Can you tell the difference?

One of these is from the raw BD data off of the japanese release (western version not being released yet 'n all), and the other's a well seeded re-encoded 1080p version. There are differences, but they're minor if you're not sensitive to compression artifacts.

Nope, can't tell.

Judging by the banding in the top image, I'm guessing that's the re-encode? With the bottom being the raw?

The colors on the one on top are slightly darker. That's all I can notice.

I'd say top is the BD the only difference I can tell is the green color.

I can't tell the difference because I'm not autistic and don't care about the visual fidelity of Chinese cartoons

There is no difference.

I went into photoshop and overlayed one of the images atop the other, and turned the top layer invisible, then visible again as I scanned for differences. None to be found.

who cares I'll just wait for kuchikirukia's verson

Yep, although I was noticing the increased amount of noise around certain areas, like the horns.
Wanted to get someone else's opinion as to whether it was worth the extra disc space or not, because I despise any compression over source, or low quality sources, but understand by the nature of torrenting why people try to shrink things down.
Pull a ancient 480p hard encoded series and get back to me about you not caring.
I can assure you there are differences, but they're minor.

I watch VHS rips regularly, newfag. It's the only way to watch some shows.

top is raw, yes?

If that's genuinely the only way, then that's fine. I've collected LD's for exactly this reason. But if a superior version exists, there's no legitimate reason to watch the lower quality version.

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Stop your video quality autism now, it will only bring you suffering.

Who cares anyway really?
This anime was bad and it flopped.
Serves them right.
Should make good anime next time

But quality is not important so there's no reason to waste time and effort searching for the "superior" version. As long as it's not technically broken, I don't care if it's 4k or 480p on YouTube. I watch anime for the stories and the dialogue between characters, not to jack off over bitrates and file formats.

In concept, I appreciate being able to have whatever is closest to the source, so I prefer BD and LD if I can have them.
In practice, I can't tell the difference between these -in motion- 95% of the time. I don't know if I'm a super pleb, but even in a monitor with high ppi they look the same while playing. It's the same shit with madVR and the basic config vs fancy genetic algorithms. Guess I'm just an eyelet.

At least I can distinguish something rendered in VLC though.

Kyoani masters their shows perfectly for both TV and BD, they use a secret encoder custom made for their needs

>quality is not important
It absolutely is important, why bother going through all the cleanup to make even just 1080p versions of anime / movies / anything look good if the end result is going to end up looking like shit? It takes way more time and effort on the parts of the people making whatever to make things look good at higher resolutions then lower ones, like it used to. This is why there's legit animation errors and the like in older titles, "Oh, no one's going to see it on their crt's anyway". When stuff gets transferred to high res digital the majority of the effort in doing so is cleaning up the transfer errors and inherent original mistakes left in that wouldn't fly on a 1080p panel. When you say "Fuck it" and watch a low quality rendition, that's months of work on their part completely wasted. This still stands with modern anime, when the final render times ballooning for the increase in data being created. When you don't care, that's massive amounts of time and resources wasted because of absolutely zero regard for the effort the actual animation takes to look good.
I will be the first to admit the level of quality I'm trying to extrude between these two is on the level of fanatic, but anything below source resolution is a absolute waste of time on my or anyone else's part for the aforementioned reasons.

Top is darker, so the shading looks a bit unnatural.

I'm not gonna read this novel but you can be autistic all you want, I'm just saying it's a waste of time.

High ppi would help mask compression artifacts, and scaling up to non-integer resolutions (like a 1080p source on a 1440p panel) smooths things out, depending on how the player's configured. The real test would be on a large native rez panel.
>Doesn't bother to read
>Doesn't think quality matters
Sounds about right.

Yeah it's almost like I make a habit of not wearing l wasting my time on things that don't matter.

>Has either a perfect original cake or a half baked knockoff cake to eat
>Eh, eat the knockoff, it doesn't matter anyway. It's still cake.

top one has really obvious banding

Imagine being so fat you have to compare everything to food. But if I'm at the cake store and there are two identical cakes, same size and weight, made from the same ingredients, but one of them has a little smudge on the frosting, I'm not gonna sperg out about it, it still tastes the same.

How are so many people getting it wrong? BD is on bottom, the banding on the wings gives the top away immediately.

Kek, almost forgot about dobson.
The comparison would be more accurate though if:
>But if I'm at the cake store and there are two identical types of cakes, about the same size but one is lighter, made from the same list of ingredients, but the lighter one uses lower quality sourced ones, but otherwise was made exactly the same way, the heavier one with better ingredients is going to taste better. Maybe not by a massive amount depending on the ingredients, but the difference is there. Sometimes to the point that the lower quality one's actually bad, sometimes not. Doesn't stop the better cake from tasting better.

Top image has banding and slightly darker colors.

>But quality is not important
What the fuck did I just read?

>decent BD sales
>8th most popular show in China
Yeah, right.
I bet you think VEG is going flopping too despite it already being the 4th most popular show in China.

Does a 720p tv rip affect your ability to comprehend the story? Does it in any way alter the dialogue?
It's fucking autism. It's like reading a book and complaining because it doesn't have a dust jacket, or it's paperback.


>the largest anime market on the planet
>not relevant

There's some color banding on the top image.

>Does a 720p tv rip affect your ability to comprehend the story?
In infrequent cases, yes it actually does, especially if it's highly compressed. It makes small or fast details impossible to view due to the lack of saved information. Can you imagine trying to watch redline from a 1gb tv rip? It'd be impossible to make anything out. For the majority of anime titles though, it's like trying to watch a series of jpegs not move much on the screen. It looks terrible and is actively distracting. To the point where I prefer to watch 480p tv rips of stuff that never got a DVD release on a CRT TV to try and mask the worst of it.
The book example would be more applicable to have complaints about the entire book being truncated and compressed to save on paper and space. You still get the story, right?
As a aside, why would multiple absolutely unrelated industries bother with the move to "HD" if there was as little merit to it as you seem to imply there is? And don't give me "because of the money", with the increase in production cost HD brings that's absolutely not the reason.

ok autismo back at it with the novels again
Congratulations, you win another internet argument. You're right, I don't care. Waste all your time nitpicking pixels. Some of us actually enjoy watching anime.

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Can you not comprehend the notion that people care about the quality of things they like past a baseline level?
Also do you find reading difficult? If that was a novel I bet you've never read a actual book in your life, aside from the ones you were forced to and never understood in school.

I would never notice the noise around the horns, but I would definitely notice banding, if the frame is held longer than a fraction of a second.

>quality is not important

>I watch anime for the stories and the dialogue between characters
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So what would you do if the one with the banding was the source? 30-40 Mb/s isn't enough for some scenes and some encodes try to fix that with debanding. The source isn't perfect by any means. Quite a few anime DVDs look absolutely terrible on disc, filled with rainbowing, dot crawl, and other artifacts that generally don't exist on BDs. BDs generally only suffer from banding and aliasing/haloing from bad upscales these days, which is an improvement.

Source preservation is important and all, but you can still enjoy encodes that fix imperfections in it. The Eva rip I have did some color correction so that the show isn't completely washed out in blue like the original BD.

If the source is screwed up, then I'm just boned. Though generally I don't even bother with DVD if it exists on LD because from what I can tell, unless it's a modern release that would probably be on BD anyway (or a remaster from film source on BD), it was either sourced from LD originally or the compression is terrible from it being the early days of DVD.
A upscale isn't even worth the effort. I'll get it on DVD if that's the case, I can upscale it myself if I really wanted too.

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>All this banding in the top image