What kind of face is she making here?

What kind of face is she making here?

The "this is a blatant Eureka Seven ripoff anime" face

The couldn't you asshole post this shit in one of the six threads already up face.

Is it just me or was 02 considerably more creepy this episode?

You only, her manic looks and laughs were super cute

Why bother ripping off from a rip off?

How many times can you watch "dude mecha and teenage sexual anxiety"

If it continues with the beautiful visual direction of this episode, then forever.

She has been creepy from the very beginning. People are just disregarding this because of their boners

[I see no difference between people and things]

An "I'm being a woman and fuck you" face.

I see someone is bumping darling threads out of the last pages one by one

But her being creepy only makes my boner stronger. If I get to pick between just assertive normal 02 and full on MGQ-tier rape oni I'll pick the latter.

God she's beautiful.

>13 posts 12 IPS

She just let out a particularly smelly fart and is looking to see if anyone says anything about it.

02 is being called evil? lol, don't know if people are watching the same show as I do but I've heard some riddiculous statements.

Firstly if you have some fucking brains, 02 seems to have some past trauma in regards of being reagrded as a monster. So her going like that towards bitch Ichigo is obvious, besides Ichigo needs to move on and fuck off. I seriously hate her bitchy and bossy attitude.

And has someone paid attention to Michiru? You know the dude is mentally not stable, just mark my words he has a dangerous and shitty mind.

Instead people are bitching about 02 and why she went evil, of course she would react like that. If you fucking grow some brains then you would understand her reaction.

1. She's discriminated and being seen as a monster
2. nobody understands her
3. She's far more mature and knows that they are being used and abused.

02 is too good for this shitty show and nobody seems to understand her reaction,

instead they pitty Ichigo because what02 said to her. OMG what a bunch of kids.

She was staring Goro down because she knows that he knows how sick Hiro really is.

He is the only one who knows enough to ruin her fun.

>She was staring Goro down because she knows that he knows how sick Hiro really is.

And Mitsuru and bossy Ichigo are a pope/nurse with their shitty attitude, kindly go fuck yourself.

What the actual fuck are you trying convey with this word salad? Jesus, think before you post subhuman.

Sheer disdain and contempt.

Sick of being seen as a monster and wondering why anybody expects her to care deeply about them when it's clear what they really think of her.

>he doesn't know about Ple/Ple2
Anemone is herself a rip-off.

It's just you.

002 isn't creepy. She's vivacious.

Well fuck me

>leave my darling alone

>"Are these motherfuckers weak or are these motherfuckers strong? I can't decide whether to give a shit about them. I'm keeping my distance and we will see."

She looks displeased but inquisitive.

Disdain for plebs

I really liked this shot. You got to see how someone other than Hiro views 02.

Rip-off? I think you're the rip-off waifu around here. You're comparing yourself to me... ha! You're not even good enough to be

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Its not like a marketing organisation is shilling on Sup Forums

The face that shows disdain for plebs.

Watch more anime.

>tfw will never get to walk in the arctic tundra with Oni