One Piece

Tonight's the night. Will Sugita do him justice?

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Was it haki?

Was it autism?

I'm excited.

if kuri doesn't have his own theme and they just recycle the new world baddie song, i'm gonna be so mad. fucking germa got a track of its own

he might, but Toei won't

Anime is getting more and more attention thanks to netflix (and because they are free of the abusive propaganda from today shows ). There is even a live action OP series coming, they are really going to bet on OP. Pretty sure their next game will be OP, they have thousand of characters to be the street fighter of the anime

What are Sanji's feelings for Nami exactly? Sure, he might be a desperate pussy thirst virgin who is gonna try to fuck anything that moves, but he seems to obsess more over Nami than over other girls, like Robin for example. He even seems to have outgrown Pudding.

Is his feeling genuine?

I hope is a good filler. We have to wait like 2 weeks for the wedding part right?

>snack has a shit design
do NOT bully the 4th sweet commander

How many hours till the episode airs?


He truly loves Nami user. This is already know.

Is Big Mom supposed to be giant sized? Giants are around 14 meters tall, but Big Mom seems to be just about 3 times taller than Jinbe (who is 3 meters tall, putting her at 8-9 meters). And if she's really giant-sized, why doesn't she simply fuck a giant to have giant children?

Do you think anime will make LuKa more erotic?
At what time did this flashback take place? Was it at the beginning of the show or even before the show took place?

>Is Big Mom supposed to be giant sized
Not really
>why doesn't she simply fuck a giant to have giant children
And ignore all the other species? Are you stupid?

He is the former 4th commander. I can say whatever I want about that idiot.

I don't have words.This is so adorable.

LuNa tards will reply with hurr hurr it's the same. But it's not. Nami is the only one who Sanji has asked if she loved him.
Nami is his number 1 girl

rude and stupid

because all of Eblaf thinks she is a cannibalistic retard and keep their distance

I want Katakuri to join the crew and for him Luffy and Zoro to be bros

What if one of the villains gets amnesia? They don't know who or where they are anymore.


You mean the arc? It was chapter 684.

make an actual full body fanart of him then


Would Nami even return his affections while he's acting like a desperate pussy thirst virgin if she did love him?

Seems like Toei didn't consult Oda on Snack's design

That's like saying the chick Pajeet replies to the most on facebook is his most beloved.

Sanjiit wants to open all bobs and vagene, he's just a horny indian.

i did try, in fact

Don't get your hopes up. Toei's faggotry for the Germa is obvious. Just look at the OP.
>germas each get their own special move animated in beautiful 10/10 animation
>BMPs gets a shadowed group shot and two characters walking for less than 1 second
I wish I hadn't seen your post though because I didn't even consider that there might be a theme for Katakuri and now I just know I'm gonna get disapointed if there isn't one ;_;

4 years before current timeline

He left a women for Nami twice now and is apathetic to Puddings love while Oda highlights Nami for him. Stop being in denial.

Why is his bounty so low? He's not even Chadspero-tier

Just slap this on. It's pretty fucking perfect. Imagine Kaido's introduction with this music. It would have been fucking incredible. New soundtracks are great and all but the old ones are still fucking great.

wut. Isn't it too early for that?

try harder. his eyes are covered btw

>why doesn't she simply fuck a giant
She totally would, problem is there isn't a single giant in the world who doesn't know what she did. They despise her and they fear her so they keep their distance. Fucking speedreader.

So, Streusen was the first one to fugg Big Mom, right?

He is a jobber

I say yes.

filler episode where he shows up early

No offense user but this is a very poor choice of music for Katakuri. Remember his first appearance takes place under the rain, before the tea party. You want a theme like the calm before he storm. Not something epic you'd put for an epic clash between two armies on a battlefield.
If they're gonna use an old one it's probably gonna be this one imo:

Why hasn't he asked Robin of she loves him then?

Japs couldn't wait huh

Oh, I have no context for what Katakuri is doing in the anime. My first impression of him is when the Undertaker or whoever gets fucked and Bege starts shitting himself. That theme would be perfect for that.

Can't say that I blame them.


Not all giants are from Elbaf. There must be at least 1 giant she could fuck.

Also, that sounds like actual clown music. Which half fits the BMP but definitely not Katakuri.

It was stated the story spread to all the other giant communities as well.

Perospero pls

who says he can't be both Perospero/Compote and Katakuri triplet' dad?

>filler episode with Katakuri

What the fuck TOEI

Why are you mad? Would you rather another filler fist fight with one of Opera's brothers?

Cause Streusen getting it on with young Big Mom is kinda gross, user. Forget doing it once but twice? Ew.

Yeah, but doesn't that kinda ruin his projected introduction?

t. raj

no one cares about how indian relationships work, this is one piece.

>young big mom
What the fuck user?

Did you miss the part where I said "Streusen getting it on"?

Why are you projecting? The only poo in the loo here is that one LuNafag from leddit who got exposed
Most likely that's you. You gave no argument to that user' s post either

i feel like that, with katakuri, they'll try to go for something like smoker's introduction
just replace the kid with a tottoland citizen or one of many bmp kids who got lost in the thunderstorm

Did you want to reply to me user???

How could Zoro not eat for three weeks and still live?

It certainly may. First impression is crucial after all. But then again who cares about anime onlys. More material, an earlier appearance, I say bravo Toei. Bravo.

>everyone is indian but me

classic gupta tactic.

Good point, user

How can kids in Africa do it?

I'm ESL so to me it sounded like you meant BM was gross. My bad.

they eat dirt and bark.

I fucking love your idea user you have no idea. Do something with the kids, Toei please. We never see them.

At this point he's pretty much the main villain of this arc so I think oda should have introduced him earlier anyways.

Is Katakuri really getting an entire scene or is Toei just baiting?


How high do you guys think Katakuri will appear on the next poll?

no. 2

Finally we reach the end of our roughly month long movie marathon with movie GOLD.
Bring snacks and coffee, so nobody falls asleep, even at the end.

Remember when it looked like he was gonna be important?


nah, they're really hyping him up now. i was kinda worried at first because there was no mention of him in the preview but that later changed considering that he's everywhere now


>he was gonna be important

So is he cosplaying a jelly doughnut?

Between 9 and 4, definitely. I think Sanji is going to stay in 3rd or maybe even 2nd because he's bound to get some more love.
4 I can see cause people are getting over Law already.
When is the next poll though? How often does it come up?

Anyone have the stream for tonight's episode?

I think they're just baiting. Like, they'll make a scene of him walking under the rain and entering the castle. The chess soldiers open the doors "K-Katakuri-sama! We were waiting for you!" the doors close behind him "TO BE CONTINUED".
But when you think about it they did reveal his seiyuu last week, meaning he's going to speak. So it should be more interesting than what I have in mind. Though probably not by much.

>Katakuri's introduction ruined
Fuck Toei

Only Bobbinfags thought this

>M-Mugiwara, w-what are you doing?!

Why? He wasn't relevant before now, and he works perfectly well even though he was introduced late.

We'll still get Bege talking about him as the official introduction in a few weeks. Right now it's just showing the character and that's it

It never looked that way to me.

katakuri is the best oniisan!

Realistically maybe between 30-15. Japan has garbage taste so he might not be in the top 10 unfortunately.

Wouldn't surprise me if they spoiled his future observation in some filler scene. In any case his appearance and voice are getting spoiled.



Of course he is.