Pop Team Epic

Where were you when Heihachi came to play shogi

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Wubbadubbadubba, is that true?



Sentai version



Does anybody knows who voices the Bob epic team segments in the english dub?



Kazuya did nothing wrong


touching my balls just because...


Weekly website change

is it just me or does this seem worse than Horriblesubs? the translation is a little too wooden and the "protips" are spoonfeeding newfag babby tier bullshit

I see someone is keeping up the tradition of explaining every joke in TL notes.


Next episode I hope she gets arrested for youtube crimes.

And they get the same pay

You don't know that.


I like the fanslation's bae joke more.

Thinking about hellshake yano

>Sup Forums always prefers the male version
>this week had Yuki Kaji in the male version
Does this mean that Sup Forums loves Yuki Kaji now?

Which subs are these?



I thought Sup Forums hated memesubs


Sentai Film Works which streams over at Hi Dive. Horrible rips from Crunchyroll.


>english dub
Truly a normalfag anime.

>that third-person shooter bit in the Tekken 7 campaign

Why does Sup Forums hate Yuki Kaji again?


Wait I don't remember this at all, when did this happen

Do they go as crazy as they did in the Ninja Slayer subs?
And god damn it HS, why are you still ripping the lazy version?

Plenty of recent anime have dubs. What are you even talking about?

Mostly because he's very overused. Doesn't help that he has literally zero range.

I like how they translate the cursing.


When Lars rescues Jin iirc, there's a fight in which you can decide to fight normally or to just shoot Mishima Zaibatsu goons

>Doesn't even know what I'm talking about
Truly a newfag anime



I don't think so. I'd say they're far more literal than CR. And some people hate translator's notes.

How are you doing today redditard?

Who else doesn't have a youtube account here?
Wait, why is there a cute midget outside of my hou


I am a "redditard" because I don't deny a fact?

Sabat and Sinclair, all of them.

Hmm, there hasn't been Pop Team 8-bit, a music video or Japon Mignon for 2 weeks

That's a dick. With balls.

You are calling something a "normalfag anime" because it has an English dub, when that isn't even a particularly special thing for a seasonal anime nowadays. Of course I don't understand how your point makes any sense.

Bobunemimimmi > UchuPeople music vid > Straight CG adaptation > Japon Mignon > Pop Team 8bit > Pop Team Story by Space Cat Company

I don't have one either... wait, user. are you o-

Well, fuck my life. ;_;

I hope they do another skit done with the dolls next week.

Ah I probably just did it normally then

Who were the seiyuus today?

>And some people hate translator's notes.
Those people are gay and their opinions are irrelevant.
Kill the cartel. Bring TL notes back. It's time for a revolution.



Eureka 7 MCs and Kaji & Shimono


>sorry, my voice cracked
>they let that in

Love when they do that

PTE has to be the most fun show to work on.

>AI blowing up
>Muffled voice
>Smaller body
Was that an ungo reference?

HOLY SHIT, in the second part Popuko is Kokichi Ouma!!!

Only Sugita pair, Yuu pair and Hikasa pair get it though.

Stop typing like a faggot.

>Kokichi Ouma
>Not getting the JoJo's reference

Have you ever notice that they are grabbing younger male seiyus rather than older ones in the past two episodes?

Can someone link to the OP of the actual 500+ post thread from 6 hours ago that is in the archive? Stupid faggot OP from that thread didn't put any text in the subject box and didn't put the anime's name anywhere. I can't find it in the archive.

This was different with CR. Did they get married or not.

Here's an archive cheat:
Use the filename box to look for threads about a particular show.

women in shogi are a mistake


Last time I watched Hikaru no Go I still used vlc and didn't know how to make screenshots.

I'll never forgive them if they don't go for the Char/Amuro combo at some point

Sounds about right, but where's Hoshiiro Girldrop?

Picked the fuck up

who is better crunchyroll or hidive?


fuck off with your e-celebs


I swear I've heard Mamoru as Pipimi this episode.

Pipimi's female voice this episode was pure sex.

Tales of Destiny reference.

Ok listen I can't be the only one who got scared by the fake knocking at the end

I needed more Gakuen Handsome in my life.

What is this expression trying to convey?

>I want to pee but the bed is comfy


Fake, Pipimi's too tall

They can’t keep getting away with this

she's 5'0" but Popuko is 4'4"

He's gonna catch the bullets with his teeth so it doesn't matter.

Does he make an electric? This is important.