Well, Sup Forums? Is she wrong?

Well, Sup Forums? Is she wrong?

Of course she is, you mouthbreathing retard.

Of course she isn't, you mouthbreathing retard.

She isn't. Survival of the fittest is required in the world they live in.

That whole show's existence is wrong.

That whole show's existence is right.

do anime with an elitist message like this drive up suicide rates?

She's right. That's why she's alive and the others are not.

do anime with a retarded message like this drive up suicide rates?


social darwinists deserve to get shot

She's 100% right

Now I want an MGR anime.

Trying to make history?

02 = representation of darwinism
lamarck club APE = representation of lamarckism



Hiro said being of no use and having no place to belong is no different than being dead. Him still wanting to ride with 02 despite the possibility of death is now is no different from the first episode.

This. I don't understand how brainlets don't understand.

If she wants to be treated like a normal human being she should start by not treating others like dirt.

Maybe she just knows something that the others don't yet...

Reminder that 02 is still best girl

That works both ways. Everyone treated her like dirt too. And probaby first.

naomi > mitsuru > ichigo > fat > twintails >>>> pink asuka

The weak should fear the strong.

You'd think she'd have some regards to his health, since she's acted so lovey dovey, but she pretty much is just bat shit insane.
Maybe it has to do with her new found feelings for Hiro clashing with her survival of the fittest philosphy which she has grown during her childhood, but currently Ichigo is just way cuter. She's willing to give up Hiro, so that he can be with the girl that can make him happy, her only wish is for him to stay safe and sound, which got denied by Oni.

She's an emotionally damaged teenager spouting edgy shit as a coping mechanism against the fear of losing people she cares about one way or another.

In her universe? Sure, she's right. Not in the world we live in though (for better or worse).

She has put her life on the line to save the job squad 3 times now. In episode 1, 3 and 4. 3 times. And in return? They do nothing but talk shit about her.

I did gain respect for Ichigo after this episode. She stood up to a monster that could've killed just because she was worried about her friend.

Yes weak people needs to be killed.

Fuck you nigga now I have to listen to that song.

>everyone soldier in a military outfit is equal to each other
Afraid not.

You first.

What is her face trying to convey?

She was crying

No no no, that song begins with "standing here", not "in the end".

>Everyone dies. Big deal.


i usually make that face when i take a shit. maybe her asshole is clenched.

Stronger=more energy
If she doesn't have enough energy the weakling will survive.

After the incident with Ichigo, it looked like 02 may have cried on her headband before the rain started to fall. She then looked up at the sky in the rain, which could be interpreted as a pensive silence. I think she cares for Hiro. I am not sure if that is what this scene meant, but that was my interpretation given that 02 has been characterized as lonely and misunderstood.

She isn't wrong, but she's just saying that to try to come to terms with the fact that everyone she tries to get close to ends up dying.

can't believe some people still don't get this

Fucking Ichigo. Make 02 upset again and see what happens.

02 desperately wants to find someone who is strong enough to not die. She doesn't want to be alone and the thought of her being alone forever brings her great despair.
She thinks she has found someone already though. Darling to be exact.

Why the fuck would you include a reply in your cap?

indeed this, this episode made it really clear what she meant out on the city, the sterlieness and lack of struggle for existence for the adults, etc.

Hiro is probably going to evolve into something like her.

Indeed, so first order of business was to give him lethal oni aids. There are too many variables at the moment though, so its hard to predict Hiros fate. She might be tiped by the Doc from the start for example and they know exactly what they are doing. Hard to tell, but thats a first viewing magic.

>all the children are clearly treated as disposable by their society and the kids from the other plantation know it
>002 has probably gone through hell from the way she's treated as a tool and how she's been forced to the frontlines
I bet she was laughing her ass off inside when Ichigo spoke about her being inhuman, as if she has any clue what being human is like trapped in a cage away from everyone else raised only to fight monsters. Is it any surprise she'd adopt this kind of attitude when their entire world sees them the same? 002's clearly a no bullshit kind of person. Definitely heartless, but they're all just getting by looking out only for themselves. Plantation 13 doesn't want to have to watch out for plantation 26 because they're dead weight, plantation 26 doesn't want to help 002 because she could hurt them. Hiro's the uniquely compassionate character in this and that's why kids from the other plantations treat him like a legend. From our standards of course she's wrong. In her situation she's probably right.

Not everyone gets the tumour, this is different, she knows about it, but it's not the same as everyone else. She knew this the second she licked him imo.

If they're losing their yellow blood cells because of it that also explains why the previous pilot was on an IV at the start, he was getting topped up.

>that also explains why the previous pilot was on an IV at the start, he was getting topped up.
They said this has never happened before though.

Hiro's not gonna die now. I'll eat my non-existent fedora if he bites it before ending, if at all. 02's chances are a little lower, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if she survives all the way through.

Because HIro's YBC are multiplying, not decreasing.

If he survives, like she appears to think he will. Then he'll definitely be the one.

>Not everyone gets the tumour
We can't know that because we haven't seen the others barechested. And Mitsuru only piloted with her once, and not even Hiro got it after his first flight.
We only know that the cause of Hiro's reaction is the opposite of what typically happens.
The fact that 02 basically knew and expected it without even being shown it however, implies it being something she has seen before so it's likely something her previous partners went through as well.

>Not everyone gets the tumour, this is different, she knows about it, but it's not the same as everyone else. She knew this the second she licked him imo.

This. The other ones are all patched up and bleeding everywhere.
Hiro's tumor is growing. It's painful, but it isn't messing up his body.

I would just impale her through her asshole and let her die like the weakling she is if I heard her talk like that.

>The fact that 02 basically knew and expected it without even being shown it however, implies it being something she has seen before so it's likely something her previous partners went through as well.

Or it's something she knows about, it doesn't have to be from previous partners dying. Franxx could have told her, or the taste may have cue'd her into the fact he's not entirely human. We know APE know about him specifically and refer to him as the special sample and call him unusual separately from the fact that he hasn't shown the aging symptoms.

This growth is unique. She knows what it is though.

Look out, we've got a tough guy over here.

You know how she mentioned in episode one that she hadn't seen a human cry in a long time... I wonder if that person also had the blue tumor... POTENTIALLY A LOST LOVER? Could explain why she's so distant with attachment.

I can garantee you this is true
>Please have sex

People are NOT born equal,
some are stronger,
some are swifter a foot,
some are weaklings, and weaklings deserve to die!
all hail elitist waifu!
Communist waifus like Rem are for losers, winners are elitists.
That's how it always been.

Yes because everyone dies in the end regardless of them being strong or weak

>Too stupid to know he'd proving them right

>>Please have sex
>Even if it kill you

When you silence someone it doesn't prove them wrong anymore than it process you right

You don't deserve to spread your wings

>implying acknowledging this isn't communist

"To each according to their ability, to each according to his needs." She even wears a red uniform.

The point that is not communist is that she is ok with weaklings just dying.
Elitism is fundamentally anticommunist.


Lmao at your retarded grand narrative of social darwinism, betcha never fucking used dialectical reasoning u retarded fuck

the concept of weakling in human society is distorted

The weaklings are the bourgeoisie

No, all life is at the same time beautiful and ultimately worthless.


So kids confirmed for being genetic experiment! "Yellow" blood cells confirmed for being klaxosaurs' cells? Or anti-klaxosaur? Tumor is resonating with 002 or yellow blood cells driving out the klax cells?

>not realizeing that a working Communist state would be social darwinist by it's very nature.
the needs of the many outlive the needs of the weak after all.

>and refer to him as the special sample and call him unusual separately from the fact that he hasn't shown the aging symptoms.

Or he's a special sample BECAUSE of the not aging thing.

Stop picking on intellectual children grandpa, social darwinist are too stupid to understand that a theory is just the most accepted explanation for why things are.

However I do agree that nature does not care for the 'weak' and it simply is something we can not generalize

But that would require a tangent discussion on game theory, and why what we consider weak might be the dominant gene later on because nature doesn't care.

or perhaps she had the tumour herself. She does mention that its extremely painful.

The parasites are definitely test tube babies. Hiro's squad is special/different in some way but probably still test tube babies.

Why does this actually make sense?

Why was Goro such a pussy? He's literally jeopardizing the mission and safety of the crew by letting Hiro fight while injured. He should've just told somebody.


Well people do die when they are killed so I guess she's right about something

>"Are you trying to exploit Hiro?"

Come on now. Someone on the translation team's trying way too hard.

AIDS kills everyone no matter how strong you are.

I keep telling myself that my Japanese will get good enough to watch raws one day.

I considered this, but the dub specifically mentions that he's a rare case AND an unusual circumstance.

Not really it reads better. Which is the point. Exploit in the "natural resources" kind of way.

we dont need a million threads for this shit

Yes as the threads are filling up.

Agreed. OP line is also retarded:
>"That's all there is to it."

Shes wrong, you have to genocide the weak directly before the uprising

Tell me more about the yellow bloodcell word they use, cuz I couldn't spot any of the regular words for that shit.

She's not wrong, but she could afford to be less outwardly bitchy that's for sure

It is obvious that Hiro is gonna live, but putting his dick into batshit insane will certainly make him regret latter that he hadnt died of AIDS that day.

pink haired gainax girls are always cunts tho

I still do not know the answer to this question.

Does 02 love Hiro?

Seems to be 黄血球 (おうっけっきゅう)

Fuck off


I did not hear that at all in the scene, I checked this shit.