Why do they some shit like this, after how awesome Episode 4 was?

Why do they some shit like this, after how awesome Episode 4 was?

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Don't blame the show for your foolishness. Everyone with sense saw this coming from miles away. 02 is a monster and Hiro is a fool.

>having IQ this low

This episode was awesome, and it didn't diminish their relationship in the slightest, they just don't spoonfeed the story to you.

Did you notice how 02 spent the entire night outside, in her pajamas, in the rain? You think she's heartless?

She was upset as fuck following that exchange with Ichigo and couldn't go back to sleep.

this was the only good episode of the anime so far.

It was going to happen sooner or later

>Being this delusional

>thinking this show is about anythign other than relationships
You're like people that call Eureka 7 mecha.

>Think that trigger actually cares this much about her character development

Top keks

The episode literally shows us that fact.

I bet Hiro went looking for her when he and the rest of the squad noticed she didn't turn up for breakfast.

>Why do they some shit like this, after how awesome Episode 4 was?
But maybe anime will turn into better direction and Hiro will die as human and will become the beast on who pink o2 will ride and we will have MC change midseason?
An user can hope this might turn into actually good anime if Hiro was removed.
But as it is I'm starting to hate it as I did with Kiznaiver.
Is it really so hard to hire a competent writer and storyboarded to not shit the episode with feelings and drama between teenagers and just concentrate on mecha fights for once?
I don't think there's single user who really gives a shit or was surprised that Hiro has 02 blue aids, most would be happy if he died on the spot. It's such bad unorginal writing it hurts.

> Stretching this hard
Obviously 02 spent the whole night watching the rain, since she literally wanted to see it.

Right. That's why she's sitting by the place she first met Hiro, presumably after breakfast has finished.

Because she wanted to keep watching the rain.

> Your potential probably still lies dormant. I can awaken it for you - Episode 1
> Shows opposite reaction compared to other Stamen who suffered from destructive consequences

C'mon user, you can't be that dense

>Just 5 eps in
>Good pacing; building character development
>AnHiro mans up (kinda?)

I don't see the problem why people are complaining this early.

>Inb4 action-only fags "muh robutts aren't getting cool yet"

Robutts are supposed to get cool next episode.

I'd also like to believe she has a heart of gold but so far we have only beeen shown that she's cares little for anything but herself or Hiro

I really loved this episode. Lots of things happened and getting insight on how Goro and Ichigo see 02 was nice.
Was her laughing at the end because she was accepted by Hiro? Is she also thinking that he is dying or does she realize he's just changing in a positive way? Is she just fucking crazy?

I honestly can't tell if the people who misunderstand the story so far are just trolling or legitimately retarded.

Her caring about Hiro is the important thing. She is an edgelord but that's understandable given her position. Why should she care about others? They are mass produced kids who go by their numeric codes, have no chance of reaching adulthood and call her a monster for no good reason all the time. It was shown in episode 4, not now.

>mecha shows can't have a heavy focus on relationships
Ever heard of Macross?

She's laughing deliriously because she finds it hilarious and refreshing how determined Hiro is to ride with her despite the risk of death.

Tha'ts exactly why I don't think she was upset/ hurt for the whole night.
She probably would have been if Hiro told her off or reacted differently in the last scene.

>She is an edgelord but that's understandable given her position.

I don't know why you have that dildo stuck so far up your ass, but.
I'll gladly send you another one because you really deserve it.

It’s called exposition, anta baka? Also they needed all the animation budget for next episode

Damn looks like the main character is going to die next episode guys

She's been at war for 2 years and nigh everyone she knows dies. She can't afford to care for other people, and certainly can't afford to show it.

We know that this episode she stayed outside in the rain after her showdown with Ichigo, that even after the rain stopped she didn't return. That Hiro found her huddled in the place which would hold an enormous amount of significance to both of them if their romance is genuine: the place they first met.

She likely went there looking for comfort after being told that she's a monster. Hiro is the only real lifeline to humanity she's ever been given.

She overreacts every time someone even implies she is a monster and turning into an oni after losing her headband probably didn't help. I think she was upset even if she doesn't give a shit about Ichigo.

The most important point made in this episode was that Hiro's reaction to riding with 02 has been the reverse of what others had. We also had no information about blue tumors appearing on the body, only rapid aging. 02 has seen her partners dying so many times that she has to know that Hiro is different. This puts her last interactions in this episode with 15 & 16 into another light if she knows that he's not dying.

You also need to keep in mind the context here, she was told she was a monster because of how she treated Hiro.

Even if she didn't care about Ichigo, that would have stung her deeply where she's most vulnerable.

>02fags in this much denial
She's an insane cunt. Get it through your thick skulls.

That's not what exposition is and I seriously doubt that anything except VEG will reach this episode's production value this season.

Nothing changed: 3 rides and you'll die. She asked him right on the start: "Are you ready to die?"

That's really boring and shallow if it ends up that way

Dumb waifufag, if anything it made their relationship 2 times more interesting.

>why do they try to turn this into an interesting show when they could make it into a formulaic borefest with a generic waifu?

well duh

All it did was make me hate 02 more and more. I honestly can't stand this selfish STD whore.

Rewatch the episode, and instead of taking everything at face value watch what people do instead of just listening to what they say.

For all 02 says she believes one thing she behaves entirely differently. If she was actually an "insane cunt" she wouldn't have been so crushed by what Ichigo told her, she could have simply returned to her room and slept. Instead she remained outside the entire night, they even give us a scene to emphasize the fact when Hiro first stumbles across her: she's soaking wet.

She hid in the forest, and she did so at the location where she first met Hiro. She clearly has fears about her nature and the way others consider her monstrous, this has been reiterated since the very first episode. I mean, shit, arguably her love of Hiro first stemmed from the fact he didn't show fear of her horns.

>arguing with desperate Ichigofags

I think he'll mutate into a blue oni, she is the red oni, the colors looks like references to me to something that may happen, like that old tale (youtube.com/watch?v=ZOlwboxvu-0).

that's one atrocious shot of an animation that looked neat

Don't be salty Mitsuru.

she knows he isn't going to die jerk off. she's happy that he is ready to die with her and that he's about to become an oni boi :>

hes right bros we lost to cuckona

Fair enough

You're stupid. The hints couldn't be any subtler.

>as her laughing at the end because she was accepted by Hiro?
I think she laughed because Hiro is probably her only partner ever who didn't grow to despise and kept being on friendly terms with her, and actually still wanted to be with her and pilot with her in spite of their condition. Which was likely a first for her and probably felt somewhat surreal.

I really don't think 02 takes it for granted that Hiro will die however. I think she might expect it, but I also kind of think that all the things that sets Hiro apart from her previous partners might give her some inclination of hope towards Hiro being stronger and somehow surviving.
So she might not perhaps expect her darling to live much longer, but if he does I do think she'll get what she wants. 02 wants darling to be as good as she hopes he is.

They just confirm their relationship at the end of the episode and made their choice, what a sweat scene

She's laughing because she's relieved, because she's afraid of Hiro resenting her, but she doesn't show it. I think she's pretty confident that Hiro will survive because he's different.

fucking hell lads Hiro is going to die next ride and it feels fucking terrible

ep 6 is by trigger, right?


When they do worldbuilding and character interactions this show can be good

Brace for QUALITY. And then on twitter:

>WE ARE SORRY, next episode will be better...perhaps

Macross was a mecha show with a heavy focus on being shit.

That's nice, but relationship drama is literally one of the classic staples of mecha. There's countless examples.

I just watch this episode, is pretending to be Ichigo posting anonymously the hot new meme for this week?

She laughs like someone who doesn't really know how to laugh.

Have we heard her laugh before this point?

Her is fucking amazing at depicting a broken lonely person desperate for acceptance and displaying a hard exterior to ensure nobody can hurt her anymore.

>I think she might expect it, but I also kind of think that all the things that sets Hiro apart from her previous partners might give her some inclination of hope towards Hiro being stronger and somehow surviving.
>So she might not perhaps expect her darling to live much longer, but if he does I do think she'll get what she wants. 02 wants darling to be as good as she hopes he is.

I think the reason why it was important for this episode that 02 is shown to think Hiro is capable of making it rain is that it gives us an idea of how highly 02 thinks of Hiro.

She's really innocent in odd ways, while mature in others, I honestly don't think Hiro's failure to make it through three runs with her has occurred to her mind in the slightest.

do you think she actually remembers that bitch who died two years ago and is trying to repress it?

>make it rain
>make her "wet"
could they be subtle? it is very exposed,and also the show is about kids who don't know about what a relationship is but a some time they seem like they are experts at it.

God 02 is such a pitiable character, love this series.

I liked the interpretation that the reason Hiro expressed uncertainty for whether he could make it rain was because he planned on trying to take control of the plantations in the future.

I think it's more reasonable to suspect he was alluding to the fact he wished that it would rain for her and it did, though.

Nah this episode was great fuck you

Is this like the "Hiro is totally getting cucked" of the week?

Its real obvious that 02 is a heartless bitch and wants to sip on Ichigo's tears

Yeah I am still of the opinion that 02 is most likely convinced that Hiro will be fine.
The fact that she apparently knew and wasn't surprised that Hiro was still in unbearable pain, even without Hiro ever showing it, does throw at least some doubt into the mix though. Because that means that she was still expecting Hiro piloting with her would throw the same consequences on him like with the others, provided how she wasn't surprised when she saw his chest.
But her other actions does show confidence in Hiro in spite of that. I really don't think she is just leading him on. And if she was there'd be little reason to gloat about Hiro when Hiro isn't even around. She really is genuinely confident and obsessed with him. That can't be fake.

Despite all the double-speak and lewd talk the show has, I'm pretty sure in this case, the rain was just to call back to how she wanted to see it and thought Hiro could make it happen

Last episode was Trigger-made. Back to A1 for this one. A1 can only make NTR and bullshit apparently.

Is this the anime about cuckolding?

No it's about pure fucking suffering and AIDS a la episode 5.


>The fact that she apparently knew and wasn't surprised that Hiro was still in unbearable pain, even without Hiro ever showing it, does throw at least some doubt into the mix though

The easy way she undressed Hiro and Hiro's non-reaction to it kind of suggests this wasn't the first time for them.

We know from Nana and Hachi whatever is happening to Hiro has never happened to previous Stamens before though. So I think her expectations might stem from her own experience becoming what she is.

>02 is the real villain all along
Hold me 0nibros

Why do Flopping in the Trashfags keep spamming threads like mentally deficient newfags? You can barely keep a single thread active on release day. Literally all you're managing to do is shit up the board for no reason. Contain your autism to a single thread.

This seems like a pretty clear defensive mechanism at play here, she's emotionally distancing herself from deaths she may have indirectly caused.

What bugs me is that we're talking about someone who has fought on the front line for around 2 years, think about everyone she's implicitly saved for living such an awful life.

The whole show is a reverse "Red Oni, Blue Oni" folk tale.
Hiro will abandon his humanity and his human friends to be with 02.

I like this idea. Hiro can you with her for all I care. As long as they get their asses kicked by the Strawberry and best boy

She laughed the first time she met Hiro. It was the first time she actually showed any emotion in the show.

great responses. I think I was kind of leaning towards these conclusions as well. Really cool to get some more depth of discussion. 02's history will be a fun part of the series imo.
Will pic related ever get redeemed? Or is he subject to being a jealous shitter for the foreseeable future?

>"Red Oni, Blue Oni" folk tale.
What even is that tale? I've seen it referenced in all kinds of media but I've never seen a version of the actual tale. I am sure there are tons of different versions but I have never seen a version of the classic story.

>Hiro & Oni will be villains of cour 2 after they run away from the Plantation
Please do it

I wish they'd have given a close up of her face as the guy made the accusations and showed just a bit of concern.
I dunno, they're making her out to be too unsympathetic. It's hard to root for Hiro and her when she's too bitchy.
Or is that the goal? Were Ichigofags right all along?

>The easy way she undressed Hiro and Hiro's non-reaction to it kind of suggests this wasn't the first time for them.


It's usually like this:
Red Oni is hated by Humans
Red Oni wants to be friends with Humans
Red's buddy Blue Oni helps him out
Blue pretends to destroy Human Village and Red saves it
Now Red and humans are friends
But then Blue leaves because he is now hated by humans and feels like him and Red are drifting apart

Long ago, beyond the woods, through the forests and the pass, in the deep mountains of Japan, there lived 'Aka-Oni'; a red Ogre, and 'Ao-Oni', a blue Ogre. The red Ogre liked human children very much and he was always thinking about how he could make friends with them everyday.

The Red Ogre wanted to become friends with children in a village nearby. So, the Red Ogre invited the children to come to his house to play.

But no one showed up, and the red ogre grew puzzled, sad, and angry. "I'm such a kind ogre - why would nobody visit me?"

Moved by his friend's feelings, the Blue Ogre said, "Look, I have a plan."

The Blue Ogre's plan was for him to pretend to terrorize children and then have the red ogre chase him off, "rescuing" them from him. The plan went without a hitch, and the red ogre became the most popular creature among the children, and all came to play with him.

After a happy day of enjoying the children's company, the Red Ogre found a letter from the Blue Ogre. The letter said, "My Dear Red Ogre, if people find out that you are a friend of the Bad Blue Ogre's, they will not let the children come to you any more. So, I'm leaving. Please live happily with the children. Goodbye. Blue Ogre."

The Red Ogre cried out, "Blue Ogre is gone! A dear friend of mine! He is gone!" And he wept.

The Red Ogre and the Blue Ogre were never to see each other again.
Obviously a reverse of this would be the Red Ogre leaving the children to be with his friend the Blue Ogre so that's what I think people are guessing could happen here

One of them wanted to be friends with humans, so the other decided to help him. He made it look like he was attacking the village, while the other pretended to chase him away. While the humans did become friends with him - he later realised that he would never be able to see his oni friend again.

He will get healed by Kokoro.

Weren't re:zero sisters based on this?
Or at least they mention it i think.

So basically, Hiro helps 02 be less of an autistic callous bitch, but then dies from dinoAIDS?

It's a common trope in japanese storytelling.

The trope is pretty popular
generally it's: Main girl is misunderstood and unpopular and Mc helps her out but the girl who likes Mc too gets cast away
H20 Footprints in the sand and Tomodachi ga sukunai have this

Every other duo of characters you could think of are based on this.
It even applies to a good number of western fiction.

Ah, that's right.

It's probably pointless to make this post since the major part of people shitting on 02 are Ichigofags and they want revenge for the episode 4, but if you pay enough attetion in the show, you can see 02 has little regard not just to other people life, but to her own life too. In episode one she said to Hiro she wasn't afraid of death and in the episode three she stated she doesn't wanted another name since once she dies she'll just be another statistic anyway. So it's not like she's a evil bitch who doesn't care about Hiro, but someone who thinks everyone will die, sooner or later, and that she's no exception to that.

Fremen-user here
will Hiro turn into something like this?

We only saw the relationship from Hiro's point of view in the first 4 episodes. I liked how this episode removed the waifu goggles and showed us how others saw the Hiro/02 relationship.

>Implying the blue oni isn't the Klaxosaurs
>That the red Oni doesn't have a place among the human children by fighting them
>That the prequel shows us 02 met with the Klaxosaurs once before

That scene was great.