I want to hotaru hotarus hotarus

i want to hotaru hotarus hotarus

Me too.

Good lad. Maybe there's still hope for this site.

You can't spell Hotaru without Hot.

Hotaru wasn't in s2e5

i want to die


Fuck off, Coconuts, you have shit taste.

are hotarus hotarus a dagashi?

Loli hotaru>>>>hotaru

this one you mean?

dude, you sick bastard

He actually have good taste. He didn't go for the anorexic, dead fish-eyed, overly pierced eared, crack-whore delinquent childhood friend.


Hotaru >>>>>>>>>

All that needs to be said.

I love her rinnegan!

I want to give Hotarru ribbons !


Don't forget she's tsundere, short-tempered and passive-aggressive.

This one was pretty good.

>Hotaru wearing shades with that look of 'Deal with it"
>title of chapter is "beware of sour grapes"
Holy shit, I just noticed that this page can be a legit response to seething Sayafags.

the eyes of a goddess


>those struggling buttons
Kotoyama is truly a patrician with the finest taste.

Some more struggling buttons.

>Implying Hotaru isn't perfection in all her forms.


more of this

I want eat dagashi with Hotaru and have her explain all the inner workings of the industry to me!





>struggling buttons
Oddly for this one that exposed black strap is more alluring than those hotarus.

Hotaru is for sex trafficking



Oni is perfect.

why does Hotaru have the best nails?

Crossover with 02 and Hotaru eating sweets when?

Jesus, those tits keep getting out of control.

Sadly never.

I'm sad that she's dead.

Her manga design tits look so perky it's like they're in zero-g.

Would Hotaru hotaru Hotaru's hotarus?

Hotaru's brother looks cool.