Utaha = Megumi >>> Eriri > Michiru

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>Utaha = Megumi
i don't know im pretty sure they're different people?

Megumi > izumi > trash >Utaha=Eriri>Michiru

What were they thinking when they were designing Utaha's body?

Megumi > everyone but I respect other's opinions.

They were thinking with their dick.

Utaha > Megumi > Michiru > Izumi >>> Eriri


Would take the chance and cum on her body and fondle her tits.


Reminder that she still has a chance.

Sameface = sameface

And so does Utaha.

Nope because Tomoya never loved Utaha.

And? What part of unbelievable conclusions do you not understand? Literally anything can happen, not just your delusional Eriri fanboy fantasies.

Why is Eriri so unpopular compared to Megumi and Utaha?

You need to actually think to appreciate her character.


OP I love you.
ignore and report all megumi and riri shills


Awful taste. Megumi >= Eriri > Izumi > Utaha > Michiru

Wait what? Is that what I think it is? Take all of my money, Maruto.

It isn't. It can be literally anything.

Eriri for comfy life and cute kids.

Because she's dogshit

Your kids would be titlets

Eriri is much more popular than Utaha

But by the end she's the nicest girl in the series.

Just let the thread die, Eriritard.

No, I'll continue to enjoy how Eriri is still such a major part of the series.


They are more likable than Eriri

Your point being?

Her personality and the stupid visible fang trope

Generic twintails tsundere

Name one twintail tsundere like Eriri.

Best girls

Megumi's breasts are too big.

This is cute!

Obviously they were thinking about the ideal female form.

Is Utaha peak belly perfection?

Her swimsuit barely even fits.

This user gets it.

The only good thing about Utaha are her Utahas.

Iori Mayu = Megumi >= Eriri > Izumi > Utaha > Michiru


and thank goodness for that

Thirsty AF

The thirstiest

Not as thirsty as Megumi.

I"m thirsty too lads. I wouldn't mind a nice, tall, warm glass of Utaha juice right now, if you catch my drift.


Reminder that there is a new Koisuru Metronome chapter out.


Eriri > Megumi > Izumi > Michiru > Utaha

Utaha is a joke. Maruto agreed, don't bother him about it.

i thought this was a show about a pantyhose goddess, where the fuck is it?

It's a show about bare legs.

Megumi>everyone and everyone else is a stupid beta cuck fag who shouldn't even post



I wish the bigger version got desampled instead.



but she lost in the LN, i don't want her to win any where else.

The movie has potential for animated sex.

but still i wanted her to win in the LN only and because she lost there she should lose everywhere else.

all of them. (though none of them are a childhood friend.)

Eriri > everyone else. Not close

everyone else >>> Eriri

Eriri > Megumi > Utaha >Michiru > Shit >>> Izumi

you are both wrong.

Izumi shouldn't really be competing. She's in her own class, strictly for cuddles.

It would be hard to keep it at just cuddles with this body.

Eriri is the cutest.


Perfect if you switch Utaha and Izumi around.

So in the novels does Eriri even come close or does she just get fully btfo? What about the other girls? How bad is it?


So who was the Sup Forums favourite while this was airing? I'm assuming Eriri or Utaha

And if not, she still has her spin-off.
Ignore the Mayu fags.

utaha >= michiru > megumi > everyone else not named

i believe it was Megumi actually.

Megumi during S1.

Oh? That's surprising actually

what is this anime about


Always Megumi.

>people still cheering for Eriri
You people are pathetic.

Eriri gets a thorough lecture from Utaha on why she will never, ever win and she starts bawling uncontrollably.

>“Ten years, you know? It’s been ten years since I met him, you know…?”

>“It’s eleven years, to be more accurate.”

>“Even so, why? Why? Why?”

>“I’m not sure…”

>“If it’s ten years, of course there are going to be times when we hate each other, right? It’s bound to happen, right?”

>“Well, of course…”

>“If a single moment of hesitation can be something so fatal, then isn’t having a long history a huge disadvantage?”

>“If you failed, that is.”

>“That’s, unfair…”

also is it heavy on the ecchi part

i like ecchi harem comedies, it has these tags too.

i'll give it a watch

Creating divisions that irrevocably destroy any harmony that's left within the anime community.

Izumi > all

it's sole purpose is to initiate waifu wars. I watched episodes 0 & 1 and wanted to like it, but it didn't click with me. But I have a soft spot for blonde twintails and ZR so Eriri is my favorite.

>Always Megumi.

Not true. In the first two or three Utaha was the most popular, but then episode 3 aired and Megumi blew the competition away.

Being an Eriri fag is suffering


>Utaha is mostly irrelevant second half of the story
>Tomoya never loved her
>But Utaha is self-deluded, thinking that he did
>Losing to Mayu in her own spinoff
If anything, being Utaha is suffering and with a dose of being bullied. At least with Eriri she was Tomoya's first love and got decent closure. Plus, better development and relevance than Utaha could hoped to have.

While we’re on the topic, did Tomoya actually ever understand how Utaha was confessing to him when she asked what end he wanted for the story? Was he aware he was “rejecting” her by saying she should finish it by herself?

Tomoya always knew Utaha and Eriri liked him, but he never put together that Sayuka was based on Utaha, so it's doubtful he realized that nuance.

If he was already aware, why didn’t he ever go out with any of them? He seemed to be hung up about Eriri for the most part.

Are you guys referring to what happened in volume 11? IIRC, Utaha rejected the happy ending that Tomoya wrote. In the end, Tomoya understood that the difference they have then and there separated them as Creators walking different paths. I don't think the idea of confession or the like crossed his mind since it was serious Creator drama.

It's complicated. He's always dreamed of being a creator, so he's jealous of them and feels subordinate. The incident with Eriri traumatized him into not trusting girls, and it's only through Megumi that he gets over it.

It would be great does something great for her but I don't hold my breath.