Darling in the FranXX

Consume honey responsibly.

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First for 02 is worst girl

Stop posting at any time Ichigo.

I want to fuck 02.

For a place that is mostly just a hidden underground complex, they sure have a shit-ton of bees and flowers hidden somewhere to create all that honey.


Nah it's honey flavored artificial nutrient jelly to keep your child soldier mech pilots in top fighting form obviously.


What if she has horns down there as well?


>all of the parasites look directly at camera, except for Kokoro and Mitsuru
they will look directly at each other after megane or chubby die or the teams get switched
s c r e e n c a p t h i s

>He's having the exact opposite reaction from 02's other partners
what does it mean
are yellow blood cells kaiju blood

That's actually molten butter

Zorome is cute CUTE!

>wanting to fuck an ugly mutt that turns you into a blueberry

What the fuck's going on with Goro? I can't pin this guy down at all. Is he okay with being cucked? Is he okay with his partner ALSO being cucked? Is he okay with the guy that cucked his partner also getting cucked? He obviously cares about both Hiro and Ichigo, but so far he's a complete nonentity in term of emotional expression.

mind = blow

It's not a tumor. You heard that in Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice

goro prolly knows ichigo likes hiro.. and wants to cheer her on

Ichigo damaged 02's Oni-control headband.

Shits going to go down next episode

He's becoming the Blue Oni, silly.

He should get his horn after the third ride.

Good luck with the AIDS.

>He's becoming the Blue Oni, silly.
Nice headcanon.

I want to scrape that off

They were born and raised to fight the klaxx and get in the franxx. They don't know about emotions and typical behavior. 02 is the same with some added crazy because of the life she's led.

This line applies to both characters

Knees weak, arms are heavy

Literally Cuck: the series

whats with virgins and magical word cuck? does this word sound magical to you? Dangerous? Maybe that's the problem with you and understanding basic emotions in fictional characters?

Goro is not in relationship with Ichigo. Despite DiF making some allegories to sex and relationships, they don't even know what the kiss is.
He is not with them having hard time, how much obvious can creators make it? Does 3/4 of episode showing him being not ok tell you he is ok?
He is propably going to fall for Ichigo, which is nice for her, as he is best boy.

>he's having the opposite reaction as other Oni stamen
>the abscess is blue
>he's about to pliot for the third time next episode
>this is a 24 episode series

The MC won't die 6 episodes in.


Why should I waste any more time on your autistic headcanon?

it's a simple term that encompasses the meaning of what's happening in the show, albeit not literally. you're overly sensitive

Well, thanks to science, AIDS aren't a big deal anymore.

Is Sup Forums starting to get bored of this?

you shouldn't, yet you still gave me a (You)

He can't be keked if he never had romantic feelings for Ichigo
That being said, I think he is starting to think about her as more than a friend and partner in this scene. The fact that she kept babbling Hiro's name made him jealous.

>mc won't die 6 episdoes in
>mc is turning into a oni

1000 episode thread, 800 post-episode thread, 2 500 subtitle threads,...

Yeah, totally bored as fuck, almost dying to watch more camping with you.

There's two thread at 700 posts about to 404 and three more thread that are still getting bumped. You be the judge.

>1000 episode thread
Not today
>shitting on Yurucamp

Say "ahh" user

>Not today
Yes, it's in the archive.

>he's about to pliot for the third time next episode
>this is a 24 episode series
>The MC won't die 6 episodes in.
This all sounds awfully familiar.

Yeah it did.

Oni will die instead, shriveled and weak and unable to keep up with Hiro.

>Not today

Fuck off back to your cooking thread, we don't care about your show here.

No, fuck off, sick bitch.


Until he died, yes.

No, Kamina was never the MC.

It was a nothing happens episode, what do you expect?

You'd say the exact same about FranXXX in hindsight when Hiro actually does die in episode 6.
"Oh, 02 was the MC all along. It was never Hiro."
Everyone thought Kamina was the MC until he died.

It's that Phazon?

>It was a nothing happens episode
Hiro has AIDS, m8. That's a big deal.

Why did this have to happen lads?

Esdeath clone

you absolute madman. good shit.

>what does it mean

At this rate unironically AOTY, and next season is going to be strong af too.

Just wait for it. Everything is going to be daijoubu.

>Everyone thought Kamina was the MC until he died.
No one with a brain thought Kamina was the MC. It was always Simon.

>You'd say the exact same about FranXXX in hindsight
Not an argument.

>DG Cells

>Sup Forums
Stop pretending to be retarded.


What did they mean by this?

Zorome best boy

Inner monologuing was always from Simon's POV. We get at least one inner monologue per episode from Hiro.

Should I pick this up and watch it along with Sup Forums while I have the chance?

Will I regret not picking this up?

I wonder if that means they will die together, as they are getting more focus, and the show is 2cour. (considering their subplot won't be dragged too long)
If someone is going to die soon, it's either Kokoro, Futoshi, Megane, or Mitsuru.
Miko and Zorome are too comedic and make the show lighter (+the most pandering characters)
Dino girl and Ebola boy won't propably pull any major plottwist soon.

In next episode all of the nonames will propably die in shocking manner, to show tha dinos are no joke, but the death of major character is just a matter of time, seeing as DinFran is hitting closer to drama than shounen. Chubboy seems to be the most endangered, as he is just a nice, sweet kid without drama in his heart. Kokoro seems to be avoiding falling into irrelevance, by creating herself subplot with Mitsuru

You won't regret a thing.


you're legitimately retarded if you ever thought Kamina was the MC of ttgl

he's one of the protagonists, but literally the entire story is told from Simon's POV


Anybody good at Japanese here? I need help translating Darlifra's special tv program. I'll do the subbing, timing and everything. Help translate every line and text on the screen, and throw the pastebin link in these threads.

I'm gonna be asking this all week.



The blueberry is Ichigo so of course I want to.

Some of the most fun you can have on Sup Forums is by watching originals as they are airing so you have nothing to lose by joining in.

So Ichigo will become symptomatic soon.


I'm loving it. Just watched episode 5 a 3rd time. I've watched every episode 3 times and will continue to. It will be my 4 cour.

good one

They will all become hybrids at this rate. Oni Squad if you will.

So this... is the power of... theoryfags


Fuck off, Ichigo.

We really need a fate/zero like collage once the show is over.

Honestly watching it's been fun, and the robots are cute.

Will you regret it? I dunno, probably not but why not join in on the fun and drop it if you're not having it?

I'm surprised no one has started a Gaijin 4Koma for it.

Hiro hardens in response to physical trauma.

Good episode.
The show's really picking up now that Hiro got in the fucking robot.

Half the posts in these threads are complaining.


>Final boss is defeated with a Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken

>pilots die after 3 rides
>Hiro survives the battle
>goes into shock and is taken away to have his body examined
>team thinks he's dead
>next episode is Ichigo and the team bullying a silent Zero Two
>Turns out Hiro is even better than before
>the three rides was just a weird growth stage that Zero Two caused in all her partners
>Hiro is slowly turning into a hybrid like Zero Two
Even Ichigo noticed it. The effects of Zero Two on Hiro aren't from riding in the Franxx, she bit him and now her Klaxo-aids is changing his body. Her other partners died because they were too weak to handle the aids, but Hiro is strong.

>there are people here who would willingly let their friends kill themselves

Darling in the NTRXX

So is Hiro LA CREATURA now?

People were reluctant to do so during the first episodes but I think we're far enough to start.
Feel free to make one and people will follow.

What if the AIDS transforms Hiro into a homicidal madman like 02?