Dragon Ball Super

Why is 17 so based?


>jiren's backstory 3 episodes before the end of the arc

50 episodes too late, but nice try. I'm glad this shit is ending in march.


Would Super Saiyan Rage Trunks be able to defeat Android 17?

Look at this dude

Keru is a revolting piece of shit that needs to be abused maliciously. She's a knuckle-dragging barrel of monkey spunk that exists to be degraded and humiliated.

>T-Too late

t. spic

How strong was he back then? Was he living with Toppo?

Remember Caulifriends, it's your civic duty to post all of your lewds

>shilling your dead porn thread with 20 posters
The cutegang everyone lmao

Is it autism?

No need to samefag Superbaby, it's the truth

Why the OC so edgy?

Why do they look so young now?

Cause it's made by an autistic spic.

Android 17 and 18 have bigger eyes and mouths in Super, which draws attention away from their foreheads.

Reminder that broly is beautiful.

>Blue kawaii vegeta exists to make vegeta equal to kaioken blue goku
>Blue vegeta defeated GoD Toppo
>Kefla as a SS1 is comparable to the spirit bomb
>The spirit bomb was goku's trump card and gave jiren more trouble than KKX20
SS2 Kefla > > spirit bomb > Goku Blue kaioken = Kawaii vegeta > GoD Toppo

>el grande padre killed jirens race
>jiren has been training ever since to defeat him
>by the end of the tournament of power he'll get goku to unlock ui again and both of them will fight el grande padre
>they both lose and then gohan blanco has to step in

Screencap this

Quads confirm.

>being this triggered about a single character's existence

What is even the point of this character?

>Jiren is literally Superman, only survivor of his planet and raised by farmers who taught him the path of justice.

He's cute.

How strong is GoD toppo supposed to be?

he casually one shotted golden freeza and belmod said he was no diff from a GoD

Would you say toppo > ssb kkx20?

>Goten say hi to your new thug sister!

Fusion fodder. We've already seen that he doesn't amount to anything in EoZ.

Thank you for the raffs.


To be Trunks's friend.

What was the purpose of this erasure facade if the super dragonballs will just bring everyone back?

>yfw Jiren is only 18 years old.



They look cute together.

It's not like Super is fooling anybody at this point, not after the FT arc ending.
>holy shit Trunks' sntire timeline was erased now he has nowhere to go
>never mind he can just build himself a new time line by being sent back in time with the help of Whis

Probably. Toppo was also holding back because he didn't want to get disqualified for killing him. It also makes Frieza's claims about reigning over Beerus and the other gods look utterly ridiculous. Toppo fucking shit on him, so Beerus would squash him like an ant.

What was the point of bringing freeza back?

>being this triggered about a single character's non-existence

That's even worse, buddy. Get some help.

yeah but his timeline is still gone. Those kids, his bulma, the survivors he knew will be gone and he has to live with that.

Here they will just wish everyone back and nobody will have to deal with guilt or anything

>so Beerus would squash him like an ant.
You needed confirmation to know that?

I'm all ready for our boy's destiny in tonight's episode.
It's been a wild ride 17bros, and It's been an honor riding it with you.


I fucking hated those stupid kids from the resistance. I for one am mighty glad that they are gone forever excepting their alternate universe selves.

17 is bordering gary stu levels in Super, but I can enjoy this simply due to the fact I really fucking hate future Trunks.

He needs to be stopped.

Jiren can't step to this

>Defending DBS
>Not the most spic thing you can do on Sup Forums

Look at the ears. I want to say he may have even been raised by Toppo or Toppos family and grown up as a brother to him at the least.

>choose your spouse

Goku and Vegeta could fuse and probably beat jiren in their bluer form but "muh saiyan pride" and "waku waku" prevent them

Beerus needs to hakai these retards

EGP himself will make sure to personally "take care of" Goku.

If Goku Black was Goten his existence would've been justified. He would be a cool evil counterpart to Mirai Trunks. Instead, we get the gay kaioshin who was in love with Goku

Gohan Black would have been even better.

Dragon ball shouldn't make an anime again.

Just make a movie every other year with some OVA's throw in and video games

I don't think Goten even exists in FT timeline.

>push her hard as fuck during the bog, rof and the future trunks arc
>immediately forget about her afterwards
Why? You'd at least expect the Pilaf gang to be on the island with Goten and Trunsk.

He can't Goku would have died well before he could have pumped another one into Chichi

>17fags actually going out in grace and not complaining or reacting in a toxic way like Gohanfags

This is why people ended up liking 17 and simply tolerating/loathing Gohanfags for a whole season.

No salt or spilt milk when 17 goes out for his fans.

How does Goku react to his own son being so evil?

He doesn't. Goku died long before he knocked up Chi Chi again in that timeline.

So far this is only a problem with the anime.

He will get his boat

Kale, only cause broly would kill me if I looked at him the wrong way.


I have to admit I didn't give a shit about him until this arc. They did a damn good job of selling him to me at the least. Hope he gets some merch.

He doesn't but dumbfucks either forget or don't even know about this.

I love you bro

>Why isn't Mai getting development on arcs that take place in other parts of the universe?

Why are you ignoring that Goten is Gohan's son?

He will fight the big antagonist of all people. I'm ready for a good episode.

Don't worry, I'm sure Freeza will find a way to avenge his new best friend.

Jiren didn't even show a hint of his power vs UI GOku

WHat the fuck is he? a fucking angel

17 a cute.


Not to mention that island is dangerous for her. Trunks probably wouldn't let her go anyway.


If I recall, Toei wanted to drop or at least tone down the entire Trunks and Mai romance thing during the BoG and RoF retelling. But Toriyama came in and told them to fuck off. Part of me thinks he put in the whole Trunks and Mai romance in the Black arc just to spite them.

Why are you ignoring that Gohan died an armless virgin in the other timeline?


>Why are you ignoring that Gohan died an armless virgin in the other timeline?
"Virgin" when you have milf Chichi and Bulma, yeah sure.

Ok then

Yeah. Toei is autistically uncomfortable with this romance and they dropped the whole thing as soon as the tournament arc started. But the manga still showed them hanging out together after it started.

El niƱo...
I came here to stop you, padre

Now that you mention it, 17 fans are the most chilled fans here. Even if I dislike 17 himself, his fans are cool.

Kale's sweet, she wouldn't hurt anyone unless provoked. Can't say the same about that psycho broly.

Sauce: Your ass.

Pilaf gang wasn't even there for the Hakaishin tournament in the anime

>Kale what's up with that face you're making?

Stop samefagging

Toriyama thinks the series needs at least one child character or kids won't like it. Goku grows up so we get Gohan. Gohan grows up so we get Goten.

My favorite scene in super.

why is this show so shit?

>17fags aren't faggots like all characterfags

>Toppo, Kunshi and Cocotte were Pride Troopers when Jiren was a kid.
>El Hermano de Toppo was the Leader of the Pride Troopers.

He doesn't. The Goten as Black thing only works if it's a completely different Future Timeline which also happens to have a different Future trunks who goes back in time to get help from the same timeline as the other Future Trunks.

Honestly I would have preferred if he dug up Future Gohan's body to get access to his bullshit hidden potential and make it more interesting for Trunks and the others to fight him.

Thank you, user.

You say that like Caulifla's cool with it