Remember not to support this show

Remember not to support this show

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I love netjuu now

>The most redpill anime in last decade


Take this shit to the dumpster fire boards it belongs in

Part of growing up is learning to accept that all artists have fucked up political views.

This is nothing new.

I honestly now have a reason to watch this.


What are some MMOs i can waste money on buying cosmetic costumes?


I like this show. But because of the director, it makes me like it even more.

Why not

What the fuck did I miss
What wrong with the director

He's posting anti jew stuff on twitter

Kek, this might be my first physical anime purchase

And to think that I overlooked the show. Too bad most of the merchandise is OOP at this point.

Here's his twitter

Of course, why wouldn't they? Pursuing the arts as a career is hard mode.

Im a filthy EOP, is this real?
Damn, does he also love cakes? I want to give this man a handshake

Learn to differentiate the art from the artist SJW retard.

My new favorite director.

>tfw this is just the start of the great redpilling

It's a very great thing that every thread about this anime going forward will be saturated with Sup Forums memeshitters. Thank fucking god none of this news about the director came out while the show was airing.

>Sup Forums memshitters
user that's half of Sup Forums

>implying threads
The last time I saw a net-juu thread was last week, I replied and then the thread died

But net-juu threads were pure cancer from the start, even without Sup Forums. Thank god the tripfags and bloggers didn't stick around after the anime ended.

>caring about some animals getting gassed.

this director is a god among men

hu hu hu...our presence extends beyond mere net-juu threads...we own this board now :)

Day of the rope coming for shareblue fags like you

They have short attention spans and will forget the name of this anime in two weeks.

One of the reasons I love anime and manga is because it's not jew controlled.

Until Netflex and Amazon got into the picture anyway.

Being an animator in Japan is a meme profession.

>this guy is not fired
Based japs

Buying merch atm

it's just the director for episode 1 you autistic fucks

Episode 1 is my favorite wtf

Ep1 and 10 did the show for me

>tfw episode 1 was my favorite

They fear the samuri