Small beings are very unquestionably unique

small beings are very unquestionably unique.

are they LO--LI?

la li lu le lo

That belly button.

I want to hit that tummy!

hey talk nice to me you nic

you demonic bastard!

I want to impregnate it.

You can't impregnate a belly button.

Lolis are for normalfags.

Go back to your VRchat game faggot.

Is this what grade schoolers are doing these days?

how can I be normalfag when I want to fuck a loli?

>Normalfags want to fuck fictional children

Yes you do.

Here's a link to the normalfag board for you.

I hope you find love and happiness Sup Forums-kun

Where have you been the last year mate? It is entirely a normalfag ironic weeaboo thing to be a pedophile nowadays you can stop thinking your shocking people any time now

Not anymore. The UN is trying to force lolis underground where they will be raped and abused.

Fuck off, newfag, and take a loli with you

Can someone shut the fuck up this faggot? I bet you fuck thick shits you retarded fuckface. Yeah, what you said is true, but it doesn't mean Sup Forums is part of this shitfest.

>all that furryshit

not with that attitude

Go the fuck back to /r/eddit

So you're saying I can be open about wanting to fuck kids now? Is it hip and trendy? Where can I get a loli bride to love?

atte7kusa is the best artist.

I dare any of you to find a loli as faithful as mine. Pro tip: you can’t.

>thick lolis
Honestly, I get turned off by his style sometimes

Why do lolis eat so damn much? I’m at the fucking supermarket twice a week

>quzilax is the best artist

>trying to act like you are not normal
can you stop posting that you disgusting actual normal

henreader is the real best artist

Henreader is loligod of this age.

Not even kidding, I don't know when it happened but somehow my babyfat fetish got stronger and I started to really like this type of art.

>anybody but Azusa Norihee
>best loli artist
I want all of you off my thread

Your desire to have a daughter is getting stronger.


I wish Henreader would draw more belly pierced lolis. The Rurika story made me cum buckets on the reveal.

this artist is amateur at best

Post lolis holding in their pee.


i miss him

I don't.

They're cuter when they're letting out their pee into a diaper.

Why the fuck hasn't his recent work been scanned yet?