>Not a lover, but a true friend
Ichigo is the MVP of this show

Such a good ED. Gives me chills every time.

02 might be more popular but Ichigo is the better written character.

The fact that the average user instinctively dislikes Ichigo and lusts after 02 is very telling. Completely lacking in discipline.

She and Goro are going to die

>Not a lover, but a true friend

>Even someone as weak and pathetic as random Sup Forumsnons see just how infinitely better 02 is.

Someone give her the cig and a blindfold already.

02 is so fucking creepy and unlikeable. How can anyone be so blinded by their boners? She has already flared off a million alert systems to any sane individual's mind.

t. Ichigo

Ichigo a shit

She may be the death of you, but could you really hope for better?

You're a complete and utter fool

Hiro will die

and Ichigo will become the new MC

Ichigo is way too sensible to be the MC

the one with cancer tumor is going to die

He is becoming a dino duh

002's handlers even said his body is reacting in the exact opposite manner of all her previous partners

her previous partners did not die of cancer

Oh, another franxx thread on page 10?

No one will die stop that

Its obvious 02 will die

She will run away with hiro and they will live forever at the space.

That's what will make it work. It'll be different.