Finally got around to watching it. What was your honest opinion on it?

Finally got around to watching it. What was your honest opinion on it?

It's fine, but I feel disdain for the normies who think it's the best thing ever.

It was good.
Although a bit fast paced maybe, but that's to be expected from a movie. (would've liked them to spend more time in the whole body switching phase instead of just montaging it)

>Weekly autistic Your Name vs. Silent Voice thread.

Nice visuals but nothing else was all that special.

Ending was pretty dull, Good movie overall probably the best looking thing I've ever watched and a good soundtrack.

I feel like the soundtrack played a big part of it's enjoyment though.

Gonna watch Silent Voice next. Was considering maybe reading the manga first, found all the volumes for rather cheap.

Soundtrack was phenomenal for sure.

It’s great, it made me sad and happy music was great liked the leading characters, it’s just flat out a good movie.

It's a meh movie that I personally really disliked because of the lack of good characterization and meaningful character development.
Though, I find that theory the Japanese really resonated with it because of the earthquake pretty interesting.

Just watch the movie. It's a lot better and reading the manga will just spoil it.

>It's a lot better
You'd assume almost always manga>anime. But I'll take your insight on it. Gonna watch the movie then.

7 or 8 out of 10
Enjoyable but far from "the greatest anime movie of all time!!!!!"
Sup Forums loves hating on it because normalfags have seen it even though half this board is DBS and BnHA cancer

I thought it was great

Get the tissues man, It's gonna be a rough one.

What would you consider the best anime movie of all time? Haven't really watched that many, but after this one I'm definitely looking for more to watch.

>You'd assume almost always manga>anime.
It's not only a Kyoani adaptation, it's a Yamada adaptation. Seeing as how you're pretty new, she's the director behind making the K-On! manga completely irrelevant.

The best anime movie ever made is Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen.
But I don't mind your name being second.

Actually scrap that, your name is fourth because the other 2 kizumonogatari movies are second and third best.

It was good. I liked A Silent Voice more though

I was fine. The movie is very "Japanese", and I didn't get much of an emotional response from it.

But maybe that's because I am an autistic introvert that drops my spergs whenever I am under pressure.

I love it. It's a feel-good movie and cheers me up whenever I rewatch it. I only hope Shinkai learns from this success and drops his bittersweet ending fetish.

>hurr normalfags think it's the best thing ever and that rustles me jimmies
I see this sentiment a lot on this board and don't know why people care. Normalfags like a lot of things. Can't Sup Forums like or dislike whatever it wants without that factor?

It's Shinkai's fourth best film, but it was good nonetheless.

Glad you enjoyed it as well user. I honestly felt pretty happy after watching the movie. Soundtrack was also really fantastic.

I liked it for what it was. At the end of the day it was a romance movie so I went in with my expectations tempered accordingly. It was also a nice change of pace for Shinkai who has a boner for bittersweet or tragic romances. The soundtrack was fucking top tier too.

One of the greatest anime movies of all time.

Nobody was going to bring up the Silent Voice, you oversensitive mong.

Its okay as long as you don't think too much about the characters that much. There was so much wasted potential and information that was put in but then never actually capitalized on. It felt like a mess after realizing it. Good visuals and soundtrack though.

That one... hurt me.. in a good way. It was adapted well but included a surprising amount through brief flashback scenes, though I'd say Naoka and Miki fell a tad short. The ending of the movie I thought was way better being more open-ended. I'd do the movie first though.

>What was your honest opinion on it?

I liked it. The time travel twist was cool. You had to suspend some disbelief for stuff like: not noticing dates, phone data being magically erased, written notes not being brought up again, people like granny who knew not bringing it up, etc., but it was cool. I like to headcanon that coming back together brought memories back, like if Taki noticed the red band said he had one just like it. The OST was cool too.

I'm glad it was promoted as much as it was. First time I've been able to watch anime, in a UK cinema since Pokémon Movie 3.

I should watch this, actually.

They made it too obvious they'd meet as adults from the promo art and OP. Then they passed on the stairs and I thought I'd get blueballed again for a split second.

I don't really like it, I didn't particularly relate to any character because they don´t have any distinctive trait, same thing that happened to me with The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

Lets talk about the important things here...opening or ending song, which one was better?
Ending song imo

The movie direction is spectacular. You should watch it first, the manga includes more things so you could read it if you like it (makes more sense than reading it first and then complaining that they did not include everything). The manga has far more victim blaming than the anime tho, take that into account.

Ending one definitely