Buyfag Thread

“Teach me!” Edition

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>early thread

The last thread hit page 10.

Should have been the figgies edition.

and you wait till it dies before making a thread, not when it hits page 10. Fuckwad.

>probably just the blu rays
>Tamashii Nations

>early op
>Edition bullshit

move on, shit thread

This isn't /vg/. You don't make it until it dies, newfag.

>3 threads now

This one was the first one made at the right time: I don't know what the boatfag is doing

I really need to update that.

Does it really matter to you cockmunchers? It’s always been the consensus on both ends.

Is this the new meme fig that's gonna get spammed?

Both ends of what? Your asshole and your hollow skull? Because here you must always wait for a thread to die, retard.

Funny, I don’t see it in the site rules. Your eyes and asshole must be reversed with a brain full of shit.

That should be your case, someone already posted the fucking etiquette, read it shit for brains.

>what's board culture
I really hate post-2014 newfags.

There’s no official rule that says you have to abide by that, fuckface. Who made you a janitor? Did your mommy drop you on the head one too many times as a baby?

Looks like yours did, you need to be some kind of super special kid to not get what fucking etiquette means.

>buying statueshit

Look at you posting about etiquette when you’ve got none at all!


Oh look, a newfag who has never heard of self moderation

Bite your tongue much?

Not while you’re swallowing dicks with yours.