ITT: the worst manga you've read

ITT: the worst manga you've read.

Good old Rape Namek.

Honestly I can at most name about 20 manga that are actually worth reading to begin with. Such a trashy medium.

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san



dragon level source?

Tokage no Ou: seemed an interesting premise but then turned out to be over the top gore for the sake of over the top gore. On top of that turned out to just be a short LN advertising manga.

Change 1 2 3. First arc was alright, everything after was unbearable to read, dropped somewhere in the middle.
Big titties though.

That manga was amazing tho

>pic related is a high school girl


Yeah, lots of potential but turned retarded at the middle. The ending was confusing as fuck.

Riki-Oh. No question.

This and Cage of Eden are probably the worst manga I've read from beginning to end. They're not horrible, they just both have decent premises that got bogged down by cliches and waste their potential.

Probably not an accident that both have decent fan service and I managed to make it all the way through to the end.

>Such a trashy medium.
All of them are trashy. 95% of everything is shit.

Stop trying me to agree with your fallacy. Fuck face. You're wrong. Manga is just that much worse.

>cage of eden

time to fap

this didnt take long to get really boring, which is sad because the concept was cool

Why did they make Ryo a pretty boy in the anime, I will never understand that.

Fuck cage of Eden so much. I thought it would actually be decent but that ending man how the actual fuck do you think something like that is okay.

Here she is with her 15 year old bf.

Riki-Oh is pretty bad if you trying to make any sense of it, but it can be entertaining just by how ridiculous it get again and again. But yeah, story barely makes any sense, Side characters are non-existant and dying almost in the same chapter they were introduced or disappearing witouth any trace, dialogues are stupid, art is the strongest part and it's not perfect either, lots of mistakes in details from panel to panel.
Hokuto no Ken doing everything way better.

The greatest story HUMANITY has ever told.

What Manga ?

Pic unrelated

It's "Rape Guy the Raping Raper Who Rapes All Raping Day Long: Electric Rapealoo."

All it's got going for it is ridiculous shit like this.

I've never read a bad manga. If I'm bored or annoyed by what I'm reading I assume it's not for me or I'm just not in the mood for it and stop reading.

There was this one where a little girl got raped in her own home by a man pretending to be a government inspector or some shit. I reported it.

Lmao you mean Geiger Counter? ;_;

well manga is better than anime 9 times out of 10 and you're on an anime and manga board so... fuck off?

The Domestic Yapoo has to be one of the worst. I don't know what kind of person can derive pleasure from it.

>well manga is better than anime 9 times out of 10
Sadly I found this to not be true at all. Anime are much higher quality on average.
>fuck off
not your safespace

Is he a chosen one?

Because blonde guys have to be pretty for nips. if he was handsome or manly, they'd cry.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to think of that

I've read worse but the one that currently comes to mind is the manga where a girl is raped, bullied, or ignored by everyone in her class so she comes up with various ways to get revenge on them. It had a not terrible start but then it took a real nosedive when other characters started developing subplots. The worst part besides a really unsatisfying ending was a twist that really didn't add anything to the story. The whole thing was a waste of time.

Pick any, wipe HDD after reading.


Elfen Lied

"it's better than the anime!" they said

It's not, just a different flavor of shit.

I enjoyed this though. Worst non obscure manga would be Fairy Tail. Utter trash.

If you think Fairy Tail is one of the worst manga around you haven't read enough manga. It's not even substantially worse than bleach or naruto. There's much worse shit out there, shouen or not.

The guy that wrote that manga has a diaper fetish, right?

and a piss fetish
and a tentacle fetish
and a gore fetish
on top of being a pedo but that goes without saying

I forget what it's called but it starts with a brother and sister, who have regenerative powers; giving their flesh to this snowy village. Everything goes tits up, the sister didn't have strong enough regen powers like her brother, she dies and he almost dies but decides not to die and is constantly on fire and naked.
I think its post-apocalyptic Japanese X-Men. Some immortal woman wants to film him while he does something? I don't know it got weird fast and really silly.
The entire story consist of the Earth ending in about 20yrs while the story follows along a guy who can't die and is always on fire with an insane, immortal woman recording him while the remainder of Japan (Iassume) follows him around because they think he's god.

Fire Punch?

It ended a month ago. Sup Forums loved it.

I think the ending, the final 20 chapter or so, were shit, but some of the middle parts, particularly the bits involving the Director and Doma, were great.

Fire Punch

Fucking Yuureitou. The art is pretty good and the plot starts pretty interesting, but it turns into a massive pile of sjw-esque trash.

I don't watch manga adaptations, I only watch anime originals.

I didn’t read it completely, just more here and there: Ane Doki. Most autistic ending ever.

Absolute garbage
The only good thing was Resee but then he gets killed in a retarded way like everything else in the manga

Why would you read the manga instead of the original novel? Or the movie? The manga is the worst version.

official spin-off mango of the greatest onii-sama.

The most mediocre build up of a story, through consistent pain and suffering of one man in a greatly depicted post-apocalypse world (since most stories and what not take place like 200 years after an apocalypse), and the ending just smashes it to bits.

I don't read a lot of bad manga but Re:Monster managed to be notably shit in a genre that's already pretty shit.

I'm going to need to know which manga those are

Tokyo University Story, by Golden Boy's author (surprise, surprise).

>it was all a dream!
Even Shyamalan's twists were less retarded. At least the prego sex were hot though.