Why is this show so popular on Sup Forums again

nobody gives a shit about this show anywhere else

I miss to love ru

>Sup Forums
nope just underage mouthbreathers that are waiting for triggers super epic hYPE AF WTF SO EPICCC

>It's another episode of darlingfags spamming threads

it is shit.

Aren't they all ironic about it being good ?

It's not fair, bros. Why do people like things that I don't like? Why is the world so cruel!?

It's the worst show of the last few years, but it's not shitty enough to be a trainwreck.

Only blithering retards like this show, though

Because of these retards we have other shitty shows like this

Why'd you make another thread about it then you fucking mongoloid?


>Only blithering retards like this show, though
I know bro. I agree 100%. Why do they like it? I don't like it and I have a 232 IQ. Why the fuck would people like something if I don't like it???

>anywhere else
You need to go back.

>Only blithering retards like this show, though
I'm too intelligent for Franxx. I wish my IQ wasn't 500. Then I could enjoy this show

>ITT: butthurt VEGpedros
Go back to hispachan

>anywhere else
Where, crossboarder?
Go back there.

>nobody gives a shit about this show anywhere else

Well I don't give a shit about anywhere else but here and the faggots I post here with so why should I give a damn?

because its better than VEG

If you don't like it then just ignore it.

>Sup Forums unironically thinks this show is better than veg
i don't understand why i'm still here

I hope it stays that way, I won’t this to ravage Sup Forums all week as it has been doing while blocking out all the normalfags, that’s an AOTY if I ever seen one.

Me neither

veg is dogshit

VEG is shit

this is worse than aldnoah desu

No those are evergreen, yori and tutu camp threads which is why they are so slow.

If these where ironic they wouldn’t be Gery over 200 unique ips and hitting 1000+ post every week. Not to mention the show presents a lot to think about and predict with god tier animation and directing at least when it’s a-1 “4 out of 5 episodes so far”.

Unironically AOTS.

kyonai is finished

everything is better than VEG though

>fiolet cucks

This but unironically

It's popular with crossboarders from Sup Forums and Sup Forums.

It's puerile self-insert shit and Sup Forums is one of the most underaged boards


well, at least it's not as bad as having a full series of "babyshitter"

***,203位/***,233位 (***,609 pt) [*,**5予約] 2018/04/25 【Amazon.co.jp限定】Darling in the FranXX [Blu-ray]

***,314位/***,293位 (**1,154 pt) [*,**0予約] 2018/04/04 【Amazon.co.jp限定】VIOLET EVERGARDEN [Blu-ray]

Oh no no no

>i don't understand why i'm still here
This. Go back to hispachan.

Why the fuck are you bringing up other places? We're on Sup Forums. Why the fuck would reddit or MAL or gaia or wherever the fuck you're from matter?
Get the fuck out.

This. OP needs to leave.

>someone unironically thinks VEG is better than even half of the shows airing right now
I don't understand why you're still here.

Kill yourself faggot.

you faggots are just enjoying discussing this show
you don't love the show like i love veg

>anywhere else
Stay there, faggot.

t. Pablo gonzalez

Leave it alone. You're doing nothing but making fanbase wars.

It's one of most the popular shows in the west this season actually

>liking things I don't like

>nobody gives a shit about this show anywhere else
Always a good sign that it's AOTS.

From the looks of it it's people trying to force a trainwreck.

It really isn't. I've noticed threads reaching page 10 over and over, they have to be saved constantly, only a couple of threads are active at the time but this is how triggerfags behave, they spam the board with threads to annoy people.

Evergreen is better than this but I like this show a lot.

Don't worry, they're both garbage

it's the most popular show on reddit

>Violet everflop
Dude instagram filters lmao

literally the only show worth watching beside koi wa ameagari

I can't speak for anyone else, but the character of 002 appeals to me to a ridiculous degree and that's more than enough, given how large of a role she plays.

Congratulations on being retarded I guess

Shonenshitters are upset there's no flashy action.

There is also that one about an autistic girl living in a wannabe 19th century England.

It's pretty popular with a lot of normies. The people I work with always talk about watching it on crunchyroll. They also think the One Piece anime is the pinnacle of animated storytelling, and watched Maid Dragon because of the hype it got but constantly felt the need to clarify that even though they enjoyed it the 'pedophilia' made them uncomfortable.

VEG had more popularity on rebbit with its years of hype with its CM and everything. Then it actually aired and.. well, you probably know the rest of the story.
Franxx didn't do anything wrong. Even i don't know of its existence before this season.


I'm pretty sure I've seen screenshots of what looked like rice terraces in VEG.

I think Franxx is more popular there now


Pretty sure FranXX is more popular. Also I know CR is hated, but FranXX is one of the most watched shows in their poll thing alongside Overlord. It's doing pretty well for an original series.

I was talking about Franxx.

First of all, why do you care about others places?
Second, you're wrong.

Did I just click on Sup Forums by accident?
What a fucking cesspool of a thread, fucking sasuga trigger shit.

It's really not that popular - just the same ~60 posters posting over and over
Last time a post broke 100 unique was Ep 2.

Nice digits
the reason is: main girl is hot and has a nice attitude

There's a thread right now with 212 unique posters.

>FranXX is a trainwreck
I have no idea why people keep saying this, it's already a decent show that could turn out really good depending on how it develops. I can only assume that the people who sincerely think it's horrible have never seen a legitimately terrible anime.

>Kentucky the only state that likes Ramen
Kenfucky Fried Ramen when?


>all these VEGfags on full damage control mode while their instagram filter show that Kyoani spent years shilling is flopping
Your tears are the water in my bathtub, kyoanus lickers.

02 seem like she gets a lot of fan art.

I just threw up

Because memes are fun.

She does. There's so much it's like a rabbit hole.

Is this show just about cute girls eating cute ramen?

wtf I love portugal now?!

KLK and TTGL were slow burns as well.

>nobody gives a shit about this show anywhere else
Where? Leddit loves it. Even YouTube comments seem to love it. Where is this magical place where nobody gives a shit about it?

Bringing up other Trigger here shows seems moot since the they don't really have anything to do with the writing and pacing tough, that's all A-1.

Franxx tag on pixiv is about as popular as second rate mobage which is insane for a seasonal anime with limited number of girls. 02 is a gift that keeps on giving.


It most likely broke even already with the netflix deal and the several cinema showings.

It's not fair, bros. Why do people don't like things that I like? Why is the world so cruel!?

I'm watching VEG and Franxx and they're both good

>Beatless even make it into the list

>why is this show so popular on Sup Forums again


Shipping her with the self insert.

NTR something.

Triggerfags. Same as LWA after everyone realized it's crap.

Uhmm, because it's the best anime of 2018? Get over it you tiny, tiny poop eating man. Let your heart feel something maybe you'll understand why everyone is in love with Darlifa.

>bondad and daahlin
a man of taste I see

new here, Is this phenomenon common for every new trigger anime?

Yes. The problem is, many of the """people""" shitting on this show happen to be Kyoanus drones without a single iota of self-awareness. Get over it faggots, both Saberface Shittygarden and Shitting on the Flop are garbage.

That's a very mature post from a very mature audience.

I see...