Precure Thread

Just a few hours left before Saaya's episode!! Are you guys excited for Cure Ange's debut? Because I sure am!!!

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Saaya is literally an angel.

>super gay blue
It's been too long.

It's only been 2 years

Im gonna marry Akira and theres nothing you can do to stop me.

What if she ends up not that gay?

>mfw it's a little less than three hours until the next episode!

It's been too long.

>hateful precure
>the cake will get an evil precure form

Yeah. Last year's blue was only kinda gay.

I support your endeavour.

This is not a "not that gay" look

Of course she is gay. She is literally Minamin 2.0

It's just a phase

Let's all cheer for Saaya!

As long as it's a phase that lasts all year.

If I cut that bun off, will she die?

It would be extremely painful.

fure fure

For whomst?



That is a pretty neutral look actually.
Minamin was at least part-brocon, like mktn and Itsuki.

Fure, fure! Nono-chan!

no one can beat sun man

>watching dream stars
Why is Flora so cool?

Flora is a dork.

Because the mahos are incompetent

It's a good movie.

It took them way longer than 30 seconds to beat them though. I don't really think the line is that cool after I know that.

Bitch, she's the goddamn pink.

How about now?

>tfw looking forward to an episode of Precure again

This is weird, lads.


By Takuya Saitou, one of the animators in episode 2.

She took her eye drops?

Do animators usually make fanart before an episode airs


I don't think so, or at least I rarely see any. Someone who follows Toei animators more closely would know better.

Minamin is such a treasure

Which Precures would be fooled by infomercials into buying an overpriced product they don't need?


Which Precures have a Goku-get-'em attitude?

Not a daily treasure, sadly.

Nagisa, Miyuki, Mana and Megumi. Tsubomi when you get her pissed off.

Which precures would have a natural talent for piloting giant bipedal robots?

Is this /pc/-related now?


None of them are retards obsessed with fighting. They're retards obsessed with other things.

Based pewdiepie.

Fuck off

I think user only meant when it comes to when they're on the battlefield, not which precure only has fighting on their mind like Goku.

>Tsubomi when the string on her bag of tolerance has been snapped



Precure is hetero.

Don't let Hummy see this.

Any self-respecting blue should be able to memorize the user manual quickly enough. And the pinks should have enough pure guts to make it work too.

Where do we watch Precure live this year?

Same place

>It takes entire teams of rangers to pilot just one leg now


February, huh.

Is Erika some kind of sock puppet?

My basement.

No she's a pothead

She's a little flower.


May all the speedsubbing gods be on our side once again


That is a big Daddy

For you

Strong daughters come from strong men.

I liked Whip in that movie.

Me too.

any stream where i can watch online

Fuck off

Yes, but you have to find it first.



I want to fuck hugtan!


They were under not counting a bit of stock footage and some of the simultaneous kicks and stuff

That one time they did the timed fight seems utterly forgettable at this point.

How was the new show overall?

Looked like the finale actually. so maybe next week? I don't normally watch it but I don't want to miss Precure each week now and I've got nothing better to do anyway.

I want to taste Yell's ass power.

>Doesn't run away from the huge scary monster because it's not cool
>even though running away while also taking the baby would be the most logical choice.

What the fuck is Hug2 trying to teach kids?


I know, I even rewatched an episode. The last was like what ? One year at least.

To spread your arms and let a baseball hit your face


Kono Ato SUGU!

>it's cool to cut your own hair
>you should be late to school because you helped old ladies carry stuff
>children's small fleshy bodies make good shields
>love between girls isn't forbidden

It hasn't started yet.




I want to ____ that hamster