Why VEG is not commented or discussed like darling?

Why VEG is not commented or discussed like darling?

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This is TRIGGER's board now.

Because it's not anime original.

Very slow start

caters to lowest common denominator
doesnt even need to cater to the lowest common denominator to manage to be as bad, or arguably even worse

as you can see: the first one you can laugh at because of how desperately it tries to appeal to retards. the second one tries to be more, but does such a piss poor job at it that people cant even be bothered to pity it anymore.

Because VEG is pretty meh.

VEG is much more moody and methodical while boku no darling is extremely on the nose with its themes and the ANGST and DRAMA are silly so its more fun to discuss and shitpost about. Both are fine.

It's not as interesting.

1. Triggerfags are the biggest fanbase in this board, they'll make general threads regardless of the show's quality
2. It's anime original open to speculation
3. Waifuwar friendly

VEG is shit

Because it has a female lead and I don't have enough estrogen or eat enough soy to care.

Threads of franxxxx is always made by one guy.

because nothing happens.

Because VEG is good.


>Why VEG is not commented or discussed like darling?
simple, image boards love trainwreck shows to shat at.

Its kinda part of the culture.

There's that VEG thread >2 days old


Only this thread
>D franxx
More than 14 threads

It's over kyoani bros at least be a good loser stop being pathetic

Shitposters killed any chance of having worthwhile threads. Namely the false-flagging AOTY thread spamming faggots.

10 of those 14 have to be constantly saved from page 10 to be honest, not saying it isn't more popular at least on Sup Forums, but franxxfags are clearly spamming the board to make it seem as it is way more popular.


It's a boring and routine "broken relationship of the week" show with predictable, 1-dimensional characters.
Franxx has an overarching story that provides room for discussion.

The VEG CM had 2 million views. The hype was not fabricated.

Shot answer: VEG is not that type of anime
More detailed answer:
> slow paced drama
> hard to make memes
> not that much people watch it
> only can shitpost about how good or bad it is
> action hype series with a lot main characters
> easy can make memes out of anything
>many people watch it
> everyone shitpost about everything

user stop thisbis pathetic.
chadfranxx have 50% of the board already and almost none are in the page 10.

Because as I told you they keep being saved.

>mal popularity
veg had 200k fans before the season even started. thats a pretty dull comparison

Because darling is an anime original. Discussing it as it airs is fun. VEG isn't, so half the board already knows or has a good idea of what is going to happen, and the other half, if they are really into it, will go read the source material and know anyway.

Anime originals are always more fun, regardless of quality. You can't have fun with rampart shitposting and speculation with an adaption. People who try are just secondaries or plebs for not knowing the source material.

>Everyone that had great expectations for VEG was a falseflagger.

>Makes 20 shitty threads about absolutely nothing instead of sticking to its containment board
>w-why is that other show not discussed like this garbage I keep spamming?
You can't fake this level of retardness

Go back to /vg/ retarded generalfag.

Spam != discussion
If there ever was a method to block underage posters, I'm 100% sure that these threads would vanish.

I really hope you aren't implying that number of threads on Sup Forums or discussion anywhere is mark of quality.
I enjoy both shows.

You're an idiot if you think all those AOTY threads were genuine. Or you're the shitposter in question. Either way fuck you.

one has stuff happening, the other one does not

>I enjoy both shows.
my condolences

thats the best part about sucking kyoanis dick. if a show turns out mediocre you can just claim that all the praise was false flagging. if its turns out great you can respond with "told you so" and "kyoani does it again". its a win-win, really.

Why are VEGfags so cancerous?

art is pretty
music is nice
nothing to discuss
if you are not novelfag you might get shot with a spoilers
not that they would shock or anything

it's nice seres with no discussion potential, except for best gir and sasuga.

There's nothing wrong with enjoying both shows. The problem is that every fucking saturday the entire board becomes unusable due to spam and endless waves of shitposting from trigger's fanbase.
Wojak this, chad that, cuck this, oh nonono that, etc. It literally doesn't feels like clicking on Sup Forums or Sup Forums by accident.
You can't even enjoy VEG threads because of that one chink faggot that spams LN spoilers, it's jarring.

It literally feels like clicking on Sup Forums or Sup Forums by accident.**

>the entire board becomes unusable
Compared to when popular shows aired without captchas and stuff, it's incredibly nice.

Because literally nothing happens

This is why you're called children, ADD spergs, casuals, whatever.

Because FRANCO actually offers us content to talk about gives us shit to predict.

Veg is essentially an anime original yet it doesn’t have a single well thought out or interesting idea worth talking about. It’s too fast past introducing characters and plot points and closing them in the very same episode.
Also it has some really terrible world building like bnha tier shit.

While franxx makes its setting and world building interesting by mixing its themes and concepts in with the setting.

Also franxx has far better characters mostly prevelent through the god tier character animations, in addition it actually attempts to say things and give foreshadowing with its visuals, it’s not just pretty.

Quite literally put franxx is an a whole different league, it’s interesting, creating and entertaining. VEG is boring and shallow, and doesn’t give the viewers anything to talk or think about, it’s pretty but substanceless and that’s reflected by the lack of conversation despite being entirely original.

>one chink faggot
How is this known?

Y'know what I take back what I said in anotherthread. Please ban all talk of VEG and FranXX on this board. All this pointless shit flinging is really starting to piss me off.

I haven't seen any interesting idea made by franxx either, though.

>There's nothing wrong with enjoying both shows. The problem is that every fucking saturday the entire board becomes unusable due to spam and endless waves of shitposting from trigger's fanbase.

I shitspost and falseflag for both.

Fuck off.

>but muh pretty animation and filters

God I fucking hate Kyoanifags. They're literal children who are attracted to pretty pictures. Of course they can't appreciate FranXX, which actually requires you to think a bit.

You'd think Violet would be more popular on Sup Forums after she said her age was around 14.

Violet is just a boring kind of autismbot
>what is love
over and over.

>The absolute butthurt from kyoanifags
Nice MAGNUM OPUS you have there

well said, VEG BTFO

God I fucking hate studiofags. They're literal children who are attracted to shitty drama. Of course they can't shut the fuck up, which would actually require some dignity.

VEG already has its ending known because of LNs.

>muh daling
>but you're my daling
>he is my daling after all
>look at me eat honey like a cute little animal, aren't i cute? tehee

I mean, 02 is not much better.

The hype was real, everytime there were news about the VEG screenings the threads would've massive and full of discussion about the LN and the anime, people legit expected the show to be a hit and the most discussed anime in the season. Merely shitposting wouldn't have killed the threads if the anime didn't turn out to be a (so far) very forgettable drama/romance story.

What the fuck Kyoani bros???
This can't be happening to us!

Did you just unironically post a reddit screenshot?

02 is voiced by tomato so.

It'll be fun to see how the board explodes if something big actually happens

She has something going for her at least, last episode in particular has her display quite a metric fuckton of issues with her ''bubbly girl'' personality.

It's literally The Last Jedi all over again.

it's not as fun

Violet has a 'disturbing' past as well, they both aren't who they seem. I personally hate both characters and think are the worst part of their respective series.

That's no literally no different from Violet displaying a metric fuckton of issues with her personality. You guys have to realize how fucking stupid and reductive these arguments are, right?

>V-V-Violet has a disturbing past too! 02 isn't so special, r-right guys? Please watch the show I desperately shilled for months on end.

Please no.
Worst part is that it's bound to happen, be it characters getting killed in FranXX or Violet going full terminator mode.

Episode 11, screencap this.

02 has AIDS, it's something.

>m-muh VEG
Just deal with it. No one cares about your Kusoani cartoon. Stop making these threads.


Literally the only thing you need to watch VEG for is the animation. You already know everything that's gonna happen. That can be done with zero discussion unless you're an artist or sakuganerd.

Nah, episode 8 will have blood

Who are you quoting? That's not even remotely close to what you responded to.

Yeah, the PV was popular. Then people actually watched the show...

Only way for them to be relevant is to make these kind of threads
Otherwise they dont get any replies

And thought it was fine. This hatred for either anime is fabricated, if anything.

You're wrong there. There's plenty to talk about the characters and the visual direction but Sup Forums is not up to it.
Sup Forums is simply not the target audience for VEG, at least not once the actual anime started.
Meanwhile in Asia, people like this exist shirooo305.hatenablog.com/entry/2018/02/10/212643

> a lot of main charcters
I've seen only pink, blue and not-shinji in franxx threads. Sure 3>1 but it's not really a lot.

VEG threads died due to Sup Forums shitposting ruining any chance of discussion. FranXX threads thrive because Sup Forums is the target audience.

Stop looking for things to blame. VEG is not that popular around here and there's nothing wrong with that.
If you go to some popular chink site then VEG is all they talk about but this is not a chink website now is it?
Just let it go mate.

>mah Sup Forums
VEGtards are so pathetic.

>he posted the viral marketer's blog again

Franxx aired several hours ago dumbo

>visual direction
Is this the new buzzword? I've seen it mentioned in amegari, yuru camp, VEG and Franxx threads and most of the time is just to shitpost about how better it is in "my show" than in "your show".

VEG too dum dum