Recovery of an MMO Junkie Director Causes Controversy With Anti-Semitic Tweets

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With Jews you lose.


Nanking? Nothing!

Trolling libtards, epic style

Stop linking to that shitty site and fuck off already.

oy vey

Not entirely wrong. Anne Frank isn't a real person, just a representation of attitudes surrounding WWII. As a fiction novel it is quaint but you cannot fool me into thinking this shit is non-fiction.

Give this man his own military series to direct.

Fucking based.

holy shit nips are based
expel the jewry from your system

Fuck off with your twitter shit. This is not Sup Forums.

Picked up

Why would the Japs expel Jewry when they're jews themselves?

Hello, kike.


No he didn't because nobody cares in Japan

You sure senpai? Having half of your roster as DLC is jewish as fuck.


woke as fuck mashallah

I really don't care about political views of a person who provides quality content.
Perhaps Americans should be reminded that their entire space program was created by a literal Nazi.

The jew fear the samurai because they are one of the few that can outjew a fucking jew

Thats the idea. The samurai are capable of such feats as to make the jew blush.

based nippon exposing kikes

So, does that mean that the Japs control the Jews? I mean, it would explain why the Jews want to exterminate the white race so much, they're controlled by nips who are still angry about Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Man, yeah, that's terrible. Sure caught me off guard when pink Healslut was gassing virtual kikes for an entire episode. I mean, that director basically used the entire show as a protracted redpill for all the weeb normies out there. Wouldn't get shit like that in enlightened western countries.

Top kek, the man has been investigating this shit since 2012.

No, it just means that jews fear not only the nips moneygrubbing but also their sense of ethno-nationalism. See: all the articles insisting japan NEEDS refugees.

I feel like I should post an Amerimutt here, but I didn't actually save any and I can't be bothered to look for one.

>ANN calls for director to be fired for different political views

Does that work in Japan or just our shithole?

But if the Japs can control the Jews, they can stop their control over America. Why don't they save us?

We lower their birthrates, they lower their guard.

>linking instead of copying and pasting it
Yeah nah, you can go die in a fire along with them.

In the end we truly were the Net-jew

we should mass spam miles to remove mmo junkie from cruncyroll

Doesnt work in Japan.
Source, my wife.

Mothers Basement calls for the director to be fired, and blacklisted.

No user, MMO Junkie did nothing wrong.

Sounds like a reason to blacklist Mother's Basement.

Who gives you a fuck. Fuck off with your brigading bullshit.

I don't care for anyone's political views.

Was Mukden train station bombing part of your plan?

>get Netjuu banned from CR
>demand they never stream anything from this guy again
>demand they donate all profits to some Jew charity
>slowly pressure them to boycott other 'problematic' shows, like ecchi
>rise of new age of piracy

>not your private army
now go back to the reddit faggot

Wait does Sup Forums really sink to Sup Forums levels of watching other people watch anime for you?

Sup Forums tourists are common here

Christ, look at all these mouth breathing crossboarders coming out of the woodworks
mods, do your job

Is this part of Daiz's plan?


MB has some good videos and watch from time to time what the guy makes, but why is he asking for a ban to the director?

I don't really care, but nationalist anime is cool, so may have to watch Gate at some point.
And it's hard to take claims about antisemitism seriously, people claim that at anything. Holocaust denial, though, seems pretty bad in this case.

And attacking jews is justified, by modern social justice doctrine. Hitler percieved jews as more privileged than him, in other words he was punching up. If modern social justice activists actually look at it critically they should realize that, by their own standards, Hitler did nothing wrong. Genocide is acceptable if you are punching up while doing it.