Do copyright laws not exist in Japan?

-dominion came out after the first patlabor ova, nice try though
-nge and rahxephon are fundamentally different shows that have next to nothing in common, the former is taking boatloads of inspiration from ideon and other tomino works, while the latter focuses more on raideen. characters and plotlines arent similar in the slightest


oh and the dtp manga is literally irrelevant. what was that? 2 chapters? appleseed was a thing prior to it for example. pretty sure theres a bunch of other examples.

You can't copyright a concept.

You can if you're an American

>Dominion came out after.
>Wait no it didn't.
>It doesn't count though!

American laws are retarded, so no wonder.

RahXephon is like the better version of EVA, which is still shit.

the point isnt that it doesnt count, but that it doesnt matter. appleseed was a thing before dtp, so if you wanted to compare patlabor to something then it should have been that one. besides, comparing dtp and patlabor is a retarded thing to do in the first place.

dtp is nothing but slapstick garbage. the complete opposite to the first iteration of patlabor which had a way more serious vibe to it. on top of that dtp doesnt even sport mechs or humanoid robots as their main vehicles for combat or transportation. if you want to compare that to patlabor we might as well claim that dtp and appleseed are ripping off crusher joe.

but Rahxephon is better then eva
also ttgl from the beginning was a parody of mecha troupes including getter robo and as such is protected under parody law.

>Do copyright laws not exist in Japan?
Why do you, as a non jap, care?

because to him premise is more important than execution.

If someone wants to use a similar premise to make something great I have no problem with that.

Gurren Lagann isn't at all like getter besides both following classic super robot anime cliches like combining machines and it isn't even used in the same way.

You can't reinforce a copyright of a concept if it is altered enough in the new work. So ? Pointless discussion of this.

Is your brain capable of comprehending the content of these series beyond the most superficial nitpicked shit? Because thats the only similarities they have.

How to forget Eva's main inspiration

We have Comiket twice a year, but yes they do exist.

Reminder that eva is an Ideon ripoff

There's an obvious influence but the plot and pretty much everything else is completely different.

>Copyright means no one can ever make anything like it again
Hi USA, how's it going? Your government lost any more officials today?

How? The themes, characters and focus are completely different.

Copyright laws don't interfere with a single one of these examples.

How do they keep getting away with it?

change thunderbolt for greco. at least it had something that was close to being rape.

>actuall valvrave is not the valvrave of it's own decade.

Devilman + Ideon = Evangelion

Yep. Eva is a Devilman rip off

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doesn't seem like it