Darling in the FEELS

Is he the bro of the decade?

this is worse than aldnoah desu

I can't decide if he's being built up to be the sacrificial lion of cour one or a main character in cour two.

God this show has awful writing

maybe if he wasn't in an apocaliptic world he would have a chance

>a main character in cour two
That's going to be Naomi when she comes back

People are discounting this, but I think it's very possible. She's one of the characters we know the least about, but still has a connection to the main cast. I don't think that they'd just insert a throwaway line of "she's actually fine" for no reason.

Preemptive ‘F’ for best bro Goro.


the "she's actually fine" is most certainly there to provide a later revelation about her being dead all along. You can see in this latest episode the kids have been left out of the loop regarding something about their future, likely that if they can't fight, they're just left to die.

I'm sure it'll be rewarding when Kittan grows some balls and fucks Cocona and they won't cuck the audience at all

He's just like Flay's boyfriend
Goro is Sai 2.0

please no

F indeed.

I agree, Goro is best boy. But I think this is important as well.


no way dude this is a pretty meh show overall but this is no where near the shit level Aldnoah was fuck that show

Maybe I'm overthinking things, but at a few points I thought that he might be gay or at least bi. I mean, we tries to wake up Hiro by placing his hand on Hiro's face, instead of tapping his shoulder or something. Until the scene with Ichigo crying he always seemed pretty calm in regards to her, but gets very emotional about Hiro

She's dead actually, the hospital thing is a lie, check out the butterfly in the scene in episode 2.


Is this the non shitposting thread?

I can't believe Hiro is fucking dead.

Why did I make this.

Both the glasses kids are gay?

He's probably going to die and be the catalyst for Hiro and Ichigo to finally grow up.

Because gainax can't ruin christmas again.

Hiro said being of no use and having no place to belong is no different than being dead. Him still wanting to ride with 02 despite the possibility of death is now is no different from the first episode. He's not being manipulated.

You’re overthinking things. While he does care about Hiro it’s obvious he’s gonna be paired whth Ichigo. Or at least force himself to her to try and comfort her.

which leads to more suffering which is fine with me

Based Hiro

that headband on hiro looks gay as fuck
if he does end up turning into a blue oni they better have an alternate limiter thing that isn't a headband

She's definitely dead. Everyone at 13 is very sheltered, the kids aren't even aware that they're sacrificial lambs.

all threads are shitposting threads.

He’s gonna have a single blue horn.

He actually looks cute like that.


If it was clamp I'd say he'd have one horn on one side, but a unicorn horn makes as much sense.


How about horns that curve down, like a ram, on the side of his head? The limiter could wrap around the back of his head onto his ears.

>Mitsuru isn't going to stop being a cunt
>instead he's only going to become a bigger one

hiro learning that naomi is dead would probably be the turning point for his decision on whether to leave the plantation or not
i will bet my balls that this is what will happen

Hiro is dead in 2 episodes

What kind of dance is this

What does it mean?

He just has no sense of self worth and is in an extremely unhealthy relationship which is not much better.

I cant believe Hiro is going to kick the bucket soon. Was the scene of first episode a bait and switch? It could be the afterlife for all we could know.

02 is too cute.

This type of shitpost is getting old already.

Anyone with a fucking brain could tell he's not being manipulated and she's not manipulating him. It's more a metaphorical thing about building up the resolve to accept the faults of the other and be with them forever, the only one who sees you as something and you're able to go places with him/her. It's basically marriage much like the Jian Bird. For both of them.

Holy shit, is that the legit manga?

Oh fuck, that would be great.

>everyone keeps giving Hiro women's makeup
That's retarded, he's not a courtesan. If he even gets the makeup thing it'll probably be closer to the kumadori worn in kabuki.
>Blue makeup can represent a ghost, spirit, or other magical creature, depending on the patterns. Kitsune such as Genkurō in Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura wear blue makeup. Blue represents negative emotions such as jealousy or fear; ghosts in traditional Japanese drama are often trapped by their attachment to such emotions.

Yabuki is doing it. It's not surprising so enjoy it.

oni dies/spoiler]


hahah man it would have really sucked if 02 just snapped and raped Ichigo right there wouldn't it haha

>punished Hiro


Mating Dance

>know that the guy who could potentially be the one won't die
>let absolutely no one know this
>put up a front like "yeah whatever, if he dies he dies lol"
>make no attempt to hide this from the guy
>straight up ask him if he's willing to ride with her if he'll die
02 is just running the world's biggest shittest, and Hiro passed it like the alpha he is. She's fucking thrilled to have found someone worthy of her.

I like you.

What the fuck is that glob of blue slime?

>Wow, looks like everyone in your squad died except for you, darling.
>Who could've seen that coming?


What are they going to do with Ikuno’s lesbian subplot?
>one letter different from the master of lesbians himself, Ikuni

what does that mean?

>el goblino...

B-but it's kawaii desu yo!

This guy gets it.

I wonder if it started after the first time he rode with her. Can't wait to watch Ichigo fall apart when she sees it.

Yeah I want to know this too. How the fuck do they know about him?

someone already did it


Hiro the hero will free the parasites from APE

It means that the Jobber Brigade is famous among the Redshirts. They're a bunch of experimental sentai rangers, and Hiro is their leader. And the Jobber Senshi have no idea.

>giving (you)s to obvious shitposts

>unicorn horn
How new r u?


He's the "special specimen" so they probably think he's some wunderwaffe.

How does A-1 do it?

So will Plantation 26 itself go kaboom or will just the squad get slaughtered

It's good.


All these kids are basically experiments. Clearly no one lives long enough to become an adult. Same shit as always, old fucks are sacrificing the lives of the young to fight for them. Seen this a million times.

I've been genuinely impressed with A-1's cinematography in their episodes. They've put a lot of work into their shots.

Both for maximum cannon fodder.

''Even among the double-digits, he was a cut above'', and above double-digits comes one-digit like Zero Two

Hiro ia 001, The Blue Oni

He is fucking doomed

I don't know, you tell me.


Loved this moment. Hiro steps up and tells that redshirt to back off his girl.

I like you too, user. Thanks for the Zero Two image.

This is also just as likely if you take it at face value. Look back at Episode 2. She KNEW Ichigo would fail and that's why she let it happen, she has absolute faith in him. She's ready.

Hiro redeeming himself, I love it.

That fucking face. *shudders internally*

He's too fucking good for the rest of them.

How can anyone still question Hiro's chadness?

>You will never have a waifu who thinks so highly of you that she outright believes you can control the weather

My heart, also did anyone else notice how she was still in her pajamas outside? She literally spent the entire night in the rain after the stunt Ichigo pulled. She was so upset she couldn't sleep.

I bet the kids noticed she was missing that morning, and Hiro suspected she had gone to the place where they first met.

This episode is about reading between the lines, for all the brusque and callous nature of 02, she's fucking gentle at heart.

begone redshirt

>la dinsosaura de la plantacion 13...

Truly, they were, a Darling in The FranXX

This is something only a sociopath would say.