Mahoutsukai no Yome

New episode out
Chise made a new friend
And shit is hitting the fan hard, the Jew is on the hunt

This show made me antisemitic
Fuck that wandering jew so much God I hate him

Who is that loli?

This shit has been bothering me since I read the manga. Who gives her the staff?

>Jew fucking with multiple people in one episode
Someone needs to cast Zyklonion Beta before he feeds that little girl to the dragonlings to turn them into corrupt wyrms for use as powerful reagents.

She said it herself in the episode.
She is,was and will be that black haired pregnant woman riding the deer man with mask

Shit's getting real soon.

God those full iris eyes (I don't really know what they're called) are hot as fuck.

who is more powerful, the jew or the guy with the rinnengan?

I don't watch this, but I thought this was very overhyped back then. Nobody is watching this? is this even more 'nothing happens' than VEG?

Anyone still care?
Fucking boring smartass show

it's comfy,
that's all I care about.


Y'know what's better and more comfy than mahoutsukai no yome, user?
The girl from the other side.


Ashen Eye hands down
But he both doesn't care and can't meddle with humans affairs beside his occasional trolling

I can't fucking believe Chise killed Elias

I loved this scene.

>Has a strop because Chise was with a friend and he tried to kill her.
??? The fuck happened, I know Elias doesn't know human emotions but this is retarded even for him.

The new year baby.

Does somethong ever happen in this anime?

Literally every episode something important to the story and character happens

If everything is important, nothing is.

Jewnanigans next week. Can't wait.

Elias is like a baby when it comes to emotions since Chise is bringing them out of him. He feels all of these weird things he's never felt before and doesn't know how to deal with them.
he gets much worse later on, and their relationship makes a dive for the shitter.

>doesn't get jealous at chise's relationship with ruth even when she kisses him and elias acknowledges that ruth knows her better than he does
>gets 9000% buttmad at some rando loli
what gives? I read all of the manga and it still seems retarded.

Probably because the relationship between master and familiar is something he understands already.

Ruth as a familar is now part of Chise so Elias is not bothered by him.

Just wait when in like 3 episodes Chise cuck Elias for the jew

A familiar is something that makes sense to him, since every mage seems to have one. A friend, on the other hand, makes no sense at all. Plus, this one is stealing Chise's attention from him. Not really, but as others have said, Elias is a retard about emotional reactions to situations.

Oh shit, he's pissed

I love Silky!

Ashen Eyes probably. Cartaphilus had to watch how Elias tore his Chimera apart while Ashen Eyes didn't even have to struggle to beat Elias.

Cartaphilus just never dies.

Funny how he had no itention of letting them escape

Have you ever watched anything that isn't a SOL?

I love it when the details go down for comedic effect

I am more intrested in bear.

I'm afraid to ask on Sup Forums but I was following this manga on Batoto since quite some time ago and just a few hours ago I noticed Batoto is no more.
What do I do now?

Meguca or kissmanga/mangahere
There should be a proper new batoto soon too

Cutest fae folk

>There should be a proper new batoto soon too
Great, I guess I'll wait for it then.
I still haven't recovered from nyaa dying and now this.

Man but nyaa is still up and running. I am using it everyday.

So far mangadex seems the closest to what the potato was. Everything hasn't been uploaded yet, but things are starting to look good.
And I'll believe in an official new batoto when we'll get woxxy's new mangatraders.

She is a treasure

Don't you remember the panic days when nyaa was kill?

She's literally the year, recently born to the Lady of Winter. Over the course of the year and the passing of the seasons, she will age and give birth to the next year.

He's never valued anything so much before, and the fact it can absolutely walk away from him is somewhat vexing.

its a shame she doesnt stay perflat for long

Ruth is like her left arm; normies and people have shat on Elias all his memory and they have as much chance of stealing his bride as the fae do.

Between having one quiet, comfy thread and spamming the board with shitposting threads, I'm okay with "no one watching this", thank you.

This was hilarious.

>tfw no qt banshee always waiting for me to come home

why even live

I was already a bit worried that she was stretching his jaw too much and then she just punches him in the throat

What's the deal with her anyway? Did she manage to shed her banshee aspect?

I think these are my favorite neighbors

> punches
She was delivering a fist full of medicine.

Yeah. With her fist, in his throat.



Spiggan remade her into a Brownie-like fae when he lead her to the house way back when.
What was Chise supposed to do: shove it up his ass?
Does he even have an ass?

Put those tentacles away, Elias.

Elias isn't even that strong to begin with

Fucking jew just has to ruin my comfy show.

Most of it. Spriggan converted her into a silky instead of a bane sidhe, which enabled her to be linked to a location as opposed to a bloodline (so figuratively she's the house), but she still has enough bane sidhe about her to get overly attached to the people living in the house and be a worrywart about them.

I want my own Ruth.

Titania needs to wear that outfit more often.

belly rubs

I'm glad this fucker is back. Things will get interesting again.

>giving props to doujin people.


Well there's probably a hole on the other side of his jaw so it's not like she can just slip it past his lips and hold his mouth shut. Got to get it all the way to his throat or whatever he has.

I want to see Silky in her silk underwear.
I know; I'm a horrible person.

The fucking jew needs to be stopped.

But you already know jews can't be stopped, don't you?