Schemmel is better

Schemmel is better.

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For Goku? Perhaps.
For Black? Absolutely not.


>Not liking the divine accent

The voices of black for both of them is literally just lowering the tone of their voice
The british thing was only in fighterz


lol nope,
japanese granny completely destroys him.

also what was Schemmel's reasoning for giving Goku Black an English/Brit accent?

why did they make black british
it makes no fucking sense

Brits are evil

Sean stated Black will gain the accent when he goes Rosé in the anime.

If you switch bodies with someone why would you lose your accent?

Why a Kai should have an accent if they don't live in England?

Dragonball has always been all over the place with accents. Why can't he be British?

dumbest thing i've ever read cus he doesnt get the accent until he goes super saiyan which makes even less sense

Castañeda is better than both.

Same reason why everyone has American accents when they dont live in America.


Black uses his divine soul to turn pink. He taps into his power and becomes more like his original self.

You can rant all you want about how it doesn't make sense but you're talking about a show where Krillin defeated a guy because he remembered he doesn't have nose.

british is rose

maybe 15 years ago,
didn't the latinamerican fans said that his voice sounded different now?

Except he doesnt.
Goku Black has Goku's normal accent, and then it changes when he goes Super Saiyan

Just because you point out something is dumb doesn't make it less dumb. It's dumb. But go ahead and try divert the subject now you're at it.

how far would've he had made it in the Tournament of Power?


Well yeah its a kid's cartoon.

Fuck the shitty amerifat adaptation (can't call if a dub) of DBZ and DBS
It is an insult to the original work

>Goku Black has Goku's normal accent

No he doesn't. It's a very subdued version of his Rose accent.

He can't kill in the ToP.

So, wiping 10 people off the stage results in a fuck ton of ningens getting deleted

Pretty damn far. The no killing policy will only encourage Goku Black to mock Universe 7 by fighting like Goku.

Blurriness of the gods

Goku Black speaks more restrained and embellished than Goku.

the true answer is pic related!

>>Gets earring

Based Claudio

Black was always his original self in Goku’s body.