So is he going to fuck his mom or what?

So is he going to fuck his mom or what?

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I never realized the bottom left panel looks like huge dick.

>this thread

>So is he going to fuck
You must be unfamiliar with this mangaka.

Prolly not, but it's definitely sexy.


[x] Carefully accept the warm embrace

I don't know why we're seeing an influx of moms as heroines, but I like it.

it jiggles...


>So is he going to fuck his mom or what?
Not until after the tomboy rides him to climax.

Is it okay to impregnate your mom?

Is she okay with it?

Absolutely, especially when she confesses she'll be proud to carry her son's child in the midst of lovemaking.


>hot mum takes you to a hotsprings with all your naked girl team mates
>tsundere girl gets angry
>"it's a family hot springs so its ok"
>tsundere accepts
>tsundere gets angry that the MC is staring at his mum more than her

The series definitely has a "so bad it's good" thing going on.

>MC wants to get away from his mum and adventure so starts a guild
>the only people that join are other milfs

Fetish pandering crap for dependent losers.

So it's perfect for you ha

>Fetish pandering crap
Literally every anime and manga.

I wish it was fetish pandering

>there will never be a manga about a 60ft tall milf who's overly affectionate to her normal sized son


Uh oh

>the only people that join are other milfs

Please tell me his mom gets a little jealous about that.

Of course.


What's the defect chance?

Not that high. It gets worse after multiple generations of inbreeding.



I have a hard time jerking off to this guys stuff because he draws girls too cute.

Niggers fucking his grand children.

Why are all these guys impregnating their kids and grandkids?

Sauce please. At least gimme the artist.

Is it honestly that weird to feel attracted to the lonely woman you live with who raised and nurtured you and who you aren't used to seeing with makeup on?
Even as a fleeting thought?
Asking for a friend.

No. It's as pure as love can get.

Boku no pico


I couldn't tell you why but it's normal to find such a person completely unattractive, maybe even gross, and that's common across animals. A little less common is finding siblings unattractive.

What's this from?

I wish there were more love-love stories that aren't just mother and son fugging, but focus just as much on the relationship between the two. I can only think of a couple of h-manga off the top of my head that do something like this. I'd even take text stories at this point.

>I can only think of a couple of h-manga off the top of my head that do something like this.
You can't say that and not give any names.


It's the same artist that did Lemon Cake. Search through his works and you'll find it easy.


That's enough for me to work with. Thanks.

By the way, all you fuckers are going to hell.

I can't find it in my favourites, so it is either in an anthology, in a magazine or has been removed (Although usually galleries stay in your favourites even after being expunged)

Could also be that I've forgotten to favourite it.

Mother of the year, every year.

Knowing who the author is, no.
Fucking faggot I'm still mad.

Gee, I dont know, lets see how his last work ended.

So is anyone going to scan the volume when it comes out in English? TLs stopped cuz it got licensed.

>TLs stopped cuz it got licensed
Since when? Post proof

You must be thinking of something else because it isn't licensed. It's still getting translated, albeit very slowly. Chapter 4 came out a week ago.

Wait shit, it's /that/ author? God fuck shit FUCK

The spics already have chapter 9 out, fuck this.

At least try to pretend that you're not from Sup Forums.

Only spics would be masochistic enough to actively translate the works of this author.

T. Mexican Intellectual

>Swears mean I'm from Sup Forums
Explain yourself

pick one

Oops my bad, was thinking of something else like user said. However, translations are behind.

Your Mom will never Service you
why live?

also Pochi is a mad woman

What the fuck is it supposed to be if it isn’t a dick

>tfw only the first volume has been translated

I need more damn it.

According to Quarkboy multiple english publishers are fighting over it, so you'll have to wait for shitty jewpress translations.

Single mothers are for being loved by their sons.

Did Frozensama actually drop it? I haven't seen any progress on the next volume at all.

I don't think they planned on doing anything past volume 1.

Well fuck, hope someone picks it up soon.

No one is going to pick it up if it actually does get licensed.

>Ookumo scans are behind
>Okaa-san light novel translations are going to stop
>Okaa-san manga translations are nowhere to be seen

Does anyone know of any LNs or manga in the same vein?

>Okaa-san manga translations are nowhere to be seen
It's only 1 chapter behind.

Boku no Pico

So does the MC actually have romantic thoughts of his mother later on at any point or is it just him trying to dispel lewd thoughts all the time.

It most likely won't get romantic because I doubt many publishers want to publish that. The best we can hope for is an implied mom end.

Seriously? I thought that Okaa san's translation was taking a while due to Last Embryo and Rakudai being their main priority.

Goddamn it. Thanks for answering all the same.

He will probably end up with the other girl. The parallel looks pretty obvious.

I don't know for sure since I haven't read it, but for a while imoutos were everywhere and barley any ended with honest to god incest. You shouldn't really be expecting it in any of the moms series that are coming out.

right now he keeps denying it but the mom is thirsty as fuck but ultimately it would be up to editor-san

>mom was willing to let him have his way with her as long as he turned out the lights
That's a good mom.

She also bought that thong specifically for him if i'm not wrong

>She also bought that thong specifically for him
Did she buy the school girl outfit for him to?

Why is explicit incest okay in women's manga but not other manga?

This isn't normal motherly behavior

can I get a name please?

>This isn't normal motherly behavior
It's better.

Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka?/ Do You Love Your Mother whose Normal Attack is a 2-Hit All-Attack Combo?

>That fucking title
This gonna get an Isekai LN anime treatment right?


That is not a mom body.

>rocket monkey
>isn't ntr

I hope he does, or at least feel her up some more.

He's gotta sink his hands into those tits at least once before the manga is over.

He felt her up once.

Oh yeah that's right. I forgot about that.

>tfw no middle aged thicc japanese milf gf who will let me call her mommy and fall asleep on her breasts and also check my prostate every single night
it hurts bros

>Making out with cute tomboy waifu
>Flashback to making out with cute schoolgirl mom
I'm ok with this

So when he fucks her is he going to have a flashback of his dad fucking his mom?

>tfw you will never cum inside your gf while having a flashback of the moment of your conception

Moms are by definition sluts. How could anyone like them?