Orchestr/a/ plays: Evangelion and Non Non Biyori

We're back this week again with a gay piano duet and a drunk harmonica:


>What is Orchestr/a/?
A project started 3 years ago by a bunch of degenerates on Sup Forums fooling around with recorders and other things who have since produced three full albums of shitty instrumental Chinese cartoon covers.

>Can I join?
Yes. Any and all instruments are welcome, though we are particularly short on flutes, trumpets, and strings. We really don't care how good/bad you are, anything helps.

>Where do I join?

Other urls found in this thread:


A few of the arrangements we need recordings for:

>Here (Mahoutsukai no Yome OP)
Needs Marimba, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Violins and Cello

>Kogarashi Sentiment (Monogatari S2 OP6)
Needs Violin

>Utatane Sunshine (Tanaka-kun OP)
Needs Trumpet, Drumset, Windchimes, Piano, Electric Piano

>Kumamiko Dancing (Kumamiko ED)
Needs Flugelhorn, Flute, Nylon Guitar and Violin

>FLIP no Naka no Watashi no FLAP (Jinrui ED + Flip Flappers ED)
Needs Flute, Tubular Bells, Violin, Viola, Contrabass and misc SFX

>Secret Base (Anohana ED)
Needs Flute, Oboe, Violins, Cello, Guitar, and Drums

>Beef Stroganoff (Symphogear GX)
Needs Alto Sax, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Acoustic Guitar, Finger Snaps and multiple different SFX

>Listen to Me! (ACCA 13 OST)
Needs Trombone and Double Bass

As well as many other arrangements that you can find on the pad. Also feel free to request a song that you want arranged! We'll get to it... eventually.

Eva never


But then why are there reddit members?



Is it still jazz if I play with 100% feel and 0% technique?

it's called classical jazz

But this still sounds like it takes some actual technique to play

Wow what a bunch of fags, playing the gayest song ever. Good job.

free jazz



on the topic, we're recording an arrangement of this version of bag's groove
someone chime in and let the regulars feel threatened so maybe they get to work on it please



>they didn't play this ver

Kind of hard to do that without strings

>not play it on 5 pitchshifted clarinets

>pitch-shifted clarinets

I'd like to keep my ears, thanks

we should do this


Y'know he's actually 100 percent right.