Worst normalfag shows

Worst normalfag shows


haha epic

Haha, Gurren-Lagann is so good, drills are so epic! What's Getter-2?


Some spic mech


But it had the best logic! More faces means more power! Oh, and drills! Fucktons of drills!

>What's Getter-2
a show that looks atrociously bad by comparison. premise is and has been irrelevant for ages user, its all about execution. the only people who think that getterrobo isnt outright dogshit are spics and delusional 80s fags who think that iczer, bubblegum crisis or zeta are the pinnacle of the artform.

Gurren Lagann represents everything that is good in anime.

I bet you're a girl

You should just call this "Shows that aren't intelligent enough for my intellectual brain."

>he thinks Getterfags are into the anime
Way to prove that TTGL mouthbreathers don't know shit about mecha.

yeah, there certainly arents a bunch of buckethead and getterthreads up on /m/ at almost all times, all of which are about animated entries.

>all of which are about animated entries.
First off, no they aren't. There are threads about the manga all the time.
Secondly, those threads are usually full of people talking about how shitty the individual anime adaptations are for various reasons, not that they aren't fun in their own way. They are decent. The manga is a masterpiece, though.

I just bothered to type "getter" into the catalog on /m/, and this was the only thread that came up, retard.

Trying so hard again, Pablo?

why are you assuming that i am mexican/brazilian when the only people who unironically like getter/mazinger are spics?

Your tenuous grasp on sentence structure was probably a clue.

that doesnt answer the question

Whatever you say, Paco.

>Giving the spic (You)s

Nice lie, Pedro.

Now off to Mexico.

Did they remake Zambot 3?