Show gives you a chance to drop it

>show gives you a chance to drop it

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Never, not when Oni is bestgirl.


the real suffering is about to begin

That fucking stare of determination.
What an alpha.

I think I'll take it

Why would I drop it when it made me growing stronger?

I'm never dropping this show, i love the ED way too fucking much.

Is she trying to off herself with diabetes?

Because it sure looks like that.

Same, I like the 90s sound.

god bless the user that made this

She needs to replenish her yellow blood cells.

Brilliant user.

Ahh, that makes sense!

>those transitions into the ED

Picked up.

Hiro's becoming a half Klax like 02.

Blue shit on his heart -> Klax core (also called a heart)
Yellow cells -> Klax cores have yellow shit inside them

>Klax cores have yellow shit inside them

Welp. They did extract the stuff in the first episode, though. If it's some sort of genetic material needed to create parasites...

>dropping yandere Dinobot wife mech simulator
Anyway man is going to lose his humanity,and then fuck off with best girl to do whatever.
At least he got what he wanted.

So does this also mean that after he goes full blue Oni, will he be able to pilot solo, and will he also become a partner killer?

>Or as I've taken to calling it Oni + Aids



Kino shot tbqh

>oni d
>if they never turn into adults, how are new parasites born?
>hiro is actually pregnant with a oni baby

>wanting off the wild ride
I'm staying till the end.

i will love you even if you have aids

>" were awful"
It was perfect

So to be her darling she has to make you a klaxosaur just like her?
Is my boy Hiro gonna grow a giant fucking horn?

Hell yeah I want to ride this shit into the fucking floor, based trigger

Is the theme of this anime supposed to be "don't stick your dick in crazy?" Because I REALLY want to put my dick in crazy.

There is a legitimate chance Ichigo and 002 might turn into Yandere's and kill each other for the MC

No the theme of the anime is that stupid bird metaphor

yeah no. ichigo can't do shit against 02.

No the theme is 'God damn we need to sell our youth on relationships because we're dying out'

Ichigo couldn't even stop 02 from walking away, what makes you think a fight would end with anything other than 02 bathing in Ichigo's blood?

Punished Zero Two, a slut denied her humanity

Just picked this up yesterday
>"You were awful."
>all the crazy shit in this episode
We're really getting 24 episodes of this? I'm not ready for this ride.

Are they going to fuck up and lose the plantations in the upcoming battle?

Will Hiro be succ'd dry? Next episode is going to be GOAT when Oni disables the inhibitors

>girl is a slut that shes had been with countless men
>you ride her 3 times
> get aids

why is this show so based


That initial piano melody reminds me of another anime soundtrack but I cannot for the life of me remember where from...

Dude, update your memes.
We've just had strelitzias in that little garden of theirs.

Is it because she poked him with the oni horns? They didn't even use contraception.

The absolute mad man

I am not flower user, he killed himself after episode 4 because his work was complete

>Zero Two says she's going to be living with them.
>Hurr she doesn't care if he dies.

Plunge into the chaotic unknown with bravery and maybe you'll come out alright.

This is a Trigger show, you knew what you were getting into from the start.

ED release when?

Except it's not.

It's an A1 show with Trigger being outsourced to do the action bits from time to time.

the theme is "you should consider putting your dick in crazy"


So satisfactory

>Gets replaced when the 2nd cour arc beings

>he thought his work was done after episode 4
>but now we need him more than ever
Why was he such a fool?

Webm where?




March 28th


>tfw actually had it saved
I'm becoming forgetful like 02!

>64 posts
>48 posters
Damn. You guys are pretty engaged with this show, hm?

That's not a bad lesson. Sometimes the best way to make progress is to throw yourself into a situation that is hard to get out of. Going into basic training as a lazy NEET helped me a lot.

Is it weird that I want to touch it? Looks like a pleasant texture.

>that frame where Ichigo's eyes narrow

>Oni, the red horned Klexosaurushybrid

>all this muh rain
someone going to die next chapter and it will start raining

I was skeptical about it, only started watching today.
Before I knew it, the five episodes were over and holy hsit why isn't it next week already

Red herring, they want you to think 02 has him her web, but he was in control all along

Its really simply stating it as the chaotic, but it has the flip side of also resulting in failure because of the inherent nature of chaos. Mitsuru went into into the situation with arrogance and lack of awareness of the danger he'd be put in, and now he's suffering/dying because of it. Hiro went into it afraid, but willing to take on the potential failure. And now, its being implied that because of that Hiro is undergoing a (literal) transformation.

It rains blue blood every time they kill a klaxosaur.

It is going to rain red next episode.
Place your bets.

I'm here because of the bandwagon.

actual rain
that will wash the blue blood from all the franxx for pottery sake

It does feel like he's acting.

But I'm enjoying the punished Hiro arc, why would I want off?

The tast of danger

I feel like it's had its ups and downs but I'm strapped in for the ride fully aware of the possibility of trainwreck.


She was cute in that nightdress.

I'm here just to shitpost

>02 literally manipulated Hiros emotions so badly that he wants to die
>people will defend this

He wanted to die well before he even knew her. She gave him a reason to live.

He didn't want to live, now at least he has reason to die.

Beware of Mitsuru.......

Ichigo will turn herself into an oni to fight 02 as her equal

Can they let my main nigga Goro please catch a break

Ichigo is not worth all this heartache


This show has yet to have it's impact moment.

I know episode 6 will be wild but if that shit doesn't deliver nothing will.


he wanted to die the moment he didn't manage to link with naomi, he doesn't love 02 or anything, but if she's the only one that he can ride he doesn't care if it kills him

I honestly think the love triangles are the weakest shit the show has to offer. But whatever, I'm getting too old for anime.

Hiro doesn't care about 02 he just wants to ride
02 doesn't care about Hiro she just wants to escape
Truly the greatest love story ever told

He exists to suffer

>he doesn't love 02
>I didn't watch episode 4