Senran Kagura

Are you ready to worship your goddess Yumi in the upcoming second season of the Senran Kagura anime?

Don't just abandon her.

She's not my favourite but I don't really get the hate either. Why is she so hated on this board?

Most popular character so she gets more screentime and merch than most other characters, even the former main heroine asuka.



Bumping with a palate cleanser.

Popularity and shitposting. Sup Forums hates her, too.

Will they reveal the anime after the burst remake gets released?

Didn't the Yumi dlc on the Swith do poor?

dumb babu

dumb babu

Sup Forums please

Why do you suggest that? It seems it did very well.

What DLC? The only senran game on switch is centered around yumi.

give me more anime Miyabi


She has the most beautiful eyes.

more miyabi, snek and daidouiji please. There's enough yumi as it is

Fuck SK, more Valkyrie Drive when

>already shitting on yumi
newshits were a mistake

Still don't see why that's a reason to hate her.

she's more boring than Asuka but stole her position as heroine because muh yamato nadeshiko

Yumi offers services to old men.

Still the best girl.

If anything we should hate the archetype for even existing

Why? Yumi is by far the best girl in the entire series.

Yumi is shit but goddamn would I fuck her until my dick freezes off

She's really uninteresting but really popular.

The uninteresting part wouldn't make her hate-able, it's the popularity that makes her boring ass put everywhere that engenders hatred.