Darling in the FranXX

Let's just take a moment to appreciate Ichigo's promotion to the status of best girl.

>Not a lover, but a true friend
Ichigo is the MVP of this show

>You will never have a friend that looks out for you like Ichigo

>lusting over other squad's boys
Fucking sluts

she's a bitch to everyone
she only acts like she cares about Hiro because her ego can't handle that some stranger with an addiction to honey can steal him away from her just by waltzing into their life
she's a cunt to her partner
she's proven time and time again that she's in fact among the very worst girls in this anime, you just like her because she reminds you of cocona

She's cute and petite and that turns me on

>Everything is about sex
Virgin detected
Goro and Ichigo are Hiro's FRIENDS. But of course you're obsessed with 02. Your lust has overtaken you, just like it did Hiro.

Absolute nonsense.

She wouldn't be best even if 02 wasn't in this.

Yeah, just keep on making shitty threads.

Don't even know who that is, bucko.

>she's a cunt to her partner
Real ironic considering 02 gives you turbocancer

Fuck off. It's pretty obvious that people are only pretending to like Ichigo. Her /c/ thread died because no one bothered to post in it.

That just means Ichigo isn't popular with the thirsty virgins.

So only normalfags like her?

No wonder losers are losers when they're attracted to people like 02.

So is Goro gay for Hiro?

No. They're friends.

This episode translation is kinda shit, what the fuck CR? It feels like they inserted innuendo when it's actually unnecessary and translated some phrase weirdly, changing the tone of some scene. Like when Goro reached out for Ichigo, the sub is really corny yet his line is really simple and not dramatic enough to warrant that translation.

Just noticed this, 02's inhibitor seemed to break after ichigo slapped her. After she put it back on it didn't light up to signal that it was on like the first time. What does this mean for Hiro? Will we finally see what Mitsuru thought was so terrifying that he got ptsd from riding with 02 once?

reminder, the girls are for anal

More like best cuck

I feel that same about 02's "that'd just mean he didn't amount to much" line, I think you could simply translate it as "if he dies, that's (all there is to) it." It makes her come across as colder than necessary.

Yeah, that was another part I disagree with as well. With how little we know about 02, that line could change people perception of her personality drastically.

>02 i-isn't evil, i-it's just the translation
02 cucks are getting desperate

Kokoro is best girl

Turns out CR also dubbed in her laughing like a maniac at Hiro's painful tumor


>laughing like a maniac
Enjoying your autism?

Fuck off Ichigo

Agreed, fellow Onibro. It's actually insanely normal to laugh at tumors like that. Happens in hospitals all the time.

She is great but she isn't the best

Do you think Nana gets FRANXX'D every night?

She was hurt by Ichigo's words and is happy that Hiro cares for her.

Without a doubt


>But you tried to ride with him already and it didn't work
Hahahaha, get cucked, Ichigo! Wooooo! HELL, YES
>He could die, you know?
>Sure, he could. But that'd just mean he didn't amount to much.
>You're heartless
Wow, what did she say that for? Unbelievable! My poor waifu ;_;

>pic related happening next episode

What would have happened if 02 decided to slap her back

When will Ichigo start becoming extremely jealous of Oni? Right now she is just protecting Hiro and being a good leader.

wow, Ichigo really has a heart of gold

Never, because Ichigo is a good person and not the jealous bitch Sup Forums has been trying to meme her into being.

>like the characters a decent amount
>like the fighting
>bored as fuck of all the shallow, incredibly slow pacing/development

Please just fucking speed this show up. EVERYTHING that has happened so far could have been in 2-3 episodes. The plot is paper thin as of now and they aren't doing anything to advance it.

Probably would have sent Ichigo's autistic, nonsense sputtering cranium to the glass canopy.

>tfw Darling's transformation is nearly complete

Why was Oni so cruel to Ichigo? Ichigo only wanted to help Hiro.

There's meds for your condition you know.

She was delighted that Hiro isn't afraid of her, accepts her and still wants to ride (with) her. It's been demonstrated several times over that she hates being called inhuman so it isn't strange that she was hurt by Ichigo's words.

Zero Two has a whole lot of baggage, we've known that from the start. Doesn't mean she's literally heartless, or that she's not going to change.

Because its pretty annoying when people tell you what to do all the time

The Alpha doesn't let the Beta encroach upon her territory.

>lul who cares if he dies xDDD he just wasn't man enough


Ichigo a shit

>t. rebellious teenager

>Doesn't mean she's literally heartless
No, she's not literally heartless. She literally has a heart. She needs it to pump her blood.
>or that she's not going to change
If she changes, I can start judging her then. As of now, she's a bitch, but that's completely irrelevant, apparently.

02 would have eaten her, predatory insticts

Fuck you 02

Imagine if you were ostracized for being too good at something, and then some literal retard walks up to you and has the audacity to be dismissive of you. It would be pretty irritating.

Oni was straight to the point about how inept Ichigo was with him and how Ichigo will never ever have him.

I'm seeing a lot of visual parallels to utena, is there some sort of meaning to this it am in just seeing things that aren't there?

Because Ichigo has no idea what she is talking about but acts like she does.

It's not ADHD, it's being bored. This exact same type of plot has been done HUNDREDS of times and I've seen it too many times before.

There is nothing unique about their hollow interactions. You're legit a newfag if you enjoy the development as of now.

no horn nuzzles for Zero Two tonight

To be fair, 02 was the real victim here

Oni will change her ways because power of love!
Wow what a twist!
And don't forget the scene from episode one where hiro was here friend all along!
Ahahaha what a twist am I right.

This is nowhere near as trippy as Utena or Mawaru.

What is the consensus of what is happening to Hiro? Is he getting her blood or something in him and it'll transform him?

Even if that was the point of that dialogue, which it's not. Why does some fuckwit she just met deserve any more sympathy that all of the other partners she has killed in the past?

Is it just me or did 02 (and her fans) got exposed hard in this episode? They're a bunch of heartless sociopaths.

Imagine being a superhuman who could kill 20 dudes unarmed at the same time, but some weak midget keeps bossing you around.
There is no reason for 02 to entertain Ichigo

I'm a nice guy and I deserve a girl like 02

>her /c/ thread died
Ouch, she really is shit huh?

>dumb frogposter
It chekcs out.

Because he's supposed to be her beloved darling? Ichigo actually cares about Hiro which is why she lost it.

>02 is a cunt in the past five episodes, basically kicking puppies and kittens everywhere she goes
>Sup Forums endlessly celebrates her
>Ichigo does well-intentioned and noble act number 40350 that isn't just blind worship
>Sup Forums screams "KEK" at her
When did you realize this board was full of vapid and shallow assholes?

>can't spell check
It checks out

Yeah don't get me wrong it's not on that level.
I was talking about the imagery (little garden thing, elevator etc)

"Kiss of Death", uh?


>Wanting your partner to be the best he can be makes you a heartless sociopath

Imagine being this retarded.

It's spellcheck, one word.

it czechs out

Why does a psychopath show no remorse after killing a person? Simple, they aren't capable of empathy just like 02.

She's been exposed that way from episode 1, to be honest.

So this show is actually Kiznaiver done right?

Ichigo isn't popular with anyone. She's a petty, jealous bitch that is constantly thinking about cheating on good guy Goro.
People who say they like her are being ironic.

02fags are the type who can't read the mood at all and just spout whatever that's on their mind.

And the fact that she vastly outranks them. She is objectively more important than every person in Hiro's group and then some.


I can't believe this is what 02cucks actually constitutes as an argument that is supposed to make 02 endearing or justified. Laughing my ass off. Autism all the way down.

You clearly don't know Japanese do shut the fuck up.

>Why does a psychopath show no remorse after killing a person?
Are people still so retarded they automatically equate psychopathy with being a murderer?

GTFO, Sup Forums.

Ichigo is neglecting her partner because she wants Hiro's D, using her leadership position as an excuse for her behavior.

You must be a retarded newfag if you think anything about that post was Sup Forums.

Wouldn't it be a nice twist if Hiro told that Oni whore to fuck off and kill herself and that he loved Ichigo and that Hiro and Ichigo were partners haha.

>dude don't overdo it and take care of your partner , okay?
>No fuck you, if he isn't at his best and dies, then he wasn't worth anything
She literally has no regard for his safety. She's a sociopath.

CR browses Sup Forums now, I see.

Ichigo was just jealous of 002. She's a hypocritical bitch.

Why do nice girls always lose?

>character has standards and wants partner to measure up to them
>faggots get upset because they can't face the truth that everyone is not equal.
Nothing wrong with pointing out if someone is not good enough.