Pop Team Epic episode 6 is shit


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Like every other episode. Really makes me think.

This one is unironically shit compare to better shits last few weeks though.

this was uniornically the worst episode, every other one was fine but the Shogi skit went on for too long

I have to agree with you on that part, that's the worst part of the episode in my humble opinion.

this episode is shit for western
this episode is gold for japanese



That's why I'm going to open up a fried chicken shop instead!

Hambaga when?

>make a Hikaru no Go reference in shogi

Oh you!

it's fine when a show like Osomatsu does it because at least you know it's still a part of the episode
by the end of it I thought "ah shit, there's only like 2 minutes left"

The Tales of Destiny 2 reference was the best part of the episode because I actually fucking got the reference. Kuso anime was actually pretty kuso this time around.

Do we have the VAs for this week? The male voices were super fucking familiar but I can't place them.


I take it you haven't watched the true AOTY this season.

>caring about the dub
Absolutely disgusting.

>kaji and shimono

Female VAs were Renton and Eureka from Eureka Seven
Male VAs were Eren Jaegar and Connie from Attack on Titan

absolutely retarded

w-what is this from?

Levi and Edwin soon

Hiro Shimono was Popuko.
>including amerishitter ”””VAs”””
For what purpose?

Fuck off and die

Did a sketch of Pipimi.

梶裕貴と下野絋のRadio misty DVDs


At least we got a thundercats reference, that kinda made up for it.


I like it! saved

>they are trying to do an english dub

is that really necessary? its not going to have the same impact since most people dont know or give a shit about most english dub actors outside of a small following. I feel like the joke of "WOAH they got THEM to voice act in this?!" isnt going to really go well for this

He won't be using machine guns or missles

But if he had would he have won?



Porn when?


I now want to strangle a useless bimbo female interviewer who is only there to keep the expert talking by repeating what he said back to him.

i want a gif of the camera zooming in on her face

The problem is that it is a simuldub. They don't have a lot of time to research that a lot of jokes in it were missed. Otherwise, the Funi dub is okay.

I'm guessing that Funimation learned that that popular meme 4koma was getting an anime production and decided to dub solely because of the source material's popularity in the west, and once they realized that the anime is set up in such a way that dubbing it (on top of localizing gags and references) wouldn't result in anything other than a trainwreck it was already too late to drop out.

I love how she adds nothing to the commentary and mostly repeats what the other guy says. Just like real life women commentators

Bimbo female interviewer?

I felt it was that too.

This is gayer than Mugen.

Even if I don't care about the dub I appreciate the effort.

you know of any countries that like dubbing and are GOOD at it?
i'd say mexico and germany

>Kimi no na wa
I didn't get it.

That face is worse than usual

I expected another UchuPeople video. I was sorely disappointed.

I am pretty sure it just has the same rhythmic sound and timing to kamehameha. Just like how in the west we like to make up words to songs or other videos they do it to all the time "hence the born to be wild bit"


Worst episode so far. 4 and 5 were the best.

I don't understand Shogi though.

Is that Heihachi?

>Yuki Kaji episode.
>Worst episode of PTE yet.
This is TOO advanced.

you don't need to be nihongo to understand that "game" anime and manga are fucking silly.

Is this an SMT reference?

Bobahmememku actively takes away from the show and is garbage.

I mean we all have our preferences, I wont judge if you love sucking dicks.

Am I the only one who only watches the first half of an episode? I don't feel like I'm missing much.

there are differences sometimes between the two halves. also you're a fake fan if you don't watch both but I'll still love you

They're never the highlight and doesn't ever pull the show ahead. They're the equivalent of the bass blast youtube meme and will not age well in 3 months. The VA joke doesn't work its way into the bit and it's even now retelling jokes. It's trash and that's the joke, but it's the worst moments in the show. I wouldn't be surprised that people have been fast forwarding past it.

Takes away from the rest of the show because it completely outshines the rest of the skits? Yes

Episodes 2, 4 and 5 are worth watching twice.

This was the weakest episode so far. I hope the rockstar story next week is better.


Not that guy but I've also given up on the second half since it's 90% changing VA. I might jump back once it's done airing but honestly if it's an ok episode then I'll just wait to hear a few lines and move on.

only faggots hate on AC-BU

No hope of Tomokazu Seki reprising as Stan Allerion then.

Another plebian filtered.

What's so good about it? I hate it but I also really want to know why putting a thousand hours into drawing a cartoon with your toes works. They don't even pick the best jokes from the manga too adapt.

It's the ultimate ultimate pleb filter filter.

I unironically thought the shogi part was the best part.

I didn't even notice that they have different voice actors ._.

Do a sketch of Popuko.

Open up a dialogue you ceramic fleshlight.

>that midriff

Why did the EP 6 male voice actors sound so familiar?

I actually liked the shogi segment, the traditional style japanese music made me chuckle

the rest of the episode was weak, even bobunemimimmi. Don't think it'll grow on me like MITTE NAI did

i love the ED so much


2, 3, 4, 5

Hikaru no Go with shogi lol
Bobunemimimi is always so ugly and not interesting

Is next week the hot spring episode?



Tales of Destiny reference made me giggle.

I don't know the actress' name but the female interviewer during the shogi part is played by the same person as Noa from Patlabor right? Sounds really similar.


>a pop team epic episode being shit

Like the previous episodes, the only 'good' segments are the references to other pop culture media. The most boring and unfunny parts of each episode are the adaptations of the actual manga.
Really makes you think.


I liked this episode like every other episode so far.

>shogi segment
>no reference to loli king in the same season

Thing is, even if it was Chess, I can't imagine it being more funny.
Considering that 2 matches were finished after 0 and 1 move respectively, there was barely any Shogi in there as well.

So what's up next week?
Yakuza or Heavy Metal?

God I hope Saori is in one episode, I wanna hear her saying PTE in a stupid way.

Needs more singing and more French.

Been the best part the last 3 episodes.

Likely heavy metal.

She is in a weird position because her most recognizable partners (Aoi, Nakamura) already had their episodes with other people.

I'm surprised it took three episodes for the dub to go to Jamie Marchi.

Every single episode is shit