How do you talk your way out of this one, user?

How do you talk your way out of this one, user?

Iaaaaa... Warui, warui...

Am I the little girl?

Easy. She slipped and he grabbed her so she wouldn't hit her head.

I don’t see a problem here

Same, what am I supposed to talk my way out of?

We're all the little girl user.

Wh-Why is she making that face?

whats the name of the artist?

With your dick of course


I'll give you a hint Why is her swimsuit bunched up like that?

>So, are you up for oyakodon?

How is he fucking her through his bathing suit


Lookit this guy he's never fucked a girl by shoving her panties to the side

He pulled his weiner from the bottom part.
You little dumpling.

without lowering his shorts the only thing he's fucking is his own ass

You are my bro.

Look at his right leg, he's pull the leg of his trunks up so that he can pull his dick out of the bottom of them.


Onii-chan is teaching me doggy style paddling! He says it'll be useful when I'm older.

is this the next episode of shoujo ramune?