Shokugeki no Souma

>Future FSN reference coming through

Saber is a child compared to Erina.

>Saber is a child compared to Erina.
Get a load of this delusional Erinatard.

Sakura and Megumi are best girls, Rin and Erina are overrated.



Well bodywise Seibah is around 15. And extremely short one too. With no ass or breast to speak about so he is not COMPLETELY wrong.

So Tsukasa is Gilgamesh?




So that's how they'll defeat Tsukasa eh.

I'm going to marry Megumi!

Perhaps, knowing Tsukuda.

Yet Erina will never reach half of Sabers popularity.

>Shokugeki has jojo references, Fate references and even some DB references
>no references to Raildex despite being the same studio that animates Shokugeki

Hey boi, the studio doesn't have to do anything with the manga

They still have connections to them considering they are business partners for Shokugeki no Souma.

My girlfriend looks like Megumi in real life.

pics or it didn't happen

Enjoy having a waifu that's passed around to more guys then I guess? Even the facebook using normies I know have encountered the nasuverse in some form or another. Truly a desirable goal for any franchise.

Is that Soma's cousin?

Touma certainly has a similar hair style and first name as Souma.

Needs more DB references desu.

it has other references too

>not normie

>With no ass or breast
Dumb secondary

Fuck off newfag.

Reminder that Hayama has the same seiyuu as Archer, even has the same tan skin and white hair.

Saber's breasts and ass are no where near close to Erina, which is what was originally stated ESLfag. Erina is a woman, Saber was once with a dick and probably still does (Mordred).


Now that this topic has been brought up. Erina is like a combination of both Saber and Rin's personality wise.

Why do these parallel so well?


Isshikiis the handsome one.

Nope. Isshiki is beautiful

This. Souma is handsome only when Tosh tries otherwise he is average.

erina isnt even the best girl in her own series

Pretty=Cute and Tsundere personality
Beautiful=Cool and detached
Handsome=Aggressive and manly

If you are defining them by personality then Tsukasa should be on trash tier and not beautiful.

Isshiki is the manly one.

yes she is

You know there are AU versions she's got no stunned aging and grows to be voluptuous with huge tits?


Its a combination of both. Pretty and beautiful characters are drawn more elegantly and with a bit of femininity. Handsome characters are drawn a bit rougher and have an air of masculinity. Tsukasa is autistic but so is Erina, autism has nothing to do with it. But both maintain a cold and detached attitude, especially when they get serious so they are beautiful. Isshiki is cold and detached and has little aggression so he is beautiful rather than handsome.

Pretty: Takumi, Kuga, Young Azami
Beautiful: Tsukasa, Isshiki, Hayama, Shinomiya
Handsome: Soma, Joichiro, Dojima, Ryou, Saito

the only realistic way for tsukasa to lose is if he has to face erina + soma. but how could that happen at this point? rindou is probably trashing takumi. takumi would need a ssj tier transformation to win against her, which was never hinted at before, so it wouldn't work either

Hey, another one

>Pretty: Takumi
Takumi is beautiful, you fool. Kuga is ugly, but if you really HAVE to rank him then he falls under cute if anything.

Rindou can throw the match to troll Takumi again and then we would have a reasonable 3 vs 1 against the autist. But the author is a hack so not happening

>This will never happen

The only ones who matter are Isshiki, Takumi and Tsukasa anyway.

This is canon in my heart, and that's all that matters.

No, Takumi is pretty. Eishi is essentially a beautiful version of Takumi. Takumi is a cute imouto, Eishi is a mature onee-san.

>The only ones who matter are Isshiki, Takumi and Tsukasa anyway.

What did he mean by this?

Literally any grill is better than Erina. I'd prefer him to get with the game meat girl or his homely friend from back home than Erina.

>Takumi is pretty
Takumi is beautiful. Get your eyes checked out. Isshiki falls under ethereal with his white hair, and lavender eyes.

Takumi is the perfect mix of all.

>Fate references

like what?

Bravo, Type Moon

Takumi has the girliest design out of all male characters. Perfect mix is probably Isshiki. A hair swap and breast enlargement on Takumi=Erina

There haven't been any. That Erina one was suppose to be a reference to Joan of Arc if I'm remembering correctly.

I don't think Isshiki fits your supposed definition of pretty and we have seen Takumi get drawn as the three of those things.

Takumi is a miracle of the universe.

I remember someone on twitter pointed out with pictures that Souma always looks up while Erina looks down.

Pretty: bottom
Beautiful: top
Handsome: ultra top.

That is one thing the anime got me. He is pretty manly in the manga but the anime made him into another person.

I don't think F/SN invented the field of swords thing.

The anime is shit, more news at 11.

I don't know...Souma can be pretty sexy, but I guess that's Tosh when he's trying.

Thats UBW.

It didn't.

>all best boys are under 18

It sure is, isn't it?


total waste.

Joan d arc with Saber's design though.

Isshiki and Kuga will be legal in some months, Takumi and Souma around 1 year.


What a waste

I feel like that's where Nasu took the inspiration from, Shirou even notes UBW to be more like a graveyard.


God this board sucks at gets

In the beginning, Nasu was worried that because the main character was a girl, the story might not work as a Gal Game. Takeuchi switching the genders of the protagonist and the hero, Saber. Takeuchi describes Nasu's response to the suggestion as being: "as if I suggested Berserk's main character, Guts, should be a woman."

According to Nasu himself, "Even though sometimes he [Takeuchi] says impossible things, at the time the concept seemed simply ridiculous. Turning Saber into a girl, that'd completely destroy Fate! At first I was very against the idea, but after a while, I thought some of the difficulties that might arise could be resolved." And so work on Fate/stay night began.

What a boring couple


Tsukasa x Rindou a cute

It sure does

It's like their lovechild.

UBW is part of F/SN. No one calls the visual novel UBW, or HF. As a whole, the vn is known as F/SN.

No. Erina is Rin x Luvias lovechild.

Bitch please.

Time to post it again.

I have a feeling that Lone Wolf & Cub had a sword of fields, or at least something very similar. Too lazy to check.

>emiya and soma are the both worst boys of their respective series

best boys*

Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] -Fate-.exe
Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] -Unlimited Blade Works-.exe
Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] -Heaven’s Feel-.exe

Erina is for Akira. God tongue and nose master offspring will be the next leader of Fooddom. You all know it

>Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] -Unlimited Blade Works-.exe
>Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] -Heaven’s Feel-.exe
You're just proving my point with this. No one calls the visual novel as a whole UBW, or HF. They just say F/SN hence why both of the latter routes still have "Fate/stay night" in front of it.

their child would be too OP. having both an OP tongue AND nose isnt fair.

Erina a fucking shit