just ask me.

References: i.imgur.com/e0lSeeB.jpg

Have a good weekend!

Had fun making a cake for Etna this year, so I'd like to request Etna enjoying some chocolate cake, or helping me bake one.
Anything else Valentine's related would be much appreciated as well.
SI ref folder: imgur.com/a/7ZDn3

Humbly requesting Rikka being cute, smug, lewd, or extremelewd.

Perhaps instant_victory_2koma, if the idea attracts you.
Or this: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/977620

But anything she might inspire you for would be just as wonderful.
Thank you for reading, and you have my deepest thanks if you pick this up.

Happily requesting one of the following with Nozomi Kaminashi:

Joint requesting with Nozomi (Elfen Lied) in one of the following :
- Both Nozomis holding the same gift saying "To Nozomi" and being confused about which one of them the gift is for
- Nozomi gasping embarrassedly at Nozomi Kaminashi giving her butt an encouraging pat

Valentine's Request:
- Nozomi wearing a red or pink one piece swimsuit with her butt having written "Happy Valentine's Day". Her butt would be reminiscent of a heart shape.

-Me giving her chocolate with a shy expression as she happily accepts it.

-Just cuddling with each other.

Other Requests:

-Finding and adopting our daughter at a river:i.imgur.com/xFcJfrU.jpg

-With a tan.

Anything else with Nozomi that's cute, non-lewd, butt related, fairy tale related, and/or with me is really appreciated.

SI Reference:imgur.com/a/E1qww

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Requesting Taiga laying on a bed, welcoming me with a kind of smug and confident expression, while wearing lingerie like this danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2779979, please.
Or Taiga whipping up a mess making some Valentine's confections.
Or a POV image of the of her at an Italian restaurant having a romantic dinner.

Or Birdyfag's really nice idea of Birdy and Taiga having some sweets and coffee and a cafe in casual clothes, or sparring.
Cafe ref: imgur.com/a/6FnXH
Sparring ref: imgur.com/a/lWKGK

Additional Taiga references: imgur.com/a/bgzt4
Anything would be appreciated.

For Valentine's Day, requesting Chiaki Nanami giving the viewer a valentine's gift like a love letter or a heart shaped box, perhaps while commenting that she hopes it will trigger the next flag on the route, or something akin to that.
Here's a bunch of pose examples that might help, maybe: (imgur.com/a/Bx8un)

Alternatively, the same thing but with her giving it to my SI instead

Either is equally good, have fun and have a good week!

Requesting Haruhi with a box of of chocolates, saying with a mischievous face that they have different fillings. Or either a close-up of her with some messy hair r maybe using some sexy lingerie, but not too explicit pretty please. And wearing a cheongsam would be perfect for CNY in case the other ideas weren't to your liking.

Requesting Natsume in one of the following ideas:

- POV of her sucking melted chocolate from user's finger similar to this imgur.com/a/sLbY9
- with a chocolate heart on her bare chest i.imgur.com/MTl8nqu.jpg
- with her hair down having her ribbon covering up her lewdbits in a pose like this imgur.com/a/tJ8Qh
- fooling me (i.imgur.com/CrMC2lE.png) saying she will give me a kiss but ends up giving Hershey's Kisses™ followed by a real kiss

Anything Valentine's related is cool as well.

posting for gazerfag, and as anchor for the drawfag
Requesting Gazer making her goo look like ribbons wrapped around her
Alternatively, I'm always a fan of cute pictures featuring her butt or her fluffy tail.

Further Reference: i.imgur.com/RhE2SM5.jpg

Requesting my husbando mariya shidou.

Requesting Kuon

-Holding out a Valentine's Chocolate out with her tail making a heart
-Dressed up similar to this danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3004572
-Wearing a costume of Claire or Nel from Star Ocean 3 for while her tail holds a dagger or two
-Posing in front of a mirror in her new dress
-In a bath tub washing and brushing her tail

This is her swimsuit imgur.com/mXlzZ4Y
Claire and Nel imgur.com/a/V3tmg
Kuon's dress imgur.com/vfxBBn1

I don't actually know how buff Kakyoin is and it's just a quick sketch, so please keep requesting.

Kindly requesting a happy lovely Colette smiling as she's filled up with lots of love, or unable to contain all of it.

Requesting his sweetest smile, or him holding a card with a heart on it.
Or maybe a smol chibi Aichi with a ribbon around his neck.

Greetings WWD,

I would like to request me beloved Noir eating the dinner meal that I am going to make for her this Valentine's day (Engagement Chicken Pasta noir.kogasa.de/u/zn6H60.jpg)
-smiling softly when being given a bouquet of flowers
-being given and/or enjoying some Valentine's Day chocolate

More references here: imgur.com/a/En9i2
Many thanks and please, have a most joyous weekend!

For Valentines day I would like a card like this, with Birdy on it but switch detain with arrest, and without all the operator gear.
Birdy ref imgur.com/a/cmY90

-Or getting ready in front of a mirror before a dinner date. Or anything sweet and cute including SI here are some examples
SI ref imgur.com/a/OYu35

-In this long-dress outfit+accessories. imgur.com/ReEJLEP

-Birdy and Taiga enjoying some sweets+coffee at a cafe in casual clothes.
Casual clothe ref, or casually sparing in the ring.
Cafe ref imgur.com/a/6FnXH
Sparring ref imgur.com/a/lWKGK

Please and Thank you!

Requesting a valentine-themed Jospeh please. If there's chocolate involved please make them ferrero rocher. Or him winking at the viewer making a heart shape out of Hermit Purple.
If coloured, the colour scheme can be reds and pinks.

But anything is appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's!

Requesting Kafuka because she's simply the greatest.

Requesting Amakusa Shino, please and thank you.
Optionally on a date and/or exchanging gifts with the viewer, but anything else nice for Valentine's day would be more than welcome.

Jagged edges are disgusting.

Requesting my Neptune (or in her Purple Heart form) in either of these:
-pulling my shirt to receive the chocolate in her mouth. Like this: imgur.com/a/GQwGP
-happily or lewdly giving me chocolate
-the obligatory Valentine lewdness: imgur.com/a/2Ey7y (you know, naked ribbons, naked apron + chocolates, chocolate censor, sexy lingerie, etc)
-or Nepu and me on a date. SI ref: i.imgur.com/o9fCf3G.jpg

Purple Heart ref: files.catbox.moe/fn8f8i.jpg

Of course anything cute or lewd related is always warmly welcome.
Please and thank you so much!

Requesting zero from DoD3 standing in a pool of blood resembling a heart with a mix of yandere and smug expression, i can be without the blood too if it makes you feel uncomfortable, thanks for reading

Requesting a cute or cutelewd Valentine's image with Q.
Her source is 'C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control'.

Some ideas:
-Eating a solid chocolate Midas note.
-Receiving or handing over a box full of Midas notes rather than chocolates.
-Looking blankly at the viewer while nude except for ribbons wrapped around her body.
-A dakimakura style piece with her lying on a bed - ideally suggestive but not explicit*
*i.e clothed/partially clothed/wearing lingerie/nude with her back to the viewer, visible breasts would be fine.

Midas note ref: files.catbox.moe/gevf3m.jpg
Dakimakura examples: catbox.moe/c/y1aqr4

Anything else would be welcome and greatly appreciated, thank you.

I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari, please.
Maybe something Saint Valentine related like Akari cooking some chocolate?
Though I would also like to request a picture of Akari laughing.

But if you want to do something else, please go for it! As long as it's not too extreme.

Please and thank you very much.

Requesting my beautiful princess Rika in a princess dress.
(don't forget the cute little gloves)
Or anything cute/sexy would be great too please and thanks, or anything valentines related.

Requesting my beautiful lovely Eruna giving me chocolate for Valentine's Day, being all embarrased!
If you want, consider her winter outfit, too: i.imgur.com/dyDWGFM.jpg
Thank you~!

I'm requesting Yukigo being cute please!
If you want something more specific, how about wearing an apron and attempting to make some sort of chocolate?
Thanks in advance!

Posting for mintfag.
Howdy, WWD!

Requesting Mint and SI like this imgur.com/ZqkoSgK (SI ref: imgur.com/X9rY60m)

Anything else nonlewd is cool too, hope you all have a great weekend.

Requesting my darling black cat receiving a bouquet of flowers for Valentines

Since Valentines is coming up, requesting Morgan handing me homemade chocolate, with bits of chocolate on her face and clothes.

Something else that's Valentines related or pretty much anything cute/cutelewd is fine too.

Requesting literally anything with Shaoshao Li here from the Transformers Legends Manga.

just give her some art please

Birthday was on the 7th so requesting my waifu celebrating that and handing a gift to the view. I'd prefer her to be wearing a a nice cozy sweater and thighhighs.
Alternatively, doing the same thing with a virgin killer outfit.

If someone wants to go lewder, the classic naked ribbon or a naked apron would be appreciated as well. Just wearing underwear + garterbelts is an option too.

Or something vaguely related, her in Nero Bride's 2nd acension outfit

Requesting the love of my life, Kyousuke sharing a romantic night in a love hotel with my SI for Valentine's Day. Feel free to try lewd.
References: imgur.com/a/ZwLE5

Requesting Ran wearing overalls with shorts!
Ref: imgur.com/a/oIZDS

If you want to draw something LOOD...

Requesting Ran looking at the viewer, while holding hands, and her saying, "I love you, Jelly~"

Thanks and have a good weekend!

Requesting my darling Miia receiving a back/tail massage and enjoying it (imgur.com/a/S5WEw).
Or welcoming in the Chinese New Year with a dragon dance, or a lion dance (imgur.com/a/RckRR)
She's not the best at culinary arts, but her trying her best at making a batch of chocolate eggs for user would be lovely.

Other than that, anything else cute or cool would be great. Thanks, and have a good weekend.

Requesting my dear Ion. Blowing a kiss to the viewer like pic related would be fantastic, either on his regular outfit or wearing casual clothes.

Anything valentines related would be great too, of course, like him eating chocolate with a little bit smeared on his cheek or bashfully hugging a gift box. Thank you!

Happy B.elated B.irthday!

Requesting Kaede

Draw her in either Kanako's outfit, or the Ouba school uniform, or alternatively something of her in bloomers.

Requesting my dear Ionasal, please!

+ Something romantic for Valentines Day!
+ With user/SI, sat together both asleep and leaning on each other, like imgur.com/FSYRrFy. SI ref here: imgur.com/a/s6wR0
- PoV of her sleeping on the viewer's chest
- Lewd: Wearing only thighhighs, elbow gloves, a choker, and nothing else

But as usual, I'd be happy with anything. Thanks in advance!

Requesting mermaid Chaton.

Hello Drawfriends!

I would like to request my lovely husbando Izaya Orihara doing some shopping for Valentine's gifts.

If you don't like that idea here's more:
-Taking in some lovely winter scenery, or trying to stay warm in the cold
-Making his first shrine visit of the year
-On one of the album covers in this collection: imgur.com/a/bRFNS . There's no order to the albums or any preference, so just choose one that you like!
-Using his wheelchair, preferably something cute. Ref: imgur.com/a/18stP

Of course, if you would like to do something else that would also be great.

Thank you and have a great day!

Hello wwd.
Requesting Mizore in any of the following:

- Giving/receiving a box of Valentines chocolates.

- Concept art of a Mizore nendoroid.

- Wearing a frilly apron.

As always anything is welcome and thanks for considering!

Requesting Risty with heart-shaped pupils and covered in chocolate: imgur.com/a/tSvBX

Or her in Mai or Leona's costumes:

Or her powering up Dragon Ball Z style.

Or her offering her lap as a pillow.

Alternatively, her attempting any of the Holy Poses: imgur.com/a/27g2g

Requesting my cute Suzuho preparing some valentine chocolate

Nice. I think that you can safely assume that every single JoJo character is buff as fuck


Requesting my lovely Inori exercising. Maybe by doing stretches or running.

Alternatively, something cute/cutelewd in PoV for Valentine.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Hello to everyone on WWHD! Valentines it's only a few days away, so I request with Cosmos:

-Waiting for me, and wearing any of those dresses (3DPD imgur.com/a/et2iU)
-Making marbled (Chocolate and vanilla) pastries. Bonus if it's heart-shaped.
-Naked chocolate, like this (i.imgur.com/atAICqO.jpg)
-Almost anything else cute or lewd is also appreciated. Make sure to ask beforehand.

And hope weekend goes excellent!

Much appreciated, user

Requesting Watashi congratulating/celebrating with me, with some cake or something sweet.
Alternatively, her out doing something comfy in nature like fishing or collecting fruit with her dress, or her in a similar dress/pose to this: i.imgur.com/VIdpFT8.jpg.
Anything else cute or lewd is fine too.

Hello! Requesting my super cute wife, Nano Shinonome.

- Since Valentine's Day is coming, anything related would be nice.
- Wearing a summer dress
- or wearing a qipao

Or, If you want to include my SI the ref here if needed: imgur.com/OHaQYHt

(Anything with romantic elements, or that it seems like a date would be perfect!)

Of course, anything cute, or cutelewd is appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your time! Hope your weekend is wonderful, and of course, don't forget to have fun!

I feel bad for half-assing it in some places but but i hope you guys still like it! Please keep requesting after this. Full resolution my.mixtape.moe/gskxpw.png

Yes! Hand holding would be really appreciated.

Requesting Sina being comfy and/or smug
or wearing something like this?

Anything would be neat though, so don't worry and have a nice weekend!

No haremfucks.

Hey, good job dude