Yuusha ga Shinda

The ride hasn't ended yet!

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Did Wakga revive?

Kinda reader.5532.me/series.php?m=yuusha-ga-shinda

is there a new chapter?

two newish chapters



he was too cool to be true

would you?


....Anri's in knee socks, she'll be fine.

>finally one girl that will let him do whatever he wants to her legs
how can the shitty mahou shoujo even compete

>how can the shitty mahou shoujo even compete
By not being stone.

the legs are still there

Thighs are worthless if they aren't soft.

Looks like she's getting hurt by beign near the hell gates.
Also, how did Yuna's father found out about the Princess's father's secret?

oh, hell yea...
wait, what the fuck happened, why did she turn into stone again, was she on a timer?

Would you spend the rest of your life farming radishes with these girls?

This girl did it. I can't remember if she's shown up before, but I assume she can absorb and reflect magic or something similar.

she tried to turn into stone someone with a counter spell (megane serving the other kingdom), so it backfired

you fags need to start dumping this shit
this is crazier

We're most likely getting close to the end, so things are getting a bit crazy.

>We're most likely getting close to the end
no wait i dont wanna get off this ride yet
we still dont have an anime yet

Whats the gap in chapters?

>we still dont have an anime yet
It's probably for the best. I don't want secondaries ruining the threads.

There are 10 untranslated chapters.

that's not a bad thing

I think an anime could be pretty fun.

who's going to win herobowl?

Happy harem end where they all become radish farmers.

To phrase that question another way, is there any way to escape the tsundere end at this point?

Yes the ending has been set up for a while now. They will become farmers. You're retarded if you think there will be any actual romantic developments.

Where's the cake?

Somewhere being bullied.

I want to see a long-haired Ethel.

So, is this in its final arc? Curious. I only read Yuusha ga Shinda in huge chunks.

Probably. They're making their way to hell's gate.

Other than that witch and Anri, is every living member of Shion's group an asshole?


That witch was a bit of an asshole too.

Wait, am I confusing characters? It's been a while. Do you mean the loli with the tragic past who was in love with him?

No, the lesbian one who created that village

You mean the one who tried to kill Touka and everyone else, so she could resurrect her dead friend?

I think that's who I'm referring to, and she's not a lesbian for having a close female friend. She very openly wanted to fuck Shion.

Yes, her.

are radishes a euphemism?

No. The man just like to put knee socks on radishes.

Can they also be a euphemism?

I forgot. Was it just Touma or did everyone in his village put kneesocks on radishes?

they're an effigy or metaphor for thighs, which has been clear since...I think the page Touka was introduced

Fuck if I remember.

Old men were doing it, at least.