Buyfag thread

do you own any demons?

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I need those juicy Preorders

Nice details.


That armor and the bow are quite nicely detailed

I guess this is the one

ohoho what's this


An embarrassing box.


el fin

Obnoxious as fuck box

what's your camera


The blood donation part sounds weird without context.


I've got a few semen demons but I'm always on the lookout for more. Blue skin is a bonus we don't see often enough.


Simple, but cute.


I’m digging that scarf.

Wasn't expecting that.

Nobody expected the lewd inquisition

She looks dusty.

I'm liking those tits. The face is a turn off though

The tits look better than the official one.

How do you like her? Most of the posters here used to hate how she turned out in the promo shots.


Yes to this

No to this

Don't resist, user. It is a nice Miku and a fairly cheap one too.

Police Porkchop when?

atte7kusa loli getting a figure?

Seems to be a very limited event exclusive from Aquamarine.

Still unofficial right?

Its official


Yeah, posted before seeing

Yeah I'm familiar with the mixed opinions but I started selling some stuff and got her. I think it's a decent quality.

The coloring isn't that good, specially for the hair.

Well it's just a bonus figure packed in with the manga.

This is a boat

Looks heaps better than the first one.

All boats wear black panties? Is it part of the uniform or something?

What is your least liked figure and why haven't you sold her yet?

is she a slutty boat or something

she's always making that face

My prize figs because nobody wants them.

I know the book is standing at an angle but I lost one of my GK due to having a book fall on it.

the folder the give away with them is really good

Kwashiorkor as fuck.

she's happy to see you

If she's a decent price on release I probably will. I'll feel pressured to get her gf as well then though

Meant to quote

What a slut.

wtf I love her now

Shit happens when you try to release a figure faster than a good manufacturer

It looked much better in the promo shots, but Amakuni's version will undoubtedly be better.


would hotglue them

>package too heavy to use DHL

Well, shit.
EMS or SAL Parcel for Amiami shipping to Maple syrup land?


Can't wait for when nbody cares about this series anymore and people start selling en masse but can't find buyers because the market is so oversaturated.

Would anyone know if this limited edition print is still for sale anywhere?

Read the guide


I found a Serval Nendroid in a grocery store in the US for $51 and snatched it up. Did I do good?

Thanks, I have. Finding it in stock anywhere, even second hand is extremely difficult. Last time it was sold was November 28 during a 1 day auction for 150k Yen. I might just have to keep a look out periodically but if it's another 24 hour auction... ouch.

What grocery store in the US would sell things like that?

>Paying $51 for a fucking Nendoroid of a shitty series

For the most part, yeah. Nendos usually range from $30-50.

have fun waiting, this isn't the crypto market

does Maou count as a demon?

People have already lost interest. The decline in fanart is already noticeable.

Post HUGE mounds!


Are EXQ prize figures bad?

nice bulge

You could say that about almost every show/franchise that isn't constantly releasing new stuff. Yes I know the LN/WN is still going on, but it's really minor compared to anime.


I'll never be able to get over Rem's ugly haircut.


Anyone ever brought a figure from rightstuf as a last resort? How do they package their things, anyone have experience with it?

>OVA incoming
>S2 coming probably soon
>LN/WN new cntent soon
I'm not a big fan of that series but the popularity will pump again for sure

You're not wrong. Japanese are very quick to move on from one show to another.

Westerners do the same thing, many won't even give something a chance at all if it doesn't get lots of fanart.

>OVA incoming
Oh really? Didn't know about that. Yeah sure, the art is going to raise again, but that's probably only when the aniamtion works come out, or if something really big happens on the LN/WN.
That too, anime trends move really fast. Seeing this with a twitter for artists is kinda nice, one month you have everyone doing Kaho/Blend S art, and the other you have all the same artists doing Aoi/Yuru Camp ones.

I'm going to own an elf later this year

Why do people spoiler shit for no reason?

those abs look weird

fuck of newfag

Could we get just one castanic? Is that too much to ask?

It's because I haven't hotglued them yet

>something really big happens on the LN/WN.
Rem will have a huge comeback after being in coma for 4 years real time, I guess that huge enough considering she's the most popular character. When that happens even more Rem merch will get released.

The fuck does that have to do with being a newfag? People have been doing it for years and its always pissed me off.

Reminder to place all your ladies on a high shelf so it's easier to look up their skirts.

>he buys groceries at walmart
>he posts 9.1M cameraphone pictures sideways

>at a con
>squat to look at the bottom shelf
>peek at top shelf panties too
How obvious was I?

>grocery store in the US for $51
seriously where the fuck do you shop

It's more common in certain boards and groups than others. I know /jp/ hates it but /vg/ does it all the time for example.

The first one was for no apparent reason, you could call it a bad habit. The second one was because it was kind of a blog, I guess? It was related to the topic but in a different way.

Posted in previous thread, about my problem with paying for my order on amiami. Today they sent me another invoice to pay with paypal, and luckily, this time paypal worked. Now, i just have to wait 2 weeks for RSAL